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Ateneo University Press
  TitleAuthor  Reg. Price 20%50%80% 1-800-Philippines: Understanding and Managing the Filipino Call Center Worker  Ma. Regina Hechanova-Alampay  325.00 165.00 50 Kuwentong Ginto ng 50 Batikang Kuwentista, Vol. 1 Pedrito Reyes 300.00 150.00 50 Kuwentong Ginto ng 50 Batikang Kuwentista, Vol. 2 (BK) Pedrito Reyes 305.00 155.00 50 Kuwentong Ginto ng 50 Batikang Kuwentista, Vol. 2 (NP) Pedrito Reyes 240.00 120.00  Absolution: Reflections on Faith, the Priesthood, and All Those Uncomfortable Spaces in Between Francis Cruz  330.00 165.00  Accounting 10: Principles of Accounting Workbook Venus Ibarra 350.00 175.00  Accounting 15: Fundamentals of Accounting Venus Ibarra  350.00 175.00  Accounting 30: Introduction to Managerial Accounting Venus Ibarra  350.00 175.00  Acquiring Eyes: Philippine Visuality, Nationalist Struggle, and the World-Media System Jonathan Beller  745.00 375.00  After the Galleons: Foreign Trade, Economic Change and Entrepreneurship in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines Benito J. Legarda Jr.  570.00 285.00  After the Romance: Communities and Environmental Governance in the Philippines Karin L. Gollin and James L. Kho  350.00 175.00  Agenda for Hope: Connecting with Today's Teens Karina Galang Fernandez  250.00 125.00  Agenda for Hope: Democratizing Governance gusn arn . orguez an Teresita Asuncion M. Lacandula-  405.00 205.00  Agenda for Hope: How, How the Carabao: Tales of Teaching English in the Philippines Isabel Pefianco Martin  205.00 105.00  Agenda for Hope: I am Because We Are Michael Demetrius H. Asis  300.00 150.00  Agenda for Hope: In Their Own Voice: The Art of Being and Becoming Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag and Rofel G. Brion  320.00 160.00  Agenda for Hope: Preserving and Transforming Philippine Identity and Culture Paulynn Paredes Sicam and Remmon E. Barbaza  370.00 185.00  Agenda for Hope: Promoting Sustainable Development: Managing Water for a Sustainable Future Fabian M. Dayrit  505.00 255.00  Agenda for Hope: Sharing Prosperity Reuel R. Hermoso, Fernando T. Aldaba and Mary Racelis  520.00 260.00  Ah, Wilderness!: A Journey through Sacred Time Simeon Dumdum, Jr.  460.00 230.00  Aklat ng Ulat: Mga Sanaysay sa Dalawang Dekada ng Pamamahayag Lamberto E. Antonio  405.00 205.00  Alay sa Paglikha ng Bukang-Liwayway Epifanio San Juan, Jr.  405.00 85.00  Alimpuyo sa Takipsilim Roberto T. Añonuevo  405.00 205.00  Alimuom: Kalipunan ng mga Kuwento Ellen Sicat  200.00 100.00  Alitaptap sa Gabing Maunos: Mga Kuwento Lamberto E. Antonio  250.00 125.00  Alyas Juan de la Cruz at Iba pang Kuwento Placido R. Parcero Jr.  230.00 115.00  Amazons of the Huk Rebellion: Gender, Sex and Revolution in the Philippines Vina A. Lanzona  605.00 305.00  American Empire and the Politics of Meaning: Elite Political Cultures in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during U.S. Colonialism Julian Go  435.00 220.00  Anak ng Kardenal Domingo G. Landicho  300.00 150.00  Anak ng Lupa Domingo G. Landicho  260.00 130.00  Angela Manalang Gloria: A Literary Biography Edna Zapanta Manlapaz  290.00 60.00  Anino ng Kahapon Francisco Laksamana  230.00 115.00 ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY PRESS Bellarmine Hall, ADMU Campus, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. (+632)426-5984; 