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  SAMPLE EXAM PAPER FOR REVISIONKPLI BI2 SECTION A, ã Question 1 : Syllabus Study  i)Second Languageii)English Syllabusiii)Syllabus Specificationsiv)Learning outcomesv)The language Contentvi)Educational Emphasesvii)Information Communications Technology (ICT)viii)Multiple intelligencesix)alue and citi!enshipx)Language s ill ã Question 2 : Teaching of Listening and Speaking a)(i)To learn numbers by song and sho# se$uence of events(ii)%or en&oyment by doing actionsb)(i)sound'    ʃ  #ord' shoe(ii)sound'  o' #ord' door c)In drillli e activities* corrections must be immediate+ ,ne of the activities is throughmodeling+ -on.t tell the pupils he is #rong+ /ust merely resay in the correct #ay+Example '0upils' 1is mother #as died+Teacher' 1is mother #as dead+ ã Question 3: Teaching of Reading  (a) (i) T23E (ii) T23E (iii) %4LSE (iv) T23E(b) (i) 4llo# students to en&oy materials that they may not be able to read on their o#n (ii) 1elp students develop a sense of story and increase comprehension reading s ills ã Question 4:Teaching of writing  a) iii  manual iv  recipe v  diary vi  autobiography  SAMPLE EXAM PAPER FOR REVISIONKPLI BI2 b) i  to give pupils an idea of #hat is expected in their #ritings ii  to help pupils practice #riting correctly according to rulesof capitali!ation* spelling* punctuation and paragraphingc) i  picture composition #ith s eleton outlines ii  -ictocomp (dictation and composition) ã Question  !Teaching of ra##ar$ a)i) -eductive approach grammar teachingii) Communicative approach grammar teachingb)i) 5rammatical Item' Sub&ectverb agreementii) -eductive approach I will use deductive approach whereby I will explicitly explain the rules and thengoes on to provide practice in application of these rules + I #ill first explain usingthe sentence to identify #hich is the sub&ect of the sentence+ The sub&ect can benoun* a pronoun or a noun phrase6 the sub&ect also can be a person or thing thatcauses the action sho#n by the verb and it comes before the main verb+ erb is a#ord that tells us #hat the sub&ect is doing6 describe a state i+e unchanging condition*and tells us the time of the action+ Then I #ill as ed pupils to apply it #ith the abovestimulus+ I #ill also explain the rules that if the sub&ect is singular* add 7s. to the end of the verb+ 4nd if the sub&ect is plural* do not add 7s. to the end of the main verb+ Ricky walks  to school Sub&ect main verb iii) 2eason for integrating grammar #ith other language s illsa)more efficient method for teaching a complex lesson that has more than one s illtopic in a single lessonb)saves period time by shorten the explanation part instead of explaining eachtopic alone+c)Integration ma es both teacher and pupils focus on one topic #ith interferingbranchesd)promote critical thin ing among students and internali!e the importance of grammar+ ã Question %: Lesson &lanning  (a) State t#o reason for the integration of language s ills in a lesson+  SAMPLE EXAM PAPER FOR REVISIONKPLI BI2 (i)the range of the activities #ill be #ider that helps the students actively participates class activities+(ii)the lessons dynamic #hich involve the learners in diverse activities and interactions+(iii) To enable learners to ta e responsibility for their o#n learning+(iv) To e$uip learners to become independent lifelong learners+(b)i) an appropriate activity that you #ould use to teach the above s ill+ ,ral activity+ii)1o# you could carry out the activity that you have mentioned in (i) above+0upils can be encouraged to retell stories+ They could do so assuming acharacter.s role e+g+ 2ed 2iding 1ood can be told from the little girl.s the #olf.s*the grandmother.s or the #oodcutter.s point of vie#+ SECTION ! ESTION #$ TEAC%IN& O' (ISTENIN& AN) S*EA+IN& 'ou intend to use (Role &lay) to e*aluate oral proficiency for your 'ear  pupils+ !a$,iscuss whether role-play is an appropriate way to e*aluate pupil)s oral  proficiency+ .dentify four aspects that you need to consider when using role-play to e*aluate oral proficiency+  4ccording to 8ro#n* 9roleplay minimally involves (a) giving a role to one or moremembers of a group and (b) assigning an ob&ective or purpose that participants mustaccomplish+: In other #ords* to help