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  Brian Grasso Chapter Summary Irena Xhurxhi11.2.16Chapter 10: Worker Mobility: Migration, Immigration & Turnover  I selected this chapter because I am a frst generation Italian ith m!mom and her immediate amil! ha#ing been born in $ette ratte in pro#incedi %rosinone& a small pro#ince southeast o 'ome. (hen m! grandparents&aunts& uncle and mom came to the )nited $tates& the! li#ed in an apartmentabo#e a restaurant ith the ca#eat being i the! anted to li#e there the!must or* in the *itchen& ith m! grandma being the main coo*. +!grand ather ent o, to public schools and became a -anitor. hrenberg tal*sabout ho this t!pe o immigration e,ects the ages o nati#e/bornmericans but economic theor! pro#es this is inaccurate. In merica& there isan education s!stem in place to nearl! ensure !our patha! into a hitecollar -ob. Immigrants do not ha#e this same opportunit! ala!s& consideringm! mother and her amil! had no real abilit! to pa! or school& there oreended up cleaning houses and cutting hair or a li#ingand theres pride inthat.3n other terms& I li*ed hrenbergs conclusion o the na4#e #ies on illegal Immigrants& one being that the! one/ or/one ta*e emplo!ment aa! rom an merican citi5en and the same goes ith deportation. Illegalscreate the appearance that mericans ouldnt ant to do the -obs the!per orm because o the age the! create through their demand. 7hough& i  the! ere deported the! ould not produce one/ or one -obs or mericanciti5ens. I belie#e there needs to be a controlled le#el o illegal immigrants&but the! should remain in the labor orce as it is a s!mbiotic relationship atsome e8uilibrium.
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