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1. BEAUTY FIRST PERFORMANCE BEAUTY FIRST PERFORMANCE Product Catalogue -2013 2. BEAUTY FIRST PERFORMANCE Dreaming of being special! Aspiring to be admired! As if you are…
  • 2. BEAUTY FIRST PERFORMANCE Dreaming of being special! Aspiring to be admired! As if you are a film heroine or a real movie star! If you got definitely prepared to starry changes in your life, meet the “BeautyFirst Performance”! Specially for you TianDe Corporation has created anexclusive scenario of your happy life, of your “Beauty First Performance”,permeated by the impetuous love, incredible beauty and immaculate health. The Heroine of a romantic melodrama is a person of a rich sensibilia, a City Story Star is active and trendy, a Spy Movie Actress is vigorous and determined ... Whatever genre you choose, the main role in the “Beauty First Performance” will belong only to you! Tiny cinema tricks concealed in the new catalogue will help you make an ultimate furor upon the numerous spectators. Become a Star of TianDe “Beauty First Performance”! Fill your soul with tenderness and your heart with love! Yours, TianDe Company
  • 3. 01 0403 0502 17 11 16 06 07 08 09 10 12 13 14 15 colour line 3 Allure Apply Allur Lipstick with a Makeup brush № 2 on p. 9 from the lip central point towards the lips outline To make your makeup time proof, blot your lips on a tissue Apply the second layer of a lipstick ACTIONGENRE Luscious lips, cheeky nature and a spirit of adventure... Is it about you? Then try on the image of a mysterious seductress. Allure Lipstick A luxurious lipstick with natural emollients produces an elegant and noble look being applied. Combines a pleasant tactile sensation and a vivid visual effect. Gets evenly applied, does not bleed, produces long-lasting shine. Code: 80115, 3.8 g 10,90 EUR EACH CHARACTER OF A MOVIE IS A BRIGHT, UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY. WHAT ROLE WILL FIT YOU? MAKE YOUR CHOICE! SPECIALLY FOR YOU TIANDE HAS SELECTED A CHIC COLLECTION OF FILM IMAGES. PERHAPS, IN THE MORNING YOU ARE TENDER AND ROMANTIC, AND IN THE EVENING YOU PREFER BEING A FEMME FATALE... offscreen
  • 4. 4 GENRE Mystery, magic and a life full of amazing discoveries. In this world there lives a beautiful fairy. Her desire to touch the miracle is reflected in a bright image. A bold combination of juicy shades of shadows, thick eyelashes – fairy enchanting and bodacious makeup! Sparkling Eye Shadow Rich colours and super glitter. A miscellaneous palette for any outfit! Tortillon – friendly shadows have a texture of a silky shimmering veil. Code: 80401, 10 g 8,50 EUR 11,90 EUR Modelling Mascara A polymer brush of a new generation gets twisted under different angles, while enhancing breathtaking effects! Instantly fits the curve for the creation of the open look effect. Easily removed with fresh water. Code: 80402, 6 ml Pencil Sharpener Makes you forget about the broken pencils through the sharpening process. For the pencils of both types: usual and extra size. Code: 90107, 1 pс. 1,70 EUR FANTASY City Style
  • 5. 5 colour line Apply a green tone of the shadow crayon on the movable eyelid. For the juicy makeup apply the same shade from the sparkling shades palette upon the same area Apply some lilac shadow crayon on the unmovable eyelid up to the eyebrows line. Apply a sparkling purple shade on top Use a green tone shadow crayon to accentuate the lower eyelid with a delicate and thin line Apply several layers of Mascara 3,70 EUR Shadow Crayon A weightless creamy texture and a flickering effect. Can be used for tortillon over the entire lid or as a liner. Code: 80403, 18 g 01 pink metallic 02 brown 03 green 04 lilac 05 light blue 06 offscreen
