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    DESCRIPTIONS B-65412EN/02 < SERVO AMPLIFIER @+-B series    -  No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form. -    All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.   The products in this manual are controlled based on Japan’s Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. The export from Japan may be subject to an export license by the government of Japan. Further, re-export to another country may be subject to the license of the government of the country from where the product is re-exported. Furthermore, the product may also be controlled by re-export regulations of the United States government. Should you wish to export or re-export these products, please contact FANUC for advice.   In this manual we have tried as much as possible to describe all the various matters. However, we cannot describe all the matters which must not be done, or which cannot be done, because there are so many possibilities. Therefore, matters which are not especially described as possible in this manual should be regarded as impossible.   General Safety Precautions - When an abnormality such as an alarm or a hardware failure occurs, the operations described in the specifications are not guaranteed unless otherwise specifically noted. When action corresponding to the abnormality is specifically described, take the action. When no action is described, please contact FANUC. - The signals and functions described in the specifications cannot be used separately for safety functions unless otherwise described as being usable for the safety functions. Their specifications are not assumed to be used as the safety functions in this case, an unexpected danger may be caused. For information about the safety functions, please contact FANUC.   Generally, the safety functions represent functions that protect the operators from machine danger. - A wrong device connection or setting can lead to unpredictable operation. When starting to operate the machine for the first time after assembling the machine, replacing components, or modifying parameter settings, exercise the greater care by, for example, reducing the torque limit value, error detection level, or operating speed or by operating the machine in such a way that an emergency stop can be made quickly.    B-65412EN/02   SAFETY PRECAUTIONS   s-1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This Safety Precautions section describes the precautions which must be observed to ensure safety when using FANUC amplifiers (Power Supplies, servo amplifiers and spindle amplifiers). Users of any servo amplifier model are requested to read the Safety Precautions carefully before first using the amplifier. Users should also read the relevant description in this manual to become fully familiar with the functions of the servo amplifier. The users are basically forbidden to do any behavior or action not mentioned in the Safety Precautions. They are invited to ask FANUC previously about what behavior or action is prohibited. This chapter consists of the following. DEFINITION OF WARNING, CAUTION, AND NOTE WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS RELATING TO MOUNTING Warning Caution  Note WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS RELATING TO A PILOT RUN Warning Caution WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS RELATING TO MAINTENANCE Warning Caution  Note DEFINITION OF WARNING, CAUTION, AND NOTE This manual includes safety precautions for protecting the user and preventing damage to the machine. Precautions are classified into Warning and Caution according to their bearing on safety. Also, supplementary information is described as a Note. Read the Warning, Caution, and Note thoroughly  before attempting to use the machine. WARNING  Applied when there is a danger of the user being injured or when there is a danger of both the user being injured and the equipment being damaged if the approved procedure is not observed. CAUTION  Applied when there is a danger of the equipment being damaged, if the approved procedure is not observed. NOTE The Note is used to indicate supplementary information other than Warning and Caution. - Read this manual carefully, and store it in a safe place.  SAFETY PRECAUTIONS  B-65412EN/02   s-2 WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS RELATING TO MOUNTING Warning WARNING - Check the specification code of the amplifier.  Check that the delivered amplifier is as srcinally ordered. - Mount a ground fault interrupter.  To guard against fire and electric shock, fit the factory power supply or machine with a ground fault interrupter (designed for use with an inverter). - Securely ground the amplifier.  Securely connect the ground terminal and metal frame of the amplifier and motor to a common ground plate of the power magnetics cabinet. - Be aware of the weight of the amplifier and other components.  Servo amplifiers and AC reactors are heavy. When transporting them or mounting them in the cabinet, therefore, be careful not to injured yourself or damage the equipment. Be particularly careful not to jam your fingers between the cabinet and amplifier. - Never ground or short-circuit either the power supply lines or power lines.  Protect the lines from any stress such as bending. Handle the ends appropriately.  - Ensure that the power supply lines, power lines, and signal lines are securely connected.  A loose screw, loose connection, or the like will cause a motor malfunction or overheating, or a ground fault. Be extremely careful with power supply lines, motor power lines, and DC link connections through which a large amount of current passes, because a loose screw (or poor contact in a connector or  poor connection between a connector terminal and a cable) may cause a fire. Securely tighten each target screw with the specified tightening torque. - Insulate all exposed parts that are charged. - Never touch the regenerative discharge resistor or radiator directly.  The surface of the radiator and regenerative discharge resistor become extremely hot. Never touch them directly. An appropriate structure should also be considered. - Close the amplifier cover after completing the wiring.  Leaving the cover open presents a danger of electric shock. - Confirm that the input voltage meets the specifications of the amplifier before making connection. If the input voltage exceeds the specified value (for example, if the input voltage for a 200 V input amplifier is 400 V), an internal component may be damaged and burnt out. - Prevent conductive, flammable, or corrosive foreign matters, mists, or water droplets from entering the unit. If conductive or flammable foreign matters enter the unit, explosion or corruption may be caused. If corrosive or conductive mist or water droplets are attached to an electric circuit, unexpected operation may be caused in the circuit. The electronic circuit portion must be installed in an environment of pollution level 2 specified by IEC60664-1. To achieve pollution level 2 in a severe machine tool environment, it is generally necessary to install the portion in a power magnetics cabinet that satisfies IP54.
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