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1. Convenient  Housewares  and  Apartment  Ou4i5ers We  want  to  make  your  JOB easier.    We  customize  our packages  and  services  to  fit your…
  • 1. Convenient  Housewares  and  Apartment  Ou4i5ers We  want  to  make  your  JOB easier.    We  customize  our packages  and  services  to  fit your  needs.
  • 2. • We  have  over  Twenty-­‐Six  years  of  service  excellence throughout  the  United  States • 6  Regional  Offices/Warehouses-­‐Colorado,  Arizona,  Washington State,    Northern  California,  VA/Washington  DC/Maryland, Portland  Oregon  &  Box  and  Ship  Program  used  across  the United  States-­‐ • Ability  to  offer  Housewares,  Electronics  (Flat  Screen  TV’s, DVD’s,  Wireless  Routers),  and  Maid  Service. • AddiXonal  services  you  might  need  like  Lock  box  service,  Full InspecXons,  Meet  &  Greets,  cable  waits  and  more!
  • 3. Convenient  Housewares  and  Apartment  Ou4i5ers  LocaXons • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level CH • Third level CH – Fourth level » Fifth level AO CH CH AO
  • 4. Some  of  the  Things  that  Set  Us  Apart • • • • • Customer  Service  Focused High  Quality  Housewares Customizable  Packages Direct  Account  Management Flexibility  to  Meet  Customized Needs • True  Partner • Quality  Assurance  Measurements
  • 5. We Go Where You Need Us • 6  Offices/Warehouses • Box  and  ship  program  that  is  used  in  over        49  states  and  100+  ciXes  across  the  U.S. • 24/7  On  Call  Assistance-­‐Not  an  answering service • Meet  and  Greet,  Lock  Box  Service,  Full InspecXon  &  Walk  Through  Services,  Cable Waits • We  can  BUNDLE  housewares,  electronics, and  maid  service
  • 6. Customized Reporting • Ability  to  customize  reporJng  to meet  your  needs  (and  those  of your  client) • Performance  measurements provided  at  quarterly  meeJngs  to insure  compliance  with  your expectaJons
  • 7. High  Level  of  Service • You  will  receive  real  Xme complimentary  photos  and informaXon  via  our  new  app  at  the compleXon  of  every  service. • AddiXonally,  we  will  call  you  from the  apartment  if  we  noXce anything  that  needs  immediate a5enXon. (See  example  of  complimentary  photos  to  the  right  of  this  page)
  • 8. Quality  Assurance  Measurements • At  the  end  of  each  free  report, you  will  find  a  short  survey  that we  encourage  you  to  take  so that  we  can  conXnue  to improve  our  processes  and  give you  the  best  possible  service. • We  offer  Customized  reporXng back  to  the  client  to  ensure high  level  of  standards
  • 9. And  Then  Some… • We  strive  to  stay  on  top  of  the trends  and  offer  you  the  latest and  greatest  products  and services  including: • Fresh  ideas  every  year (flameless  candles,  throw blankets,  new  deco • Customized  inspecXon reports.    We  take  your requirements  and  add  them to  our  applicaXon  to  ensure your  standards  are  met every  Xme.
  • 10. A  True  Partner WE  WANT  TO  BE  A  TRUE  PARTNER! Work  TOGETHER  to  make  sure  YOU  stand  apart  from  the  compeXXon -­‐Wireless  Routers -­‐IPOD  docking  staXons/alarm  clocks -­‐Keurig  single  serve  coffee  makers -­‐Drawer/shelf  liners  in  the  apartments -­‐Fresh  decorator  items  (flameless  candles) -­‐  Colorful  throw  blankets  to  give  the  apartment  a  pop  of  color -­‐Picture  frames  in  the  bedrooms -­‐Kitchen  rugs/welcome  mats
  • 11. -­‐flameless  candles -­‐updated  greenery -­‐throw  blanket -­‐updated  bedding -­‐IPOD  docking  staXon -­‐alarm  clock
  • 12. -­‐IPOD  docking  staXon-­‐ alarm  clock -­‐cordless  handset/phone -­‐simple  deco  grass -­‐kitchen  drawer/shelf  liner
  • 13. -­‐flat  screen  televisions -­‐photo  frames -­‐addiXonal  deco -­‐table  set  with  deco  items
  • 14. We  Strive  and  Succeed  at  Making  You  Look  Good What  we  can  do  for  YOU! – Manage  all  aspects  of  the  move  in/out  for  you • Bundling  of  housewares,  electronics,  maid  service • Send  you  complimentary  real  Xme  photos  at  the compleXon  of  each  service • Manage  lock  boxes,  meet  and  greet,  cable  wait • Create  a  custom  package  for  your  company • Whatever  needs  to  be  done,  we  will  be  there!
  • 15. Visit us online at www.apartmentoutfitters.com or www.convenienthousewares.com For more information contact Cinda Rodewald at crodewald@apartmentoutfitters.com
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