students improve their listening* spea ing and overallcommunicative s ills* practice communicating in different social contexts and in different socialroles is important+ The aims for oral assessment are to gauge students; ability to initiate anddevelop a conversation6 and to provide evidence of standards of pronunciation andcommunicative ability+ Thus* there is a $uestion of #hether roleplay is an appropriate #ay toevaluate pupil.s oral proficiency+There are < aspects that a teacher has to consider #hen using this method to evaluateproficiency of the language+ The first is the #or ability of the activity+ 4ccording to /ones* for aroleplay to #or successfully* there are a number of characteristics to be adhered to+ ,ne of the characteristic needed is that the pupils need to immerse themselves in the roleplay and notbe detached from the role they are playing+ 4nother characteristic is that the environment for that particular roleplay #ould be real but has to be #ithin the constraints of the teachingsituation+The second aspect that a teacher #ould have to ta e in mind is the suitability of the roleplay activity for the pupils+ %irstly* the teacher must loo at the language demands of the activity+The language demands must be at the level of proficiency of the pupils involved+ The teacher   SAMPLE EXAM PAPER FOR REVISIONKPLI BI2 must also choose a roleplay situation that can capture the interest of the pupils+ 4nuninteresting topic #ill not receive much enthusiasm+ It is easier for both teacher and pupils if the roleplay situation has some association #ith the pupils. life experience (past and future)+ 4nother aspect to ta e into consideration is the suitability in terms of language use+ Thesyllabus has stated clearly about the language re$uirement that the pupils need to ac$uire+Thus* #hen selecting a situation for a roleplay* the teacher has to ta e into consideration theareas of language use* the language content and even other pedagogic needs such as thedevelopment of thin ing s ills and etc+ It is perfect to say that roleplay can be used as aresource for the advancement of the educational prescription+ The last aspect that needs to be deliberated #hen using roleplay to evaluate oralproficiency is the suitability of that particular activity in the classroom situation+ The teacher hasto consider the time management for the activity and #hether the classroom fulfils the spatialre$uirements of the activity+ The teacher #ould also have to ta e into account the number of pupils re$uired for the roleplay activity+ =hat if there are some pupils #ho cannot &oin in theactivities because they are extras>These are the aspects that a teacher needs to mull over #hen using roleplay toevaluate oral proficiency of hisher pupils+ Question 1 !b$ There are three suggestions on ho# to improve the implementation of the role play as a test of proficiency+ %irstly* reduce anxiety by moving from easy to more difficult + Students are often anxiousand nervous #hen they are as ed to spea in foreign language+ Thus* I can help the studentsreduce their anxiety by ma ing them familiar to spea individually before ma ing him to spea togroups of four or five+ %urthermore* students feel secure #hen they understand the informationthat they have to communicate+ So I need to ma e sure that the information I expect thestudents to communicate is #ithin their no#ledge and understanding+ I must try to do theactivity to find out #hat ind of language the students #ould need to complete the tas successfully+ Thus based on the tas * I should gives them ample times to practice spea in English+ Imust train them to tal in pair or in group+ The information that I have given them to spea mustcome #ithin their no#ledge+ Therefore by reducing the anxiety I.m sure the students canimprove in their role play because they feel confident to do it+Secondly by providing appropriate stimuli for eliciting speech+ 0eople need to spea about something+ In order to give students something to spea about and chec if #hat theysay is #hat they mean* teachers often control #hat the students say+ They do this through theuse of input materials (notes and pictures)+ I must ma e sure that amount of time and effort the
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