  • 6. 6 Cream–Powder Perfectly improves any skin imperfection, adapting to its natural tone. Creates a subtle silky finish. Code: 80803, 32 ml City Chic INGENRE Intrigues in the magnificent castles, knight tournaments, battles for the heart of a fair lady ... for the real aristocratic and elegant princess. Her charm is hidden in the perfect skin, fresh blush and open languishing look. 11,20 EUR 10,00 EUR Baked Eye Shadows Exquisite combination of a rich colour and nacre. The effect of the satin shine. Fashionable expressive colours are bright 12 hours long! Code: 80802, 1 pс. 2,50 EUR Foundation Sponge Ideal for the foundation application. Has an ultimate form for the toning of the hard-to-reach areas (around the nose and the eyes). Code: 90138, 2 pсs. OFMEDIEVAL LEGENDS 01 02 03 02 01
  • 7. 7 colour line Bronzing Blush Instantly gives your face a healthy suntan tone. Visually refreshes, while perfectly emphasizing the features sculpturesqueness. Code: 80805, 9 g 12,50 EUR Apply white shadows with the applicator № 4 on p. 9 over the entire eyelid, highlighting the area under the eyebrows and the inside eye corner. This technique creates an effect of an open look Apply a cream powder on the T-zone. Blend thoroughly with a sponge over the entire face, focusing on the area around the eyes. Use the powder shade of one tone lighter – it visually rejuvenates and refreshes the skin Apply a grey shade on the eyelid crease, moving towards the temple. Use the same tone shadows to emphasize the outside eye corner Use the brush № 1 on p.9 to apply Bronzing Blush on the cheeks area with slight movements 01 02 offscreen
  • 8. 8 City Chic GENRE Oh, love... How many pleasant moments are granted to us by this brightly magnificent feeling. Just recollect the scenes of how the melodrama heroines get prepared to meet their fate. Being excitedly inspired and therefore bewinged, they create a mindbending romantic image. Delicate smoky eyes, rosy cheeks and gentle kiss- challenging lips… Eye Shadows and Blusher Powder shadows with a lightweight fine texture give an effective and silky coverage. Their special formula makes the application even and the tortillon easy to perform. Code: 80801, 1 pс. 7,90 EUR 20,00 EUR City Chic Mascara Ideally and glamorously made up eyelashes. A supple brush with flexible setules provides for the immaculate eyelash division and boost. Code: 80804, 9 ml 04 01 02 85 114 150 155 165 166 173 301 07 14 31 12,20 EUR Voila Lip Gloss Makes lips shine with pearly glow. Creates a tender sensual image. Code: 81101, 6 ml FRENCH MOVIE
  • 9. 9 colour line 5,90 EUR Makeup Brushes Handy modern brushes for the most glamorous and long-lasting makeup. Code: 90102, 5 pcs. set. 1. Powder and Blush Brush 3. Eye Shadows Brush 4. Eye Shadows Applicator 2. Lipstick Applicator 5. Eyebrows and Eyelashes Brush Apply several layers of Mascara Using the applicator apply a peachy shade of blush over the entire movable eyelid and blend it up from the inside corner towards the outside one. A darker shade (brown) is to be applied on the outside corner of the eye and the lower eyelid Slight brush strokes of blusher will ultimately accentuate the cheekbones and the cheek "apples” Juicy berry lips will crown a romantic image of yours. Use Voila Lip Gloss of tones 07, 114, 165 or 173 offscreen
  • 10. 10 Silver hic and glittering” way is a life formula of the famous singers living in Chicago in the Roaring 20s. Ultimate daredevils... Their brightly provocative, but seductive makeup image remains the icon of style nowadays. “С Silver Satiny Eye Shadows Dou Exquisite Shadows of a silky texture and enriched with natural minerals are ideal for application. Create a twinkling and semitransparent makeup. Code: 81001, 4 g 5,90 EUR Eye & Lip Crayon Optimally soft slate pencil for creating a distinct line. Code: 80109, 1 pс. 2,60 EUR GENRE MUSICAL 01 Grey Light BlueRed Pink BrownBlack 02 03 04 05 06 01 02 03 04 05
