Chapter 1-Kimia Dasar

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Chapter 1-Kimia Dasar Chapter 1-Kimia Dasar Chapter 1-Kimia Dasar
  1 Introduction Matter and Measurement  Outlines 1.The Study of Chemistry 2.Classification of Matter 3.Properties of Matter 4.Units of Measurements 5.Uncertainty in Measurements 6.Dimensional Analysis  The Study of Chemistry ã Chemistry  is the study of  matter  and the   changes that matter undergoes. ã Matter is made up of almost infinitesimally small building blocks called  atoms . ã Atoms can combine together to form  molecules . ã Molecules of a few familiar substances are represented here. ã In later chapters you will learn more about how atoms combine to form molecules, and how molecules have the shapes and properties that they do.  The Study of Chemistry
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