426-6001 loc. 4613 ã ã  TitleAuthor  Reg. Price 20%50%80%  Antiquity, Archaeological Processes, and Highland Adaptation: The Ifugao Rice Terraces Stephen B. Acabado  510.00 255.00  Applied Ethics in a World Church: The Padua Conference Linda Hogan  450.00 225.00  Arenas of Conspiracy and Rebellion in the Late Nineteenth-Century Philippines: The Case of the April 1898 Uprising in Cebu Michael Cullinane  580.00 290.00  Asian Cooperation: Problems and Challenges in the New Century Lydia Yu-Jose  370.00 185.00  Ateneo de Manila University: 150 Years of Engaging the Nation Josefina Dalupan Hofileña  390.00 195.00  Authentic Though Not Exotic: Essays on Filipino Identity Fernando N. Zialcita  525.00 265.00 Bakwit: The Power of the Displaced Jose Jowel Canuday  475.00 240.00 Balabal ng Diyos / Ang Silid ng Makasalanan Rosario de Guzman-Lingat  225.00 115.00 Balagtasan: Kasaysayan at Antolohiya Galileo S. Zafra  435.00 220.00 Balikbayang Sinta: An E. San Juan Reader Epifanio San Juan Jr.  650.00 325.00 Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society William Henry Scott. 515.00 260.00 Barlaan at Josaphat: Modernisadong Edisyon ng Salin ni Fray Antonio de Borja Virgilio S. Almario  730.00 365.00 Barons, Brokers, and Buyers: The Institutions and Cultures of Philippine Sugar Michael S. Billig  485.00 245.00 Basic English for College Emy M. Pascasio  230.00 50.00 Basta Allan Popa  160.00 80.00 Batang Rizal at iba pang Dula Christine Bellen  545.00 440.00 Bathaluman at ibang Kuwento Domingo G. Landicho  285.00 145.00 Bayan sa Labas ng Maynila (The Nation Beyond Manila) Rosario Cruz-Lucero  460.00 230.00 Beauty of Ghosts: Five Voices, A Theater of Poetry Luis H. Francia  185.00 95.00 Becoming a Church of the Poor: Philippine Catholicism after the Second Plenary Council Eleanor R. Dionisio  320.00 160.00 Before and After September 11, 2001: An Asian Perspective Ateneo Center for Asian Studies  275.00 140.00 Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States, and the Philippines (Philippine Edition) Paul A. Kramer  735.00 370.00 Body and Sexuality: Theological-Pastoral Perspectives of Women in Asia Agnes M. Brazal and Andrea Lizares Si  490.00 245.00 Bound by Law: Filipino Rural Poor and the Search for Justice in a Plural-Legal Landscape Jennifer C. Franco  405.00 205.00 Brains of the Nation: Pedro Paterno, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, Isabelo de los Reyes and the Production of Modern Knowledge Resil B. Mojares  730.00 365.00 Brokering a Revolution: Cadres in a Philippine Insurgency Rosanne Rutten  595.00 300.00 Bukang-liwayway ng Isang Kalayaan at Iba Pang Kuwento Rosario de Guzman-Lingat  240.00 120.00 Bulaklak ng Maynila Domingo G. Landicho  255.00 130.00 Bulkan at iba pang Kuwento Bienvenido A. Ramos  225.00 115.00 Burador Alvin Yapan and Glenda C. Oris  335.00 170.00 Business Ethics in Asia: Issues & Cases Oscar Bulaong Jr.,  350.00 175.00 Cambodia's Contested Forest Domain: The Role of Community Forestry in the New Millenium Mark Poffenberger  490.00 245.00 Canal de la Reina Liwayway A. Arceo  255.00 130.00 Canon Law on Marriage: Introductory Notes and Comments (BK) Adolfo N. Dacanáy, S.J.  455.00 230.00  TitleAuthor  Reg. Price 20%50%80% Cardinal's Sins, the General's Cross, the Martyr's Testimony and Other  Affirmations Gregorio C. Brillantes 505.00 255.00 Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church James Keenan  505.00 255.00 Catholic Theological Ethics, Past, Present, and Future: The Trento Conference James Keenan  680.00 340.00 Celebrations with the Sun: An Overview of Religious Phenomena among the Badjao Bruno Bottignolo  390.00 80.00 Central Banking As State Building: Policymakers and Their Nationalism in the Philippines, 1933-1964 Yusuke Takagi  395.00 320.00 Cherry Blossoms in the Time of Earthquakes and Tsunami Rey Ventura  685.00 345.00 Children of Global Migration: Transnational Families and Gendered Woes Rhacel Salazar Parreñas 425.00 215.00 Chinese in Philippine Life, 1850-1898 Edgar Wickberg  560.00 115.00 Chinese in the Philippine Economy, 1898-1941 Wong Kwok-chu  650.00 325.00 Chinese Question: Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and Beyond the Philippines Caroline S. Hau  560.00 280.00 Chinese Traders in Philippines Town: From Daily Competition to Urban Transformation Norbert Dannhaeuser  440.00 220.00 Church, State, and Civil Society in Postauthoritarian Philippines: Narratives of Engaged Citizenship Antonio F. Moreno, S.J.  430.00 215.00 Clash of Spirits: The History of Power and Sugar Planter Hegemony on a Visayan Island Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr.  505.00 255.00 Clean and Green: Knowledge and Morality in a Philippine Farming Community  Axel Borchgrevink  560.00 280.00 Cogito Ergo Sum and other Musings on Science Queena Lee-Chua 350.00 175.00 Collected Plays, Vol. 1 Floy Quintos  450.00 225.00 Collected Plays, Vol. 2 Floy Quintos  450.00 225.00 Collected Stories of Jose Garcia Villa Jonathan Chua  750.00 375.00 Colonial Crucible: Empire in the Making of the Modern American State Alfred W. McCoy  860.00 430.00 Colonial Manila, 1909-1912: Three Dutch Travel Accounts Otto Van Den Muijzenberg  585.00 470.00 Colonial Pathologies: American Tropical Medicine, Race, and Hygiene in the Philippines Warwick Anderson  650.00 325.00 Comanagement in Practice: The Challenges and Complexities of Implementation in the Northern Sierra Madre Mountain Region Denyse J. Snelder and Eileen C. Bernardo  510.00 255.00 Communism in the Philippines: An Introduction Alfredo B. Saulo  365.00 185.00 Communities and Forest Stewardship: Regional Transitions in Southeast Asia Mark Poffenberger, Rowena Soriaga, Peter Walpole  650.00 325.00 Communities at the Margins: Reflections on Social, Economic, and Environmental Change in the Philippines Hiromitsu Umehara and Germelino M. Bautista  485.00 245.00 Competing Views and Strategies on Agrarian Reform, Vol. 1: International Perspective Saturnino M. Borras Jr.  460.00 230.00 Competing Views and Strategies on Agrarian Reform, Vol. 2: Philippine Perspective Saturnino M. Borras Jr.  420.00 210.00 Conflict, Religion, and Culture: Domestic and International Implications for Southeast Asia and Australia Luca Anceschi, Joseph A. Camilleri and Benjamin T. Tolosa Jr.  300.00 150.00 Conquest and Pestilence in the Early Spanish Philippines Linda A. Newson  660.00 330.00 Consciousness Mapping: Exploring Your Relationships through the Star Matrix Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J. and Gilda Dans-Lopez  460.00 230.00 Contested Democracy and the Left in the Philippines After Marcos Nathan Gilbert Quimpo  505.00 255.00 Contracting Colonialism Vicente L. Rafael  505.00 255.00 