  • 11. colour line 11 Draw a thick black pencil line along the lash growing side, blend the shadows borders with an applicator Thoroughly draw the eyebrows with a pencil. Use the brush № 5 on p.9 to make them beautifully shaped Apply a silver tone of Shadows Dou № 1 over the movable eyelid and blend it well. An unmovable lid and the inside corner are both to be decorated with the beige tone shadows № 5 Draw a line with a black pencil on the interior wet eyelid Outline the lips with a pencil. Using a brush apply Silver lipstick of rich chocolate hues Silver Lipstick Easily and evenly applied, providing for a long-lasting intensive lip shine. Contains softening natural components. Code: 81002, 3.8 g 5,50 EUR 770 362 294 166 8107 9231 06 9119 52 S402 S202 440 297 242 066 9272 8148 9189 50 offscreen
  • 12. 12 GENRE Music, parties, dancing until dawn is the lifestyle of a glamorous lady. What is the secret of her popularity? The bright makeup, indeed! Maximum brightness of the face and body, luscious lips and distinctly defined cheekbones make her a Disco Star. Face Gloss Loose radiant powder with a comfortable puff batch container gives a face and a décolleté a delightful and gentle flickering effect. Attracts attention to your advantageous areas. Code: 80107, 5 g 8,60 EUR 03-2 05 09 10-2 15 32-2 33 57 59 64 75 87 780-2 4,80 EUR Lipstick Enriched with natural pearl. Soft texture gives a feeling of a surprising comfort. Code: 80701, 3.8 g Stylish Tricolor Diamond Glow Shadows Super long-lasting baked shadows with fluorescent particles make it possible to create delicate hue transitions. Stay terrific all day long. The shadows have a hypoallergenic composition. Code: 80111, 3.5 g 9,10 EUR DISCO 11 Natural Pearl Golden Onyx 27 01 02 03 04 05 06
  • 13. 13 colour line The under brow area is to be emphasized with white shadows Using a wet brush, apply a silver hue of Stylish Tricolor Shadows on the movable eyelid. Blend it up towards the temple, visually creating an arrow. Accentuate the lower eyelid likewise Slight brush strokes of blusher will accentuate the cheekbones and cheek "apples”, providing for a refreshed image Apply some amount of Face Gloss over the cheekbones and onto the décolleté area. A beautiful shimmering effect is ultimately achieved Apply a lipstick of light pink tones, ideal hues are 75, 03-2 or 05. Use the brush № 2 on p. 9, it your makeup will look delicate 01 02 Radiant Stylish Blush Has a luxurious satin texture. Fluorescent particles produce a chic light glow all over the face. Baked Blush is easy to get stumped, two tones are easily blended, creating a desired hue. Code: 80113, 3.5 g 8,90 EUR offscreen
  • 14. 14 Ideal Balance Three Powders Set Has a unique formula that preserves natural balance of the skin (hydrobalance and pH level). Evenly applied. Suitable for the combination skin. Code: 80601, 60 g ROMANTIQUE GENRE Abeautiful nymph is the Goddess of Perfection. Her graceful movements can fascinate and her make up keeps the hearts of fans captivated. A sculpted face, a playful look and pearl lips make her image fresh and romantic.4,60 EUR Glamour Lip Gloss Has a thick pearlescent texture, which gives a deep fine glow and volume. Thanks to the light-reflective particles your smile looks gorgeous. Code: 80110, 10 ml set № 01 set № 02 set № 03 set № 04 14,90 EUR 12,50 EUR Fantasy Eye Shadow Palette Innovative Shadows can create a very intense makeup, as well as a watercolor semitone. Reflective pearlescent particles give an amazing unique shine. Code: 81201, 11 g 2233377485115
  • 15. colour line 15 343 Glittering Terracotta 338 Aurora Borealis 348 Ancient Rose 349 Stardust 351 Prankish Lotus 355 Golden Savanna 363 Sugar 379 Pink Neon 380 Jealous Rose 301 Rock Crystal (Top Coat Fixater), 303 Golden Dream 304 Tender Temptation 306 Crimson Carnation 310 Icy Garden 311 Sweet Black Berry 312 Berry Punch 322 Berry Sherbet 331 Pink Happiness Apply light green hue of Fantasy Shadows over the movable eyelid from the inside corner towards the outside one and blend it up thoroughly. Use a skew brush № 3 on p.9 to accentuate the upper and the lower eyelids with pink shadows Apply some powder with a brush all over the entire face: a light tone goes to the middle part, and a dark tone- to the zone below the cheekbones. It’ll grant sculpturesqueness to your face Rouge your lips with a layer of Glamour Lip Gloss of hues № 85 or 22 Miss Te Ria Nail Lacquer will make a perfect image finish. Choose the tones 322, 351, 355 or 363  Miss Te Ria Nail Lacquer Light and rich, classical and extravagant, matte and pearl ... Tints are suitable for all styles and any occasion. Code: 80303, 8 ml 3,40 EUR Nail Polish Remover Pads Instantly and efficiently remove nail polish. Have a delicate acetone-free impregnation. Code: 90140, 32 pсs. 3,90 EUR offscreen
