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research on Salinger's catcher in the rye
   ADOLESCENT PSYCHE IN J.D SALINGER’S “CATCHER IN THE RYE” Comin thro the rye, poor body,Comin thro the rye,She draigl't a'her petticoatie,Comin thro the rye! -Robert Burns Entitled with mis! tin# the $% &e menti ned R %e't (!'ns’ ) em *“C$t+he' in the R,e”- Je' me D$&id S$lin#e' le$&es the 'e$de's t 'e$d $ l t %etween the lines /' m the &e', n men+l$t!'e / the % 0. H lden’s n$1&e /$nt$s, $s he )i+t!'es himsel/ $s $ s le #!$'di$n / n!me' !s +hild'en '!nnin# $nd )l$,in# in $n !nm$nned ',e /ield2 while he 'e$dies himsel/ t +$t+h them i/ the, #et t +l se n the ed#e / $ +li// tells $ l t $% !t this th 'n, teen$#e'. An Ame'i+$n i+ n $ +,ni+ $ )$th l #i+$l li$' $ !ni&e's$l s,m% l / teen$#e $n#st $ % 'de'line ne!' ti+ $ st'essed $d les+ent $n ide$list $ , !n#ste' t'$))ed in his im$#in$', w 'ld $ de+$dent s !l $ n n3+ n/ 'mist $ disill!si ned s)i'it the'e $'e m$n, w$,s t ) 't'$, the l$n0, sli#htl, #'e, h$i'ed H lden C$!l/ield wh h$s $ timeless + nne+ti n with the 'e$de's. 4'itten in $ st'eet3sm$'t &e'n$+!l$' !n/ ldin# the / !' ni#hts / this , !n# % , !nde' the %'i#ht ne n h $'din#s / New Y '0 the $!th ' d es n thin# e5t'$ 'din$', th$n 6 ttin# d wn his )' t$# nist’s '$nts $nd s meh w h ld n t the t'$il / his th !#ht3)' +ess $nd em ti ns. Its )e$0 ) int h we&e' lies in the  +l se t )e'/e+t +$)t!'in# / the & l$tile hi#h3st'!n# $d$m$nt thin0in# / the w !ld3%e3$d!lt mind in its )' t$# nist3H lden C$!l/ield. H lden’s n3the3ed#e e$sil, i''it$%le m$nne'ism m$0es m st / his em ti ns de+i)he'$%le $nd nine times !t / ten it 'e/le+ts $ dee)3se$ted l neliness. H lden d esn’ts$, it !t l !d %!t the resonating alienation of an adolescent’ mind   is $))$'ent in m$n, inst$n+es. H lden is unable to relate to anyone  $t the th'ee s+h ls he $ttends. This $ttit!de / H lden + ntin!es e&en when it + mes t his /$mil,. The de$th / his %' the' Allie d es + nside'$%le d$m$#e t his em ti n$l tem)e'$ment. He w !ld m!+h '$the' ' $m $' !nd in New Y '0 '$the' th$n + nt$+tin# his /$mil,. O%&i !sl, he didn’t have an encouraging opinion about his parents 3$n the' !ni&e's$l t'$it / the $d les+ents. 4ith thei' )h,si+$l m$t!'it, sets in $ d$wn / 'e$li7$ti n th$t m$n, thin#s $'e n t in the w$, the, $+t!$ll, th !#ht it t %e. The 'emn$nts / inn +en+e $nd the new seeds / + ''!)ti n+'e$te $ he$d, + +0t$il / ' this new #' wn3!). In H lden’s +$se t the m$ssi&e $m !nt / new in/ 'm$ti n t$0es $ t ll n him. 4ith his d$'0e' tint / 'e$li7$ti n e&e',thin# seems w$, t “phony . The m$li+e h,) +'is, +'!elt, s)ite m$le& len+e $nd the dis' %ed 'e$lit, m$0es e&e', )l$+e $nd )$+e /$'+i+$l $nd $ t t$l /$il!'e n $lm st e&e', ne’s )$'t. In s!+h $ sit!$ti n wh m +$n he t'!st8 N ne. He +$n’t + nne+t t $n, ne. Pe'i d. H lden h we&e' d es #i&e his )'e+i !s )edest$l / 'es)e+t t his de$d  %' the' his 9:3,e$'3 ld siste' Ph e%e $nd $ /leetin# /'iend *J$ne- seemin#l, m$0in# him sn %%ish in his + nside'$ti n / m '$l st$nd$'d. (!t it’s t'!l, the sm$ll thin#s th$t m$tte's t him. Allie died in /' nt / the , !n# H lden /i#htin# his dds m$0in# himsel/ $ he' 3/i#!'e in /' nt / his , !n# im)'essi n$%le %' the'. H lden’s des+'i)ti n / his  , !n#e' siste' “ ou never sa# a $id so pretty and smart in your #hole life 2 Salinger  ;:- is s ende$'in# th$t we +$n $lm st see )h e%e’s w$'m little intelli#en+e /$+e ) !tin# $t !s. His siste' #i&es him the !ndil!ted n$i&et, $nd the , !th/!l &i# !' th$t he h lds n t s ti#ht. A sim)le #ene' sit, n he' )$'t3 #i&in# $w$, / he' Ch'istm$s $ll w$n+e m &es him t te$'s sh win# th$t $ sim)le $+t / $//e+ti n $nd #en!ine 0indness mi#ht %e the w$, t his he$'t. In the +$se / J$ne G$ll$#he' th !