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April 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 63 NO. 3 Page APRIL 2008 Negotiation Preparation Focuses on Feedback Shop floor meetings and focus groups continue to provide…
April 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 63 NO. 3 Page APRIL 2008 Negotiation Preparation Focuses on Feedback Shop floor meetings and focus groups continue to provide information and twoway communication as the Union prepares for formal negotiations with Boeing. To provide members with another avenue for input and face-to-face communication, the Union has planned a week of ‘contract kickoff’ barbecues during the week of April 21st. These barbecues will be an opportunity for members to meet all the Union negotiators to discuss issues of concern and answer questions on the upcoming negotiations. Since the barbecues cannot be held on Boeing property, they will be at the various Union halls (Auburn, Everett, Renton and Seattle), as well as at the Tacoma Sportsman’s Club for those members near the Frederickson plant. Since our members only get a half hour for lunch, the barbecues were scheduled with the idea of members attending after first shift or before going to work on second shift. Third shift members can select the time that Business Rep Jimmy Darrah (standing far r) answers membership’s questions on upcoming Boeing negotiations at an Auburn shop floor meeting. is most convenient for their schedule, as well. District President Tom Wroblewski noted, “We wanted to give every member the opportunity to meet and talk with Union negotiators before the formal proposal is submitted to the Company on May 9th. The more members get involved and voice their opinions, the more accurate the Union proposal will reflect membership priorities.” Union negotiators look forward to meeting members and the barbecues Continued on page 6 Pay Disparity Corrected in Tooling A collective effort from Business Rep Jon Holden, Harry noted, “I think the Union is great. It is an Union Stewards Greg Campos, Randy Ralph and John uphill battle – especially since it was not a contractual Philips (as well as several other Stewards) corrected matter, which speaks well on the Union’s ability to several pay disparity issues for tooling members in negotiate. I give credit to the Union and Company, they negotiated this for a lot of us and it makes a huge Everett. As a result, a handful of members received over $40,000 in back pay – with one individual getting nearly difference.” $17,000 in back pay. Business Rep Jon Since this was a Holden stated, “This non-contractual iswas truly a group efsue, credit also goes fort from many to Boeing for doing Union Stewards, but the right thing and atSteward Greg Camtempting to be more pos really drove this consistent in their hirissue. Greg docuing practices. The pamented what everyrameters for these one who came into settlements were very the shop was makspecific –individuals ing and obtained a hired in a particular copy of their work time period with over 751-member Harry Boche (center) thanks Business Rep Jon history. I also give ten years of Tool- Holden (r) and Steward Greg Campos for their assistance in credit to the Commaker experience. correcting a pay disparity issue, which meant a substantial pany for realizing The Union will con- increase. mistakes were made tinue to monitor the and then correcting situation and try to work additional pay disparity issues those mistakes. They did the right thing for workers for other members; however, these individuals were hired in that particular time frame.” adjusted because of the time frame of their rehire date 751-member Sandy Swanberg, who had 14 years at and their work experience. Boeing before getting rehired, received nearly $10,000 751 member Harry Boche returned to the payroll two (before taxes) in back pay, as well as a $5 an hour raise. weeks shy of eight years following his layoff. He “Initially, I was just glad to be back. However, as appreciated the Union’s efforts, which got him a submonths progressed and I learned what others were stantial pay increase and back pay. Continued on page 4 Proper Pay Auburn members get pay adjusted, including back pay 12 Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer fired up the crowd to overturn the flawed tanker decision. Challenging Decision More than 600 IAM 751 members and friends overflowed the Everett Machinists Hall on Wednesday, March 19 for the Tanker Selection Protest Rally. The event, headlined by United States Senator Patty Murray, featured a fired-up crowd and an even more fervent line up of speakers. The event was coordinated with Senator Murray’s office to draw attention to the outsourcing of the U.S. Air Force tanker to Airbus, a European consortium based in France. Governor Gregoire is doing Senator Murray deher part to overturn the Continued on page 3 tanker decision. Gears in the Negotiation Process Restoring Rate Step by step explanation of Union negotiation process Union efforts correct pay issue from past recall 7 Inside Index 12 President's Message ...... 