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  The circular solution to counterflow cooling. COOLERS  Impacting Industries Worldwide. INDUSTRIES, INC.INDUSTRIES, INC.INDUSTRIES, INC.  The OP><FLO PrincipleSimple Excellence space situations and the minimal “footprint” with OP><FLOcoolers provide invaluable versatility in system design.The “Simple Excellence” of the OP><FLO cooler is in itshighly efficient design which produces a uniformly cooledproduct with a low operating and installation cost comparedto other conventional type coolers.Bliss Coolers are available in either a rectangle, square orcircular cooling chamber design, the latter being thenewest technology. The circular design enables product tobe evenly distributed throughout the unit, increasing cooling uniformity. The round design eliminates all poorly filled corners. A distinct advantage of the OP><FLO cooling process is the compact “footprint”, or base size. Mostsystem installations encounter limited to the warmest air available within the cooler minimizing temperature shock. The product exiting the bottom of theunit is cooled to within 5-10°of the ambient air temperature.The product and air have “opposite flows”. The gradual heattransfer greatly enhances the product quality and reducesstressing and fines.  Air exhaust damperOverload sensorRotary Valve FeederorCombo Feeder/SpreaderSelectable level sensorsCollection hopperCooled product dischargeLouver discharge system andfixed grid floor,operated by electric drive or air cylinder.Full or live action dischargefloors available.Product Spreaderor Optional PoweredSpreaderIntroduction of air at ambienttemperature and humidity  THEORY   The OP><FLO (Opposite Flow) or Counterflow process isthe refined technology of exposing processed product toan upward moving stream of ambient airflow. As the airrises through the product, it is warmed, increasing themoisture carrying capability of the air. The product justentering at the top of the cooling chamber is exposed  Heavy-duty fixed grid floor is the field proven, low maintenance solution. Full or live action dischargefloors available. Louver discharge system providescomplete cleanout with minimalnumber of moving parts. Compact footprint or base sizes are idealfor limited space installations. Conveniently located door provides excellent access tointerior. Capacities of 1-80 TPHavailable.Circular design providesunmatched cooling consistency utilizing 30 to 60 inch productbed depth. Optional air exhaust damper enables outward airflow to beregulated for greater cooling control. Electric motors or air cylinders are used to regulateair exhaust and operate discharge louvers. Sightglass and optionallight conveniently located for internal inspection of cooler. Rotary valve feeding system andproduct spreader provides evenproduct distribution for a uniformbed depth. FEATURES  Impacting Industries Worldwide. INDUSTRIES, INC.INDUSTRIES, INC.INDUSTRIES, INC.  Typical Installation SUMMARY   SIMPLE EXCELLENCE — SIMPLY STATED. • Low operating cost (50% energy savings)• Low Maintenance• Low Product Degradation• Low Condensation in cooling chamber• Minimal Space Requirement (per ton of capacity)• Minimal Contamination: Total cleanout on louver discharge system.• Low electrical requirement• 1 HP — S.S. combo feeder/spreader1/2 HP or 3/4 HP — Louver discharge system• Electric and Air Operated Units available• Low product shock — stress, (tempered evaporationcooling)• Low profile discharge systems available (Custom fabricated to customer’s requirements)• Electric Control Panels available for operationalcontrol and measurement of a wide variety of variablesNOTE: Every Cooling Operation is benefited by minimizing the length of air piping.• Minimal “caking” of sticky product at start-up• Cooling/drying many products efficiently • Flow rates adjustable from control room• Multiple product sizes adjustable from control room• Multiple sensors for multiple sizes of product• Rotary valve feeder helps control air distribution• Proven field testing ensures proper sizing of your cooler• Corten and 304 SS construction available• Capacities 1-80+ TPH available• Double deck units allow product rotating: (faster and more efficient cooling)• Low investment and installation cost• Minimal working parts• Dryer units available• Combo Vibratory Hopper/Screener available.• Intermediate floors available for starting next batchduring current batch cleanout Complete Air Systemsavailableupon request.  The Air Damper is operated by a level sensor in the cooling chamber. The damper is in the closed position at the startand the end of a production run. This keeps the full airflow from shocking, stressing and degrading the product. Also,it allows for complete productclean out. QUALITYFEATURES  Louver Discharge System andFixed Grid FloorRotary Valve FeederElectric and Air OperatedSelectable Level SensorsOptional Air Damper at Cooler Exhaust Bliss Coolers feature automated level sensors that activate when the bed level reaches the preselected depth. Onceactivated, the sensors operate the louvers allowing productto be released. A “fail-safe” detector ispermanently mounted near the top of the cooler for prevention of an overflow if sensors are not set properly.Our Fixed Grid Floor resembles an upside-down “V”. Thisdesign carries the weight more efficiently than a horizontalsurface. There is little to no weight bearing on the louvers.The louvers resemble a pivoting stairstep that allows product toflow through easily when openand completely stops flow whenclosed. The discharge system works equally well on 1/8" dia.pellets as it does on 1" dia. x 4"long cubes. The design also allowsfor complete clean-out at the endof a production run. Once theproduct leaves the fixed grid floor itflows through a single layer of movable panels controlling the discharge. Louvers pivot on heavy-duty regreasablebearings powered by air cylinders or electric motors. Fullor live action discharge floors available.The OP><FLO Cooler can be used in a number of productapplications including: pet food, fish food, livestock feedpellets, soy collets, meat and bone meal, wood pellets,plastic, dried fruit, berries and flaked grains. The dryer-cooler is used in applications requiring high moistureremoval. Products differ in size and shape from granularmeals to pellets and chips. DISCHARGE POSITIONTOTAL CLEANOUTCLOSED COOLING POSITION The rotary valve feeder supplies an even-flow of product to the cooling chamber. Circular Bliss Coolers feature aproduct-driven spreader that provides even product disper-sion over the entire cooling chamber. Optional poweredspreaders are available for special applications. Ask aboutour new combo feeder/spreader. WARNING LABELS“Industry Standard” Safety Warning Labels areapplied as recommended and prepared by theAFIA Equipment Manufacturers Council. FLYING MATERIALCAN CAUSESEVERE EYEINJURY OR BLINDNESS WEAR SAFETYGLASSES AROUNDOPERATING EQUIPMENT WARNING   ROTATING PARTS ANDSHAFT CAN CAUSESEVERE INJURY LOCK OUTPOWER BEFOREREMOVING GUARD WARNING Guard removed for viewing.
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