Corruption: The Boom and Bust of East Asia J. Edgardo Campos  420.00 210.00 Cosmic Wild: Biology of Science Fiction Ronald Cruz  420.00 210.00  TitleAuthor  Reg. Price 20%50%80% Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism Jonathan Chua  460.00 230.00 Cry of Balintawak: A Contrived Controversy (BK) Soledad Borromeo-Buehler  470.00 235.00 Cry of Balintawak: A Contrived Controversy (HB) Soledad Borromeo-Buehler  575.00 290.00 Dagling Tagalog, 1903-1936 Rolando B. Tolentino and Aristotle J. Atienza  450.00 225.00 Daluyong Lazaro Francisco 335.00 170.00 Damdamin ni Corazon at Iba pang mga Kuwento Gloria Villaraza Guzman 215.00 110.00 Damdamin: Mga Piling Tula Iñigo Ed. Regalado 415.00 210.00 Dean Worcester's Fantasy Islands: Photography, Film, and the Colonial Philippines Mark Rice  565.00 285.00 Defining Filipino Leadership Ma. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng and Antonette Palma-Angeles  595.00 300.00 Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy (Philippine Edition) Walden Bello  305.00 155.00 Diary of the War: WW II Memoirs of Lt. Col. Anastacio Campo Maria Virginia Yap Morales 480.00 240.00 Distances: In Time Bienvenido N. Santos 180.00 40.00 Doble Tres, Doble Uno: 33 Sanaysay sa Pamilya at Lipunang Pilipino Lamberto E. Antonio 230.00 115.00 Down from the Hill: Ateneo de Manila in the First Ten Years Under Martial Law, 1972-1982 Cristina Jayme Montiel and Susan Evangelista  460.00 230.00 Dream Eden Linda Ty-Casper 395.00 80.00 Drone: Poems Allan Popa  320.00 160.00 Dynamics of Regional Development: The Philippines in East Asia Arsenio N. Balisacan and Hal Hill  730.00 365.00 Economics and Society Luis F. Dumlao,  495.00 250.00 Elections for Sale: The Causes and Consequences of Vote Buying Frederic Charles Schaffer  430.00 215.00 Embarrassment of Slavery: Controversies over Bondage and Nationalism in the  American Colonial Philippines Michael Salman  490.00 245.00 Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History Catherine Ceniza Choy 430.00 215.00 Engaging Society, Vol. 2: Musings of an Oxymoron Fr. John J. Carroll, S.J.  500.00 250.00 Engaging Society: The Sociologist in a War Zone Fr. John J. Carroll, S.J.  540.00 270.00 Entablado Klasiko: Julio Cesar ni William Shakespeare Bienvenido Lumbera 185.00 95.00 Entablado Klasiko: Kaaway ni Maxim Gorky Bienvenido Lumbera 220.00 110.00 Entablado Klasiko: Kasal sa Dugo ni Federico Garcia Lorca Bienvenido Lumbera 155.00 80.00 Essence of Wellness: Essays in Philippine Clinical and Counseling Psychology Carmela D. Ortigas and Ma. Lourdes Arellano-Carandang  220.00 110.00 Essentials of Philippine Business Law: Notes and Cases Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago,  550.00 275.00 Everyday Politics in the Philippines: Class ans Status Relations in a Central Luzon Village Benedict Kerkvliet  520.00 260.00 Experience English, Grade 1 Rowena G. Andrada and Pearl Anne Pascual-Canlas  240.00 50.00 Experience English, Grade 2 Josephine A. Martinez and Anabella C. Quiazon  220.00 45.00 Experience English, Grade 3 eneveve . m, ouse are Cabigas-Tulayba, and Anna Marie 245.00 50.00 Experience English, Grade 4 Barbara B. Ramirez, Helen U. Amante, and Jervy M. Robles  310.00 65.00 Experience English, Grade 5 Rosanna M. Borja and Maria Cecilia Y. Vitug  375.00 75.00
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