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Curriculum Vitae
    Curriculum Vitae (updated 2/2018) Chaone Mallory, Ph.D. Visiting Associate Professor of environmental Studies University of Southern California Areas of Specialization:  Ecofeminism, Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, Environmental Philosophy and  Ethics, Environmental Humanities, Food Studies, Feminist Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Critical Race Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Place, Green Political Theory  ,  Philosophy of Science/Science Studies Areas of Concentration:  Environmental Politics and Policy, Philosophy of Law/ Legal Studies Disability Studies,  Ecophenomenology EDUCATION    PhD in  Environmental Science, Studies, and Policy University of Oregon   Focal Department:  Philosophy December 2006 Title of Dissertation: “’Subject to the Laws of Nature’: Ecofeminism, Representation, and Political Subjectivity” (Committee: John Lysaker, Chair; Bonnie Mann, Julie Novkov, Scott Pratt, Suzanne Clark)  Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies June 2006    Master of Arts in  Philosophy with a concentration in Environmental Ethics,  University of North Texas, August 1999 Title of Thesis: “Toward An Ecofeminist Environmental Jurisprudence: Nature, Law, and Gender (Committee: Max Oelschlaeger, Chair; J. Baird Callicott, Eugene Hargrove)    Bachelor of Arts (awarded honors in majors and on senior thesis) in  Philosophy  and  Legal Studies , University of California at Santa Cruz, September 1993 Title of Thesis: “Nature, Law, and Transcendence: Toward A Theory of Environmental Ethics”  (Advisors: Richard Wasserstrom, Jeremy Elkins, Daniel Press) EMPLOYMENT    2   University of Southern California, Visiting Associate Professor of Environmental Studies 2017-present Villanova University, Associate Professor of Environmental Philosophy 2006-2017 University of Oregon Graduate Teaching Fellow 1999-2006 University of North Texas Teaching Fellow 1996-1999 University of California at Santa Cruz Teaching Assistant (1992, 1993) LANGUAGES Proficiency in Spanish PUBLICATIONS Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles “Locating Ecofeminism in Encounters with Food and Place”  Journal for Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, ;  published Jan 2012 ( DOI10.1007/s10806-011-9373-8) “What Is Ecofeminist Political Philosophy?:   Gender, Nature, and the Political”  Environmental Ethics . Vol. 32, Issue 3, 306 -322 (Fall 2010) "The Spiritual is Political: Gender, Spirituality, and Essentialism in Radical Forest Defense"  Journal for the Study of  Religion, Nature and Culture.  4.1 (2010) 48-71 (Spring 2010) “Val Plumwood and Ecofeminist Political Solidarity: Standing With the Natural Other”  Ethics & the Environment   (special issue on ecofeminism) v.14, issue 2. (Fall 2009) “Ecofeminism and a Politics of Performative Affinity: Direct Action, Subaltern Voices, and the Green Public Sphere  Ecopolitics Online Journal Vol. 1 No. 2. 2-13, (October 2008) “Ecofeminism and Forest Defense in Cascadia: Gender, Theory, and Radical Activism” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism: A Journal of Socialist Ecology Vol. 17, no. 1, (March 2006).   “Ecofeminism and Forest Defense in the Pacific Northwest USA: A Meeting of Theory and Practice” published in Conference Proceedings,    International Environmental Experience Conference  held in Vitsyebsk, Belarus,  November 18-19 2003. Proceedings in Russian and English. (November 2003). “Acts of Objectification and the Repudiation of Dominance: Leopold, Ecofeminism, and the Ecological Narrative”  Ethics and the Environment Vol. 6 No. 2, 59-89. (Autumn, 2001) Book Chapters “Gender and Genesis: Religion, Secular Science, and the Project of Power and Control”  Religion and Ecological Crisis: The Lynn White Thesis at Fifty” anthology commemorating 50 th  Anniversary of the publication of Lynn White Jr.’s influential   essay “The Historic Roots of our Ecologic Crisis” Routledge. Todd LeVasseur and Anna Peterson, eds. Other contributors include J. Baird Callicott, Lisa Sideris, Whitney Bauman. Published January 2017 Invited contributor  Routledge International Handbook on Gender and Environment, Sherilyn MacGregor, editor. Routledge. Other authors include Noel Sturgeon, Giovanna DiChiro, Greta Gaard, Mary Mellor, Julie Sze, Freya Matthews, and Catriona Sandilands.    