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  Royal Charterand Byelaws  Royal Charter03 Byelaws07 Contents  WHEREAS The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health(“the Institution”) was founded in the year One thousand ninehundred and fifty-four under the name of the Institution ofIndustrial Safety Officers and incorporated on 1st April 1963 asa company limited by guarantee under the name of “TheInstitution of Industrial Safety Officers”:AND WHEREAS in 1981 the name of the Institution waschanged by special resolution to “The Institution ofOccupational Safety and Health”:AND WHEREAS the Petitioning Corporation has presented anhumble Petition unto Us praying that We would be graciouslypleased to grant it a Charter and We are minded to accedethereto:NOW THEREFORE KNOW YE that We having taken the saidPetition into Our Royal Consideration by virtue of OurPrerogative Royal are graciously pleased by these Presents togrant and declare as follows:1The persons who at the date hereof are members of theInstitution and all such persons who may hereafterbecome members of the Institution hereby constitutedshall forever hereafter be one Body Corporate and Politicby the name of The Institution of Occupational Safety andHealth, also known as The Chartered Institution ofOccupational Safety and Health, and by that name shallhave perpetual succession and a Common Seal, withpower to break, alter and make anew the said Seal fromtime to time at the will and pleasure of the Institution andby the same name shall and may sue and be sued in allCourts, and in all manner of actions and suits, and shallhave power to do all other matters and things incidentalor appertaining to a Body Corporate.2In this Our Charter, unless the context otherwise requires:“the Byelaws” means the Byelaws for the time being ofthe Institution made under this Our Charter;“the Board of Trustees” means the Board of Trustees ofthe Institution;“the Council” means the Council of the Institution;“General Meeting” means a General Meeting of theInstitution;“the Institution” means The Institution of OccupationalSafety and Health, also known as The Chartered Institutionof Occupational Safety and Health, hereby constituted;“member” means a member of the Institution;“the Petitioning Corporation” means The Institution ofOccupational Safety and Health as existing prior to thedate of this Our Charter;“special resolution” means a resolution of the Institution,passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of themembers present and voting at a General Meeting ofwhich not less than 21 days’ notice in writing, specifyingthe intention to propose the resolution as a specialresolution, has been duly given.3The objects for which the Institution is established are –(a)to promote systematic and organised methods ofimproving occupational safety and health and toadvocate, advise upon, disseminate, explain andadvance the principles, methods and systems of theirapplication at work generally;(b)to facilitate the exchange of information and ideasamongst the members of the Institution and of otherprofessional bodies in the field of occupational healthand safety and to work together with otherprofessional bodies in pursuit of mutual objectives;and(c)to do all such other things as may be necessary ordesirable for maintaining and improving theprofessional status of members of the Institution andof persons engaged in professions requiring aknowledge of the matters mentioned in paragraph (a)above;in the interests of the general public benefit.4Pursuant to the objects the Institution shall have thefollowing powers:(a)to facilitate the exchange of information and ideasamongst the members of the Institution and otherson the subject of improved methods of applyingaccident prevention principles and precautions atwork and the methods of approach to employers and 03ELIZABETH THE SECOND by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland andof Our other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith:TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, GREETING! Royal Charter  employees to secure maximum co-operation towardsthe adoption of increasing use of safety precautionsof whatsoever nature generally to their mutual well-being and benefit and for securing and furthering theprevention of accidents at work;(b)to co-operate with and advise organisations involvedin the delivery and assessment of qualifications inoccupational safety and health and to improve andelevate the standard and the technical and generalknowledge of persons engaged in or about toengage in a professional capacity in occupationalsafety and health, and with a view thereto to providefor the delivery of lectures, the holding of classes, theconduct of courses and to test by examination orotherwise the competence of such persons and toaward prizes certificates and distinctions and toinstitute and establish or accept endowments or trustfunds for the purpose of grants awards prizes andother benefactions;(c)to establish experimental works or laboratories and tocarry out promote and assist generally in experimentsand tests of whatsoever nature designed to advancethe principles of the Institution and to organisepromote carry out and assist in research work into thecause of occupational accidents and ill health and themeans whereby the same may be prevented and tocollect classify analyse and publish statistics thereonand to defray the expenses of any of the same;(d)to promote hold and sponsor congresses conventionsexhibitions and other gatherings for the purpose offurthering the primary objects of the Institution andto defray the expenses thereof or of any British orforeign representatives attending the same;(e)to establish form and maintain a library and collectionof models designs drawings plans and other articlesof interest and instruction in connection with theprevention of occupational accidents and ill health;(f)to print and publish sell lend and distribute anycommunications made to the Institution and anyreports of the proceedings or transactions of theInstitution and to purchase reproduce print publishand distribute any other books pamphlets or treatisesrelating to the prevention of occupational accidentsand ill health;(g)to collect and receive grants subscriptions entrancefees and donations in furtherance of the primaryobjects either from members or other persons and tohold and apply the same and any other funds orproperty either for any particular one or more of thepurposes hereby authorised or generally for thepromotion of the objects set out in Article 3 of thisOur Charter (hereinafter referred to as “the primaryobjects”);(h)to co-operate with and render financial and otherassistance to and to form promote and manageassociations whether incorporate or otherwise havingsimilar and exclusively charitable objects and of anature likely to promote the primary objects providedthat any such association shall, by its constitution,prohibit the application of its funds to any object notexclusively charitable and shall prohibit thedistribution of its income and property among itsmembers to an extent at least as great as is imposedon the Institution by Article 6 of this Our Charter;(i)to form promote and encourage branches andgroups of the Institution as may be necessary ordesirable for, or conducive to, the attainment ordevelopment of the objects of the Institution;(j)to co-operate with or to amalgamate with or takeover any such association as mentioned in the lastpreceding paragraphs;(k)to undertake and execute any trusts which maylawfully be undertaken by the Institution and may beconducive to the primary objects;(l)to borrow any moneys required for the purposes ofthe Institution upon such terms and upon suchsecurities as may be thought fit;(m)to exercise in respect of the investment of moneys ofthe Institution not immediately required for itspurposes, or of any investment or trust fund held bythe Institution, all the powers conferred on trusteesby statute; (n)to draw make accept endorse execute and issuepromissory notes bills of exchange or othernegotiable or transferable instruments;(o)to establish undertake superintend administer andcontribute to any charitable fund from whence maybe made donations or advances to deserving personswho have furthered the practice of the prevention ofoccupational accidents and ill health and tocontribute to or otherwise assist any charitableinstitutions or undertakings which may lawfully beundertaken by the Institution and may be conduciveto the primary objects;(p)to carry out the objects in Great Britain and NorthernIreland and in any other part of the world asprincipals agents trustees or otherwise and eitheralone or in conjunction with others;(q)to do all such other things as are incidental orconducive to the attainment of all or any of thoseobjects.5The property and moneys of the Petitioning Corporation(including any property or moneys held by them asTrustees) shall from the date of this Our Charter becomeand be deemed to be the property and moneys of theInstitution and shall as soon as possible be formally 04
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