2 Political Action ............... 3 Election Notice ............. 4 Joint Programs ................ 5 Retirement ...................... 9 Want Ads ........................ 10 Page 2 751 AERO MECHANIC April 2008 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT Membership Input Will Determine Negotiation Proposal by Tom Wroblewski, District President Contract 2008 The Union continues preparations for the upcoming negotiations with Boeing. Subcommittees are reviewing language and putting together their proposals, which incorporate input from membership surveys, shop floor meetings and Stewards. Union negotiators are also reviewing the most recent survey to better understand our members’ issues. A final contract survey will be distributed late in April, which will ask members to prioritize and identify their degree of support for various issues. In addition to surveys and shop floor meetings, the Union will be holding contract kickoff barbecues at the Auburn, Everett, Renton and Seattle Union halls, as well as the Tacoma Sportsman’s Club near Frederickson. The barbecues will be held the week of April 21st from noon to 5 p.m. (see graphic, page 1 for specific dates). The barbecues will give mem- bers an opportunity to meet Union negotiators and provide input prior to the contract proposal being submitted to the Company. This is your chance to meet negotiators from all subcommittees face-toface. Stop by for a hotdog and give Union leaders more input on your issues for the contract. The Union will present our initial proposal to Boeing negotiators on Friday, May 9th. At that time, I will present and explain our comprehensive contract proposal to the Company. It’s Our Time...This Time! Tanker Update Overturning the tanker decision remains a top priority for this District and our International Union. I, along with other Union leaders, have been meeting with elected officials at the state and federal level to overturn and change this outrageous decision to secure our jobs well into the future. In March, I attended the MNPL Planning Conference, which put the tanker decision as the top legislative issue. Union leaders helped strategize the best way to influence all Congressional offices on this decision. It will be the top priority of the IAM Legislative Conference in May. While the battle will be fought in Washington DC, it will be won by the voters throughout the country who express their outrage to their elected officials. We are implementing a plan to organize and mobilize like never before to ensure these good-paying aerospace jobs remain in this country and that our national security is not put at risk. New Business Rep I am proud to appoint Brett Coty to serve as Business Rep on the 787 line and Everett Field to fill a vacancy, which was created when a Business Rep chose to return to the Boeing payroll full time. Brett brings a wealth of experience and will hit the ground running to provide enhanced Union visibility in this area. Brett’s extensive safety training will also be valuable in representing 787 members, as Boeing proceeds to implement a new production model. International’s Dues Proposal Finally, as I reported in the December newspaper, the International’s proposed Coty Appointed to Serve as Business Representative Members on the 787 line and on the Everett Field have a new advocate in Business Rep Brett Coty. Brett was appointed by District President Tom Wroblewski. He brings energy and enthusiasm to his new position, as well as a wealth of experience. His years as a Machine Parts Inspector have taught him the importance of details and documentation – skills that will help in his new position. “I am honored to serve the membership as a new Business Representative and am excited to meet the Stewards and members in Everett,” Brett stated. For the past three years, Brett has served as Local F President; however, that just scratches the surface of his years of service with the Union. He has been a Union Steward for over 18 years – protecting members in his area from contract violations. Over the years, he has also held numerous positions including Local F Vice President, Local F Audit, for the IAM/Boeing Health & Safety District Audit, as well as serving on Institute's incident investigation, and various committees, including Finance, MoveSmart classes, as well as a QTTP Legislative, Safety, Bylaws, and Defense Peer Trainer. All of this will help him in Committee. his new assignment. Nearly as important is his extensive “I look forward to working with all my background in the safety arena. With the Stewards and 787 implemembers on the menting a shop floor to whole new move our Union assembly in a direction process, that’s beneficial members to all our memhave brought bers,” noted Brett. up many “With contract safety issues. negotiations startBrett has ing next month, it served on the is important to get Auburn/ all members enFrederickson gaged in the neSite Safety gotiation process Committee and provide an for many Brett Coty has been appointed