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  ãLocationãMaterialsãEnergyãSizeãUse of LandãFurnishingsãExplain the ideas and reasons behind your designModernist Architecture The root of Modernist architecture is Modernism and Modernism in!ol!es much more than architecture #t $as an outloo% on life that arose out of a reaction to and because of the changes in society #ndustrialism $as creating ma&or disruptions to society at the same time that it $as creating ne$ opportunities  The Seagram 'uildingThe Seagram 'uilding is an example of the #nternational Stylethe Modernists endpoint in their e!olution (hat people thin% in this age is often a reaction to $hat people thought in the pre!ious age So it $as then and modernism $as the result #n art it $as a refutation of natural forms and realism in fa!or of a search for a more elemental understanding of art They experimented $ith color and shape and arri!ed at abstraction and surrealism #n architecture modernism too% the form of a reaction against any style of the past against any ornamentationand against any falsity or pretension #t mo!ed to$ards simplicity and embraced industrialization Modernism $as also a !ery positi!e and humanistic philosophy in that it belie!ed man and society could be perfected Education and technology and industrial de!elopment $ere all to play their parts as $as architecture )eople recognized that there $as a distinct shift in man*s prospects (hereas change in the past had been a gradual impro!ement o!er tradition the theory of theday $as that man needed a dramatic shift in the $ay he li!ed The forms of buildings and housing suited to their fathers no longer made sense A modern man needed modernist architecture suited for a modern $ay of life   (hile it $ould be $rong to say that modernist architecture $as a politically inspired many of its chief mo!ers $ere Socialism $as $idely accepted in intellectual circles and modern architecture $as seen by its proponents as the solution for a+ordable housing for the $or%ing class Modernist architecture borro$ed from ,itru!ius the idea of -.on!enience/ under thecatchphrase -form follo$s function/ and from 0us%in the ideal of -Truth/ They speci1cally re&ected the continuation of the craft system and 0us%in*s lamp of -Life2 .onsider point 3 of the La Sarraz 4eclaration5-3 Follo$ing the dissolution of the guilds the collapse of the class of s%illed craftsmen is an accomplished fact The inescapable conse6uence of the de!elopment of the machine has led to industrial methods of production di+erent from and often opposed to those of the craftsmen Until recently than%s to the teaching of the academies the architectural conception has been inspired chie7y bythe methods of craftsmen and not by the ne$ industrial methods This contradictionexplains the profound disorganization of the art of building / 8Translated by Michael 'ulloc% From )rograms and Manifestoes on 9:th;.entury Architecture The M#T )ress .ambridge MA5 <=><? The La Sarraz 4eclaration $as a manifesto put out by a group of the leading European modernist architects in <=9@ Most of its content $as a complaint against the current system of architecture and the academies that perpetuated it #n re&ecting craftsmen and embracing mass;production of housing in an industrial fashion they $eren*t really directing e!ents they $ere merely understanding the times 'ut they made some other choices that too% us in directions that $eren*t ine!itable  The .hrysler 'uildingThis is the .hrysler 'uilding #t is designed in the Art 4eco Style before the Modernists abandoned all ornamentation As a general rule they re&ected ornamentation This $as not apparent at 1rst Attempts $ere made to apply ne$ styles of art to the enrichment of the buildings they created Art ou!eauand Art 4eco in their turns $ere both used as decorati!e schemes $ith as much detailing and care as any .lassical or Bothic architect $ould o+er 'ut e!entually  the idea that the shape and texture of a building could create interest enough led toa re&ection of ornamentation (hile their ha!e been many architectural theorists there ha!e been no single !oicesthat ha!e stood out or stood the test of time li%e 0us%in or ,itru!ius # ha!e no Se!en Lamps # can o+er as embodying a philosophy for modernist architecture #nstead $hat # o+er is my o$n distillation based on obser!ation and $hat # ha!e gleaned from their $ritings5Form follo$s function Truth to materials )urity of form 8interpreted as minimalism in ornamentation? These architects $ere sincere in their beliefs They stro!e to ma%e the $orld a better place through their buildings and housing They earnestly stro!e to ma%e designs that enhanced the functions of li!ing Some of it $as successful Some $as not For instance their attempts to impro!e substandard urban housing often replaced horizontal ghettoes $ith !ertical ghettoes Their s%yscrapers pro!ided beautiful silhouettes but also created urban canyons shielded from light Their urban planners di!ided the $orld into residential industrial and commercial centers increased the need for transportation and made do$nto$n areas ghost to$ns after 3 p m Co$e!er the greatest indictment of modernist architecture is aesthetic The industrialization of housing and oDces coupled $ith a rigidly applied concern for function o!er form led to a lot of boring boxes They $ere certainly more successful in the $orld of commercial real estate but still boring #n the area of residential architecture people !oted $ith their poc%etboo%s Except perhaps in the upper end modernist houses $ere unsellable )eople preferred traditional styles Modernist architecture re&ected tradition but society is largely based on tradition E!en the ne$ modern man $as $anting to cling tightly to his past   As al$ays there $as a reaction 0eally t$o reactions going in di+erent directions ne a return to traditional !alues but $ith modern materials The other a plunge into nihilism #nstructions<4escribe the location of the structure List details including the address it $ill be situated at the main intersections it is located near ho$ much land has been appropriated to place the building on land ele!ations and the direction the building $ill be facing 4etails such as the amounts of area allo$ed for par%ing storage and landscaping can also be listed (ater electricity and sanitary se$er access should also be included 94etermine and describe the style of the structure )ro!ide pictures of similar structures and other $or%s in progress Explain the reasons for selecting a particularstyle For example you may choose a Mediterranean style for a particular area because that is the style of ad&acent structures The style of building should not necessarily be the same as those around it but it should blend $ell $ith its surroundings $hich include nearby structures and the landscaping Sponsored Lin%sStart 4o$nload.on!ert Any File to a )4F ; (ord peg Bif 0tf ; Free 4o$nloadG$$$ fromdoctopdf comH4etermine the needed s6uare footage of the structure and $hat it $ill be used for  This $ill depend on the business or businesses that $ill occupy the ne$ building 4esignate $hat $ill be utilized as storage for %itchens andIor employee brea% rooms and for oDce space and li!ing areas or $aiting rooms Allo$ space for ele!ators stairs house%eeping closets and heating and air conditioning units .ite reasons $hy the s6uare footage is designated as it is Bi!e style details and locations of main entrances $indo$s stairs and other doors
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