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Some of the hardest decisions in business require days of communication between teams, departments, and the shareholders of the company. Chady Salim is an expert on strategic planning and business development, and has used these skills in the international telecommunications industry to build businesses from the inside out. This strategist understands what businesses need to succeed and pushes towards accomplishing it.
Chady SalimTelecommunications ExpertWith over 16 years of telecommunication management experience under his belt, Chady has made gains in his career at building businesses and accelerating the telecommunications industry.Chady Salim Executive Project ManagerWith his prosperous career in the international telecommunications industry, Chady Salim is now pursuing business development in western and central Africa. His passion for economics and his expert business handling skills have given him the gift of revitalizing the commerce in an area, and creating effective solutions to keep the operations of a city’s businesses running.Chady SalimMarketer for LTE ServiceChady has been in the telecommunications management field for over 16 years, and has dominated the industry in more ways than one. His keen ability to see commercial opportunities has given him the reputation as an excellent marketer.Salim helped launch the marketing campaign for 3.75G and LTE in 2012, creating smart pricing with segmented products that improved efficiency of sales and business continuity.Chady SalimOptimism LeadsThis excellent telecommunications leaders has been in the management sector of the industry for over 16 years. He believes that optimism is one of the key components that has helped to advance his knowledge and reputation in the field. Without his motivated spirit, and his uncanny ability to see opportunity in every situation, Chady Salim would never have become the business strategist that he is today.
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