to serve as Business Rep in Everett. His assignment avenue for their years and is includes 787 and the Everett Field. input.” a peer trainer Digitizing Aero Mechanic to Make History More Available tion will be housed at the University of Ever wonder who the District Presiaccessible to the members and the genWashington Labor Archives. dent of 751 was in 1960 or what the main eral public. The project will bring over 67 years issues were in the 1948 strike or even if “This has been a tremendous project of IAM history alive and make it more your name was mentioned in to capture our history. Once the Aero Mechanic? Soon, you it is online, it will be a great will be able to find this inforservice to the membership mation with just the click of a and to students and reportmouse. ers who want to discover For over a year, District Secmore about our history,” retary-Treasurer Susan Palmer stated Secretary-Treasurer and Labor History Chair Tom Susan Palmer. Lux have researched putting our “In addition, we wanted newspaper collection online. Into be sure that the original vestigating the procedure to copies were preserved and digitize the back copies, countthere were no mishaps in ing the pages to be digitized, shipping. To ensure proper and researching the process has handling, we personally debeen a time-consuming project. livered them to the comThousands of pages of Aero pany in Lacey, Washington Mechanic newspapers from to begin the digitization pro1939 until today are being concess,” Palmer added. verted to digital PDF format The project will be comand are keyword searchable, inpleted later this year and 751 Labor History Chair Tom Lux (l) and SecretaryTreasurer Susan Palmer are getting the Aero Mechanic cluding name and topic. To enwill then be available online newspaper digitized so it will be available online back to sure the original newspapers are at the District’s webpage. 1939. The project will be completed later this year. properly preserved, the collec- dues structure change has generated a lot of discussion and e-mails. This is an issue that will be decided at the Grand Lodge Convention this September – that is why it is important to elect delegates who will evaluate all the proposals and vote in the best interest of you and this membership. Keep in mind that none of my staff (i.e. Business Reps and appointed staff) will be attending as delegates, because of our negotiation schedule with Boeing and the importance of securing the best contract in the aerospace industry. Every member has an opportunity to submit proposals for changes to the IAM Constitution and the Grand Lodge Convention. We will have a form available on the IAM webpage (www.iam751.org). Take the time to give input and participate, it is what makes our Union strong. District Lodge 751, International Assn. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Tom Wroblewski President, Directing Business Representative Clifton Wyatt Vice President Susan Palmer Secretary-Treasurer James Coats Sergeant-at-Arms Tommy Wilson Paul Knebel Mark B. Johnson Ray Baumgardner Emerson Hamilton Stan Johnson Paul Milliken Ron Bradley Jimmy Darrah Heather Barstow Jon Holden Don Morris Richard Jackson Brett Coty Union Business Representatives Union Offices: ã 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300 ã 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590 ã 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777 ã 8729 Airport Rd, Everett; 425-355-8821 ã 4226 E. Mission, Spokane (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305 Toll-free to Seattle from: Nationwide 1-800-763-1301 Tacoma 253-627-0822 Hotline: 1-800-763-1310 Web site: www.iam751.org 751 AERO MECHANIC Connie Kelliher, Editor Member of The Newspaper Guild, CWA #37082 District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864, USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bimonthly in December/January by Aerospace Industrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S., SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Mechanic. $4 per year for non-members by District Lodge 751, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108 April 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC Page 3 POLITICAL ACTION Rally to Bring Tanker Home Continued from page 3 longs!” Congressman Rick Larsen demanded answers, asking, “How can the Air Force buy an airplane built with subsidies that our own government says are illegal? How can we expect Northrop Grumman, who hasn’t built an airplane since 1992, to deliver an airplane that will be built in five different locations? How can we outsource our national security?” Congressman Jim McDermott sent a statement that expressed what many in the room had been saying, “With all due respect to the United States Air Force, I have to ask this question: What were they thinking? The plane they picked will not fit in the hangar, but the 767 does. The plane they picked will burn $30 billion more in fuel to fly the same distance as the 767. And, the plane they picked isn’t built by the best