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  The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Parent information for children having adenoidectomy Your health, your life, your choice, our passion  atientatient informationinformation  Anaesthetics  Hearing about your experience of our services is very important as it means we can pass compliments on to our staff and make improvements where necessary. Tell us what you think by emailing us at: yourexperience@rothgen.nhs.ukIf you require this document in another language, large print, braille, audio or easyread format, please ask our healthcare providers * *Note to healthcare providers: Translated / easyread healthcare information can be sourced via the Easyread websites  listed at the back of this leaflet or via contacting our translation company Big Word.Big Word  can be accessed through the search option on InSite. Bring your medicines when you come into hospital Prescription medicines   Medicines you have boughtAlternative &herbal medicinesInhalers  Please follow these starving instructions. If you do not follow these instructions, your child’s operation may be cancelled. Your child must have nothing to eat after: l 2.00am if your operation is in the morning l 7.00am if your operation is in the afternoon This includes food, milk, sweets, chewing gum and fizzy drinks.Your child may drink water or dilute squash until: l 6.00am if your operation is in the morning l 11.00am if you operation is in the afternoon Contact the ward you are expected on if your child becomes unwell within 1 week of their planned operationPlease come toOnAt Adenoidectomy - child 3  Adenoidectomy - child About this leaflet This leaflet is designed to give you information about the operation your child is going to have. Please refer to the leaflet “ Your child’s general anaesthetic ” for important information about how to prepare your child for coming to hospital, what to bring with them, what to expect when you are at the hospital and information to enable your child to receive a safe general anaesthetic. What are adenoids? They are soft mounds of tissue behind the nose (similar to tonsils which are at the back of the throat). They are part of the body’s system to fight infection and they become swollen after a cold, causing a blocked nose. They also lie next to a tube that runs from the nose to the ear (Eustachian tube), which drains fluid from the ear. This tube can become blocked when the adenoids swell causing fluid to build up in the ear (glue ear resulting in hearing loss. 4
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