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1. Introduction of Cyber crime Victims of these crimes Types of cyber crime General preventation Computer Viruses Types of viruses 2. HACKING VIRUS  SOFTWARE PrivACY…
  • 1. Introduction of Cyber crime Victims of these crimes Types of cyber crime General preventation Computer Viruses Types of viruses
  • 3. HACKING
  • 4. A white hat hacker breaks security for helping . They are working for a security company which makes security software. A "black hat" hacker is a hacker who "violates computer security for personal gain" destroy data A grey hat hacker is a combination of a black hat and a white hat hacker. They first tell the victims' and then they hack
  • 5. *Elite hacker A social status among hackers,  the most skilled and Famous hackers. *Script kiddies' A script kiddies  is a non-expert who breaks into computer systems by using pre-packaged automated tools written by others, they have little knowledge. A "n00b is someone who is new to hacking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the workings of technology and hacking
  • 6.  For profit, protest, or challenge.  A large fraction of hacker attacks have been pranks  Financial Gain  Revenge  Venting anger at a company or organization  Terrorism  *For profit, protest, or challenge.  *Financial Gain  *Revenge  *Terrorism  *just for fun 
  • 8. IRC CRIME *Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers have chat rooms in which people from anywhere the world can come together and chat with each other . *Criminals use it for meeting *Hackers use it for discussing  sharing the  techniques *Cyber Stalking – to tease women and girls by send Different Messages .
  • 9. *In such crime criminal makes very small changes in such a manner that no one can notice that. Criminal or programer • makes such program • that deducts small •amount like Rs. 2.50 • per month from the •account of all the •customer of the Bank. SALAMI  ATTACK
  • 10. E-Mail Bombing: Email bombing refers to sending a large amount of e-mails to the victim resulting in interruption in the victims’ e-mail account or mail servers VirusVirus
  • 11. DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMPUTER VIRUS •Resident Viruses •Direct Action Viruses •Overwrite Viruses •Boot Virus •Macro Virus •Directory Virus •Polymorphic Virus •File Infectors •FAT Virus •Trojans or Trojan Horses
  • 12. •Financial crimes •Cyber stalking *Sale of illegal articles *Online gambling *Unauthorized access to computer Theft of information contained in electronic form • Virus/worm attacks • Trojan attacks • Internet time theft • Password cracking
  • 13. General Preventions >Spam blocker *Turn on your spam blocker. Most Internet providers provide a spam blocking feature to prevent unwanted messages/ emails. >Firewall protection *Use your computer's firewall protection feature, which is a digitally created barrier that prevents hackers from getting into your computer system. Always keep it turned on
  • 14. Anti-virus software Install anti-virus software for your computer. You also need to regularly update your anti-virus software and that you do a once-a-week scan to locate and eliminate any spyware, viruses and other problems. Caution in providing personal information Think before & Don’t provide ur personal information via a website you know nothing about, especially those that ask for your name, mailing address, bank account number or social security number.
  • 15. Secure shopping Make sure that you do online shopping on a secure website, like those with a url that starts with "https“.. If you don't see these anywhere on the site, you run the risk of submitting credit card information and other personal information to a site that may be a fraud.
  • 16. Monitoring activities Monitor the online activities of your children brothers small sisters. They should only have access to a computer located in a central area of your home and you should regularly check all browser and email activity
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