Dhanwantari Mantra God of Ayurvedic Medicine

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Dhanwantari Mantra God of Ayurvedic Medicine
  Vishnu Mantra's Maa Naubahi Real Avatar History Maa Naubahi History Maa Naubahi PHOTS Maa Naubhi Chalisa Maa Naubahi All Mantra Maa Naubahi Shakti Maa Rani Day Maa Bhajans an Arti Hanu!an Chalisa Mata Rani Son 's Dur a Sa#atsati TR$ST%CHAR&T CONTACT $S TANTRA%MANTRA S#ritial%Bla(k Ma i( Mantra Vishnu Mantra's SANS)R&T MANTRA jasbir sin h Rana jassi   Mantra *or all iseasesDhan+antari Mantra , o o* ayurvei( !ei(ine Dhanvantari is in an(ient Hinuis! (onsiere to be the *ather o* !ei(ine an health- He is (onsiere to be an Avatar o* Vishnu an there are nu!erous re*eren(es about hi! in the an(ient Hinu s(ri#tures like the Veasan the Puranas-He is re*erre to as the #hysi(ian o* the .os an the *ouner o* +hat is kno+n as Ayurvei( !ei(ine-He is also sai to be the /rst #hysi(ian an sur eon-Dhanvantari is also +orshi##e in &nia as the .o o* health an i!!ortality- He is #ortraye as holin the #ot (ontainin the ne(tar o* i!!ortality0 an is sai to be the #reserver o* the +orl *ro! all iseases-The Dhanvantari !antra is re(ite to re!ove *ears an iseases0 those +ishin to i!#rove their health an erai(ate iseases re(ite this !antra-Dhanvantari Mantra-1O! Na!o Bha avateMaha SuharshanaVasuevaya Dhanvantaraye2A!rutha )alasa HasthaayaSarva Bhaya VinasayaSarva Roka NivaranayaThri 3okya PathayeThri 3okya NithayeSri Maha Vishnu S+aru#aSri Dhanvantri S+aru#aSri Sri SriAoushata Chakra Narayana S+aha- 1 धनवनतर म त   र  1-----4asbir Sin h Rana ॐ म भगवतमह स    दवस    द व धनवतरय 2 अम    त कलस हथयसव भय वसयसव रक  वरयथ   र लय ! #थ   र लय थय    र मह व$%    व&!   र धनवनतर व&!   र    र     र'()त *क   र रय% वह  1 555555555To !arry oo husban5555555555555   +य +य गरवर र+ कर  0  +य मह म    , * द   र *कर  jai jai irivar raaj kishori0 jai !ahesh !ukh (hanra (hakori----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tulsi Mantra  त    लस मत !र +ल *-त ह    # .स म त   र क /ल0 मह!   रसद + सवस1भ2यवध 3ध 4यध +र म    त त    लस 5वम   मत    त !aha#rasa janani sarvasaubha yavahiniaahi vyaahi jara !ukta! tulsi tvaa! na!ostute---Brah!(harya Raksha Mantra ॐ अयमय6 म7 6O! Arya!aayai Na!ah 6 4a#a this !antra +henever anti,brah!(harya thou hts (o!es in !in0 Do  ja#a *or 78 ti!es be*ore oin to slee# to avoi +et rea!s----Health Prote(tion Mantra  ॐ ह स ह स7 6O! hansa! hansaha6  र+ स    /ह  ,  म    र8!   9  वक .स म त   र क : , : मल कर स ;   रत स व<य लभ हत ह6 6Mantra to attain 9ealthPeo#le #ra(tise several !ethos to a(:uire 3aksh!i ;+ealth< at the ti!e o* Di#a+ali- =ollo+in is a very si!#le >,ay !etho *or this #ur#ose?Startin *ro! the ay o* Di+ali till the ay o* Bhai Dooj ;*or > ays<0 li ht Dhoo#0 Dee# @ A arbatti in a (lean roo! early in the !ornin 0 +ear yello+ (olore (lothes0 #ut the Tilak o* )esar ;saron< on the *orehea0 then o 7 !ala o* the *ollo+in !antra on a !ala +ith bees o* S*atik-o! na!ah bha yalaksh!i (ha vi!ahe6ashtalaksh!i (ha hee!ahi 6 tanno laksh!i #ra(hoayaat 6&t is !ore bene/(ial to o ja#a by (on(entratin on the #i(ture o* 3aksh!i0 .uru or &shtha ;Tratak<-Dee#a+ali is the birthay o* 3aksh!i ji- 3aksh!i ji ha a##eare at the ti!e o* the Sa!ura,Manthan *ro! the )shir,Sa ar- There*ore 3aksh!i ji besto+s her blessin s to the #erson +ho oes this sahna +ith the esire that 3aks!i stays in his%her ho!e0 #overty ets re!ove @ one is able to earn aily brea@ butter easily-
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