Civil Engg Interview Questions

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   . QUESTIONS FOR INTERVIEW   Prepared by Prof. G.Augus! e #a !ra$ Pa !a %&' No(. ')*%+ ,ear sude s-e /o 0de  - Prepare 1!2ou ge! g e sed up-A s1er bo3d3y. If you do 4 5 o1 2e a s1ers- po3!e3y say so. A33 2e bes- #ay God be 1!2 you.   . QUESTIONS FOR INTERVIEW   Nobody /a pred!/ 2e 6ues!o s. Fo33o1! g s3!des pro(!de so7e /o77o 3y as5ed 6ues!o s. So7e of 2e 6ues!o s pro(!de so7e ! s!g2 ! o 2e sub$e/ .e 2oroug2 1!2 your RCC a d see3 /odes.  STRIPPING FOR#WOR8  W2a !s 2e se6ue /e of re7o(! g props fro7 bea7s 9 s3abs Ca !3e(er: sar! g fro7 2e free e d a d re7o(! g o1ards 2e 0;ed e dS!7p3y suppored: sar! g fro7 7!d'spa a d 7o(! g o1ards e ds s!7u3a eous3y ,o7es 9 ar/2es : Sar! g fro7 /ro1 o1ards edge.  PLASTIC #O#ENT I RCC- ! !s # u- 3!7 I See3 ! !s # p  < f  y = p
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