  • 16. 16 In the soul of every woman there dwells a splendid determined and tameless vamp,who will be moving ahead no matter what. A Catwoman and her audacious makeup with bold arrows and rich lashes can hardly be missed, prove it by yourself! GENRE 8,50 EUR Mascara Instant volume- looking eyelashes! Advanced polymer base provides for an even application and a perfect colouring even in the corners of the eyes. Lengthens the lashes without tincturing. Easily removed by light water. Code: 80203, 9 ml Retractable Eye & Lip Liner A user-friendly pencil. The most comfortable and the softest application ever possible. Helps create a perfect contour. Rich colour does not fade throughout the day. Code: 80914, 1 pс. 4,90 EUR Moisturizing Lipstick Creates a stunning glossy effect, moisturizes and protects the lips from external negative factors. Contains natural wax and minerals. Code: 80202, 3.8 g 3,90 EUR FICTION • 12 Fantasy • 14 Perfection • 22 Glamour• 07 Intense • 34 Chic • 37 Terracotta • 40 Flamingo• 26 Tenderness • 48 Fairy Show • 55 Temptation • 79 Champagne • 86 Mystery • 93 Coral • 95 Ellas • 105 Olimpia • 109 Baroque 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
  • 17. 17 colour line Accentuate the lower eyelid with a retractable eye & lip liner by coming forth the outside corner of the eye. To achieve the “cat’s eye” effect draw a line on the interior wet eyelid With gentle strokes draw a thin line of the eyeliner on the inside corner of the eye along the lash growing edge. Make a light arrow towards the temples To make eyelashes look voluminous apply several layers of Mascara Use the brush №2 on p. 9 to apply the lipstick to the middle part of the lips and blend well towards the external mouth contours 3,50 EUR Eyeliner Visually enlarges the eye, creating the “almond- shaped eyes” effect. A unique smudge-resistant formula. The watery base does not cause allergies. Equipped with a convenient applicator for precise and delicate application. Code: 80206, 6 ml offscreen
  • 18. 18 Pro Visage GENRE The heroine is enjoying every minute of her life experiencing and incredible lightness. Her whole image is permeated with happiness, peace and... natural beauty. No shadows, no mascara and no lipstick, just a refreshed complexion and naturalness! 484 Opera320 Classic 352 Cancan 387 Salsa 361 Waltz018 Etude 113 Tango006 Flamenco 017 Serenade 209 Lounge026 Blues 462 Elegy 464 Rock-n-Roll17 Nocturne 6G Disco022 Rhapsody 641 Jazz638 Soul 645 Fusion 1,80 EUR Eye & Lip Cream Crayon Comfortable to apply and splendid to stay long. Does not stretch thin skin. If smudged with a brush it creates a natural makeup effect. Code: 80904, 1 pс. Master Nail Glassy File A crystalline coverage layer of tempered glass works in a delicate way. Makes nails manicured and look conditioned. Code: 90201, 1 pс. 4,30 EUR 10,90 EUR Pro Visage Foundation Powder Created specifically for the natural makeup followers. Adapting to the natural skin tone, the powder produces a splendid and light coverage. Recommended for normal and combination skin. Code: 80901, 12 g 10,90 EUR Pro Visage Nail Lacquer A professional composition for the long-lasting and spectacular manicure. Code: 80903, 15 ml CITYSTORY 01 02 03 05 08 10 14 15 19 25 31 34 35 38 1 3 2 4 Silver Pro Visage Drying Drops