3   “Environmental  Justice, Ecofeminism, and Power” in  Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World:   Values,  Philosophy, and Action (Rozzi, R., S.T.A. Pickett, C. Palmer, J.J. Armesto & J.B. Callicott, eds). Springer Verlag. Feb 2014   “Ecofeminism and the Green Public Sphere”  Advances in Ecopolitics: The Transition to Sustainable Living and  Practice  (Vol. 1). Liam Leonard and John Q. Barry, eds. UK: Emerald Group Publishing, 2009. Book Reviews Review of Rosemary Radford Ruether,  Integrating Ecofeminism, Globalization, and World Religions  published in  Environmental Philosophy  (Vol. IV, No. 1 & 2; 204-208, Fall, Spring 2007)  Submitted and In-Progress Articles “The Politics of Embodiment: Feminist Phenomenology, Effacements of Nature, and Political Subjectivity.” Under Review   “(En)gendering Environmental Justice: An Intersectional Ecofeminist Perspective” Co-authored with Robert Figueroa. In-progress “Constructed Essences, Material Effects: Science Studies and the Regulatory Fictions of Race, Gender, and Species.” In-progress. Other Publications International Society for Environmental Ethics Newsletter Vol. 19 No. 2 Spring/Summer 2008, invited contributor for section “In Memoriam: Val Plumwood”  International Society for Environmental Ethics Newsletter Vol 21  No. 2 Spring 2012 “In Memoriam: Marti Kheel: A Personal Recollection”   Villanova University Office of Mission Effectiveness Publication Occasional Paper  s, special issue on “Sustainability” invited contributor, “Contesting, and Envisioning, Sustainability” October 2008 Villanova University Environmental Studies Program Newsletter, “Sustainability: A Philosophical Perspective” Fall 2008 TEACHING EXPERIENCE Courses Taught at University of Southern California Undergraduate ENST 150:   Environmental Issues in Society (2 lectures plus 6 Discussion Sections per week; total number of students contacted with weekly: 150) ENST 490: Literature of the Environmental Movement (Directed Research Seminar)    4  Courses Taught at Villanova University Undergraduate GIIS 4000 Global Environmental Justice Movements  (team-taught with History colleague) Phi 2121   Environmental Ethics   (cross listed with Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Center for Peace and Justice; Gender and Women’s Studies)  Phi 4900 Feminist Theories Phi 2410 Philosophy of Sex and Love (cross listed with Gender and Women’s Studies; taught as both traditional and as a hybrid on-line/night course for Continuing Education students) Phi 2430   Ecofeminism   (cross listed with Center for Peace and Justice and Gender and Women’s Studies)  Phi 2550 Technology and Society   Phi 5000 Environmental Philosophy    (philosophy research seminar for majors; cross listed with Environmental Studies; Environmental Science) Phi 5000 Green Political Theory   (philosophy research seminar) Honors 4351   Food, Sustainability, and Place   (field study-based Honors Seminar taught in conjunction with Villanova Year of Sustainability) Phi 1050   Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, Self, Reality (Villanova College of Arts and Sciences Core Course)   Phi 5000  Modern Philosophy    (independent study) Graduate Phi 8000 Embodied Epistemologies (team taught with Philosophy colleague) Phi 8550 Environmental Philosophy Phi 8000 Feminist Theories Phi 8070 The Politics of Nature (team taught with Philosophy colleague) Phi 8000 Gender, Nature, and the Political   Courses taught at University of Oregon:     Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies: Women, Difference, and Power (5 sections)    Introduction to Environmental Studies: Environmental Humanities      Environmental Philosophy    Green Political Theory (self-designed upper division course)    