#h )$'t / his 'e#$'d / ' he' is t'i##e'ed %, the /lims, /eelin# / + &etin# the !n3+ &eted $nd +hildh d ' m$nti+i7in# it’s $ls %e+$!se his m st desi'ed !$lit, e+h es in this #i'l3inn +en+e. Th!s he l &in#l, 'e+ !nts th$t she )l$,ed Che+0e's m 'e / ' the s,mmet'i+$l $''$n#ement / the )ie+es th$n the )' s)e+t / winnin# itsel/. In the +$se / H lden’s $nd )' %$%l, in +$se / m st / the , !th wh$t the, )' %$%l, need m st is !n!esti ned l &e $nd $ h$'% !' t h ld nt +hildh d se+!'el,. 4ith the nset / )!%e't,  se% comes as a huge revelation  $nd $n i''e/!t$%le eni#m$ / ' , !n#ste's $s it + n/ !nds thei' e&e', th !#ht $nd $+ti n. He desi'es t + n/i'm t the 'est'i+ti ns / se5 %!t $s he $))' $+hes   $d les+en+e within $nd with !t $ stim!l!s /  %'e$thless $'d !' $ss$il him. He 0n ws th$t he m!st inhi%it them i/ he )' ) ses t %e +h$ste %!t his wh le %ein# is +h$llen#ed with ne&e'3'estin# tem)t$ti ns. He calls himself a fool $t times / '    'esistin# $nd his mind )i+t!'es the deli#hts he misses i/ n t /' m di'e+te5)e'ien+e /' m in/ 'm$ti n he #$the's in % 0s m &ies et+ $nd /' m th se wh 0n w $nd i/ he ,ields then sel/3'e)' $+h em%itte's him. H lden himsel/ !i)s “in my mind,  &’m probably the biggest se% maniac you ever sa# .*  Salinger  <;- His meetin# with his  / 'me' #!id$n+e + !nsell ' the )s,+h $n$l,ti+ sn % C$'l L!+e 'em$ins ) i#n$nt $s he 'e)e$tedl, di#s / ' & ,e!'isti+ in/ 'm$ti n $% !t his se5 li/e li0e $% !t his )'e/e'en+e / ' lde' w men3 “ ou do (hy )o $idding, they better for se% and all * Salinger  9=9-   $lm st li0e $ +hild e&en th !#h C$'l diss!$des him.  To a growing adolescent boy, woman is a creature to be worshipped. She becomes his salvation, something he wants too badly but also something he’d rather not corrupt with the pedestrian intent  .  The dual reckoning force keeps manages to keep his sanity at bay. Thisexplains Holden’s vital encounter with the prostitute Sunny. In his drunk and adult role playing demeanour Holden retains some of his makebelieve con!dence and ruggedness and arranges for a prostitute to be sent in his room, courtesyliftman #aurice$. Though instantly after letting her in he regrets it “it was against my principles and all, but I was feeling so depressed…when you are feeling very depressed,  you can’t even think” Salinger %&$. ' typical escapist by nature he turns to his aliases to protect his identity and names himself ()im Steele*. His acute awkwardness and inability to perceive the proceedings of a normal sexual encounter re+ects in his words “I know you’re supposed to feel pretty sexy when somebody gets up and pulls their dress over their head, but I didn’t. exy was about the last thing Iwas feeling. I felt much more depressed than sexy”.   Salinger %$ .
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