  • 19. 19 colour line Apply Pro Visage Foundation Powder over the face in circular movements A natural look requires prepa- ration. Use the nourishing serum for the eyelash growth for 21 days in the morning and in the evening. The result is long and rich lashes Draw a thin pencil thin line along the lash growing edge. Make a line come a little forth and up over the outside corner of the eye Cover the nails with Pro Visage Nail Lacquer and apply a layer of Drying Drops. You will not only protect the nail polish against splitting, but accelerate its drying as well. Ideal tones are 017, 17, 320, 352, 361 18,90 EUR Deluxe Lash Serum A healthy alternative to false eyelashes. Accelerates the growth of the eyelashes and improves their quality, increasing the volume and brightness. Code: 80902, 5 ml offscreen
  • 20. 20 4. Green Fresh Eau de Perfume Light and sparkling fragrance, woven of the bouquet of exotic flowers and spices, Bulgarian Rose and pure ocean air. Code: 70107, 30 ml 1. Absolute Lady Eau de Perfume Explosive and delicate spicy and citrus fragrance for a stylish, seductive and dreamy woman. You are an absolute lady. Code: 70110, 30 ml 3. My Angel Eau de Perfume Gorgeous floral bouquet is impossible to forget. Its magnificent sillage will provoke romantic thoughts while promising engrossing adventures. Code: 70113, 30 ml 2. Crystal Love Eau de Perfume Airy, flowery and discreet fragrance for an easy-going, modern and sexually appealing woman. Code: 70111, 25 ml Forthefeminineandalluringone Fortheromanticandlove-wingedone Fortheaudaciousandlusciousone 9,60 EUR 16,60 EUR 17,30 EUR 18,20 EUR 1 32 4 Forthetenderandsophisticatedone WHATEVER ROLE YOU CHOOSE OUR FRAGRANCES
  • 21. perfume 21 5. Power Eau de Perfume Luxurious, elegant fragrance for a solid man possessing a sense of energy, style and originality. Symbol of masculinity, individuality and exceptional nature. Code: 70114, 30 ml 6. Dominance Eau de Perfume Lively and optimistic fragrance for a modernizer, skillfully combining new fashion trends and a distinct personal style. The ultimate embodiment of elegance unchaining the brutal nature. Code: 70112, 50 ml 7. Set of Eau de Perfume Testers Code: 70108, 6х1.5 ml 5 6 7 For the elegant and energetic one For the brutal and charismatic one 17,10 EUR 7,90 EUR 15,60 EUR WILL PLAY ALONG PERFECTLY
  • 22. 22 “Crystal Extravaganza” Bracelet Transforming spiral shape, fits all sizes. Material: Crystal. Length: 95 cm. Colours: Copper (2), Black Garnet (5), Black Extra Brilliance (6), Blue (7), Graphite (8),Silver (9). Code: 90032, 1 pс. YOUR IMAGE IS IMMACULATELY EMPHASIZED Put on a thin string of necklace around your neck. Braid the Crystal Necklace around your scarf or into your hair. Tangle several thread strings with a belt and put the emphasize on your waistline. STYLISH DECORATIONS WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT OF THE CROWD. AND HERE YOU ARE – IN THE CENTER OF A SINGLE PICTURE, GO AHEAD AND ... WIN! ENCHANTING GRACE IN A SURPRISING AND DELIGHTFUL WAY CREATIVE SOLUTION “Crystal Extravaganza” Necklace Material: Crystal. Length: 114 cm. Colours: Emerald (1), Copper (2), Golden (3), Red (4), Black Garnet (5), Black Extra Brilliance (6), Blue (7), Graphite (8). Code: 90027, 1 pс. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 5 6 7 8 9 14,50 EUR 10,10 EUR
  • 23. fashion jewelry 23 DIRECT YOUR LIFE! 3. “Shell” Pendant (large) Many people consider a shell shape to be the erotic symbol of femininity. Made of Natural Nacre. Code: 90007, 1 pс. 4. “Sleeping Pussy Cat” Promotional Gift Attracts good fortune. Code: 100629/1, 2, 1 pс. 5. “Christmas Bunny” Promotional Gift Attracts pennies from heaven. Code: 100627, 1 pс. 1. “Health” Pendant It will help you and your family maintain excellent health through the years. Code: 90028, 1 pс. 6. “Bunny” Promotional Gift Grants harmony and well-being. Code: 100630/1, 2, 1 pс. 2. “Happiness” Pendant A strong accumulation of the positive energy for becoming happy with little effort! Code: 90029, 1 pс. 7. “New Year Tree” Promotional Gift Keeps a fairy sensation of the magic throughout a year. Code: 100628/1, 2, 1 pс. 24,50 EUR 24,40 EUR 24,40 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 1 2 3 4
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