Ecofeminism: Theory, Politics, and Action (self-designed upper-division course)    Feminism, Activism, and the Environment (self-designed weekend workshop)    Feminist Pedagogy   (graduate/undergraduate course; 4 sections) Courses Assisted at University of Oregon:      Introduction to Environmental Studies: Social Science    Introduction to Environmental Studies: Natural Science    Introduction to Environmental Studies: Humanities      Philosophy of Love and Sex       Introduction to Ethics       Social and Political Philosophy  : War and Gender   Courses taught at University of North Texas:    Feminist Political Philosophy (self-designed upper-division course)      Introduction to Contemporary Moral Issues (2 sections)      5      Introduction to Philosophy   (2 sections)      Introduction to Logic Courses assisted at University of North Texas:       Ancient Philosophy (J. Baird Callicott, professor)      Introduction to Logic    (Nora Bell, professor)    Introduction to Modern Philosophy (Pete A.Y. Gunter, professor)   Courses assisted (paid undergraduate TA) at the University of California, Santa Cruz:    Environmental Ethics      Environmental Law KEYNOTE AND PLENARY TALKS Keynote Speaker, West Chester Philosophy Graduate Student Association Annual Conference, West Chester University, West Chester PA. April 27-28 2018. Conference Topic:  Environmental Ethics  Keynote Speaker “Ecofeminism and Environmental Justice” Audrey Fitch Conference on Women and Social Work California University of PA April 16, 2016 Plenary Speaker, 47 th  Annual North Texas Philosophy Association Conference, Denton, TX April 3, 2014. Title of talk: “Ecofeminism, Environmental Justice, and Power.”  Co-plenaries included Robert Bernasconi Plenary Speaker, Utah Valley University 24 th  Annual Environmental Ethics Symposium: Environmental Justice  Utah Valley University, April 7, 2011 Title of Talk: “(En)Gendering Environmental Justice: An Intersectional Ecofeminist Perspective”  Co-plenaries included Stephen Gardiner Plenary Speaker, Symposium on “Environmental Justice and Ecofeminism: Ethical Complexity in Action” Sponsored by University of Georgia Institute for Women’s Studies, March 20 -21 2009. Title of Presentation: “Standing with the Natural Other: Plumwood on Political Solidarity”  Co-plenaries: Victoria Davion, Piers Stephens, Lori Gruen Plenary Speaker  , Symposium on “Varieties of Environmental Justice,” University of North Texas, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies. March 6-7 2009 . Title of talk: “(En)Gendering Environmen tal Justice: The Need for An Intersectional Ecofeminist Perspective”  Co-Presenters: Judge Luis Sepulveda, (President, West Texas Coalition for Environmental Justice); Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Department of Philosophy and Department of Biology, University of Notre Dame: Dan Wildcat, (Haskell Indian Nations University); Casey Camp-Horinek (Coyote Creek Center for Environmental Justice, Ponca Indian Tribe, Oklahoma); Jonathan Hook (Director of International Indigenous and American Indian Initiatives); Tammy Cromer-Campbell (TCC Photographs and Gallery, Longview, TX); Dr. Robert Figueroa Plenary Panelist “Eco/Feminist Contentions: Ethics, Knowledge, Politics” (co panel ists: Chris Cuomo and Patricia Glazebrook)  Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory  biennial conference, Clearwater, FL September 24- 27 2009. Title of talk: “What’s In A Name? In Defense of  Ecofeminism  (not feminist ecology, ecological feminisms, or gender and the environment)”   Keynote Speaker, “International Environmental Experience”  Institute for Modern Knowledge, Vitsyebsk, Belarus;  November 18- 19, 2003. Title of Talk: “Ecofeminism, Environmental Philosophy, and U.S. Activism”  Plenary speaker “Reason, Activism, and Change” sponsored by  Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy  Windsor, Ontario October 3-5, 2000, S  pecial panel on the work of Val Plumwood. Paper title: “Plumwood, Intentionality, and Political Solidarity”
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