aerospace workers on the planet: you.” Governor Chris Gregoire echoed the sentiments of Senator Murray and Congressmen Larsen and McDermott. Talking at length about the national and local economy, Gregoire was aghast at the decision and vowed to work with all parties, demanding, “We must bring it home!” District Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer, who served for many years as Business Rep assigned to represent our members on the 767 line, was outraged. She declared, “Our American Government isn’t just outsourcing a military plane; it is outsourcing America’s future. What makes it even more insulting is the fact that Airbus doesn’t even have a factory built...yet!” Palmer added, “We know these are highly skilled jobs – where much of the training is passed down from generaSenator Patty Murray (l) talks with tion to generation. So our members Union Steward Rod Sigvartson on efforts have airplane building in their blood. to overturn the Air Force tanker They are second, third and fourth gendecision. eration Boeing employees and feel a clared, “You’ve helped make Boeing the worldwide standard of excellence, and I want to thank you for your work and dedication – not just since the Air Force made their short-sighted announcement, but all the way through this process. Your work and your passion are a testament to the American spirit – and they represent the best of what our country has to offer.” “It has now been three weeks since I stood on the 767 line – when the Air Force decided to award a critical $40 billion contract to an illegally subsidized foreign company – instead of Boeing, Senator Murray continued. “Like you, my shock turned to anger when the Air Force decided it would give away our jobs – and the control of our national defense – to a foreign company.” Members were excited to learn that District President Tom Wroblewski was back East, working with our allies, on the Tanker deal. Said Senator Murray, “I talked with Tom about how this decision would impact this community, your Union, and the next generation of American aerospace workers. That day, I vowed to fight for you, and for America’s military strength. And today I’m back from D.C. to report that over these last three weeks those of us on this stage have been working with one mind, one focus, and with one goal – to bring this contract back to America and to the workers here in Everett where it be- Above: Members shouted their protests at the tanker rally. Left: L to R: Robin Doll, Dave Swan, Tim Brewer and Clark Fromong took to the streets to protest the decision. sacred bond in building airplanes – especially for our Armed Forces. Can the workers in France say the same thing?” She went on to talk about the emotional roller coaster 767 workers have endured as they have waited years for this decision. She urged everyone to get their family and friends involved and declared that as fighting Machinists “we are tough enough to stick it out as long as it takes. That is our tanker. That is our plane. That is our work.” Two 767 line members Steve Morrison and Steve Parsley also took the stage. Parsley spoke briefly and emotionally about the betrayal of our government awarding a military contract to a country that sells arms to our enemies, while our sons and daughters are currently overseas fighting those enemies. Morrison proudly held up the American Flag, as Parsley told of his son, who is in the Air Force and just Steward Steve Parsley expressed his outrage as a 767 employee and the father of a son in the Air Force. recently returned from overseas. Speaker after speaker at the Tanker Rally urged continued action, including “taking our fight to the streets,” applying pressure to each and every member of Congress, a constant flow of letters to newspapers and calls to radio shows. Your Union is working comprehensively with our elected leaders to see that the Tanker decision is overturned. With your continued vigilance and support, we will Bring it Home! Legislative Accomplishments to Report in Olympia for 2008 The most important IAM victory in the 2008 Legislative session was the $3 million Aerospace Apprenticeship package, something that helps assure the longterm future of our industry in the Pacific Northwest. This program is administered by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), who will design and implement this training program. Organizer Jesse Cote and Joint Programs QTTP Administrator Tom Lux will serve as the Union representatives on the JATC. They will work on the next phase and together, with representatives from Hexcel Corporation of Kent and Triumph Composites in Spokane, will help design the program to meet the training needs of employers and aerospace workers. The JATC will contract for supplemental training at up to three community colleges, one of which will be in Eastern Washington. We thank our friends at the State Labor Council for their assistance in securing the apprenticeship program funding. Governor Gregoire and her leadership were
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