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FREDERICK N IIEATHERS 3415 N KINGSHIGdI|IAY BLVD SA]tl{ LOUIS MO 63115-9998 2872030212 Registered No,ii.*I.+,i E? ij i,i I',J E…
FREDERICK N IIEATHERS 3415 N KINGSHIGdI|IAY BLVD SA]tl{ LOUIS MO 63115-9998 2872030212 Registered No,ii.*I.+,i E? ij i,i I',J E iilllll!li::::::::i:i:::iI1,:=lil=!!' Product Sal e . Final Descri pti on Fees. Confirmation Services & 1i Qty Pri ce istered Mail$ - ' $ neturn ReceiPt (hardcopY)$, I Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery Utl l,llr 10.5" 2 $2.38 -::- -.. $ x16 " lReturnReceipt .t : (Uni t Pri ce:$1. 19) Delivery $-- Fi rst-Cl ass 1 $1 .36 Domeslic lnsufance utr io S50 000 Hai I eived bY i 15/3i11$ is included based !Pof tne Large Envel ope 11 dsiared value. lnternailonal -- (Domest i c) i#''jiliii rs.jlry'+ i, l*iti,o (SA]NT LOUIS, I'IO 63108) (t{ei ght :0 Lb 2.70 0z) tExpected Del i very Day) (Thursday ttl17/2016) Regl stened (Amount 1 $12.50 : $55 .00) o o ct *ffiS*ered r'tail #) ) o ol Return 1 -o $2.70 E d Recei pt .; (@USPS Return Receipt #) g 6 d q (9590940218896104008267 ) o F o o = Fi rst-Cl ass 1 $1,36 t0 .E Mai I o F u Large Envelope (Oottleeti e) (SAINT LOUIS, l1O 63101) (rdoightr0 Lb 2"50 Ozi npll viqit our website usps com '";Y;';;;ffrZ)fJJ"' aiwww -I (Expacted Del ivery Day) r?3;[tJri.l"t33fr"t"t$:fl?;rmation. (Thunsdey 11/17/2016) Regi stered (Amount 1 $12.50 : $55.00) (@@USPS Registered Mail #) (RA544890180US) Return 1 $2.70 Recei pt (ffiUSPS Return Receipt #) ( 9590940218896104008274 ) Total $35.50 Cash -- $40.00 Change (${.50) Text your tracking number ro 28777 (2USPS) to get ths Iste$t $tatus. Standand lllossage and Data rat€s ntay apply. You may alsovisit USPS Tnacking or call 1-800-222-1811. *** ** x***xxx ** *****rxt****xIIIttI*f* *x BRIGHTEN S0i'1E0NE'S I'|AILB0X. GreeGns cands available for purchase at select Post 0ffices. * x***i**t**xy(xxxx xx x * **x x* ft x* *xx x x***x Save this receipt as evidence of insurance. For infrnatim on filirg an insrrtce clai[ gto to https: //www. usps. cmzhel p./cl airs.htr. 0rden stamps at or cel l 1-800-Stamp24. Go to icknshlp to print shipf)ing tbaa-TueD{t\ r. unoer tne authority of Federal rule of Civil produces rule 8 Claim for release/ challenge the Jurisdiction of the court Nov 18 2016 ln the matter of cornering Etheryah Selene Haley now known as Aleshane$ffi'el case -- nrrnbu@.lJg@ and MichaelAnthony Fullilove Jr case numbeffi.622 know as Samson Sha ul'me el of the Ani-yu-Wiya Tribe of lph Cherokee Moo-slpiiya Sha ul me elformally now as Sionya Haley lndigenous Autochthonous flesh and blood woman I challenge the Jurisdiction of this court who are acting agents for the City of ST.LOUIS and are contracting to do business through the State of MISSOURI these corporate entity are listed on DUN and Brad St. which is bond rating agency for private corporation/organization.. All tribal members Deny corporate exist... City of St.LOUIS have a charter to do business on the Land establish 7914. The state of MISSOURI enter the union in L820 as a slave state and have held this practice too this present day..Via Statutory Declaration tender to the Govern Jay Nixon that contact has been voided out for fraud.. The provisions of section 211.031.1(1) RSMO do NOT apply to any of our members of our tribe as we are lndigenous to the Land Our geographical location is 38 degrees North Latitude -90 degrees west Longitude assumption of the law is a faction and is void for fraud this court is without authority.. for the court to have any say in this matter, They must prove on the record without deny all factual grounds and tangible evidence regarding jurisdiction or release all members of our tribe at once false imprisonment equates the kidnapping and is a federal crime violating Title 18 U.S.code 1201 a punishable offense of no less than 20 years if the victiF.l is under S years of age all agents and offenders could be subject to this penalties if their aits dfe-outffe of Law.... Ucc 1-308 All rights reserved ln great spirits of myAncestors ,t'' ; .-' E (J'r -t] Jurat .^, ill United Nation Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples- http //www.un. org/esa/socdev/unpfi i/documentslDR[P S en.pdf : LIN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UN Convention on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, United Nations Charter; Articles 55 & 56; Congressional Record P. A3220 may 11 1955, Motu Proprio July 2013, Pope FrancisApology to the Indigenous Peoples & World Day of Peace Letter, IDFPAD, Presidential Proclamation 7500, H.J.R. 194, HJR- 3, S. Con. Res 26 I Priya Siran Shaul'me'elformly known as Sionya Haley lndigenous/autochthonous flesh n blood woman of the Ani-yu-wiya tribe of Cherokee moors gave notice on behalf of Marshawn Shiloh Wijaya Sha'ul me'elformally known as MichaelAnthony Fullilove that he has refused to have a lawyer or any member agent of the MISSOURI BAR to represent or speak on his behalf..... Marshawn is the biological father of the children who have been kidnap and have the right to be present and speak in this matter every attempt to be made to deprived him of this right to be present and speak on this matter concerning Michael Fullilove jr now known as Samson sha ul'me'el and Etheryah Haley now known as Aleshanee Kerensa Sha'ul me'el even being a victim of being kidnap himself any attempt to further forcefully deprive him or any member of the right to Represent ourselves will be taking as force assimilation deprivation of rights and Genocide Marshawn as well as myself and our children or Not members Clients residents or citizens of the city of St.Louis state of Missouri or United States of America as these are corporations And we are lndigenous Autochthonous of the Ani-yu-wiya Cherokee Trlbe This knowledge has been trend to the Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri CRA463368954US we have also sent in our 5F 1.81 to the sffice of management and Budget properly identify our tribe members as American Indian and White this information has been trend to your courts as well CRA545003354US we are not federally recognized lndians and Missouri is not one of the six state to having jurisdiction over lndian in lndian countries under title 28 usc 1360 we deny corporate existing and refuse rebut and void any offer to contract for presentation Marshawn has demanded with his rights to make a special appearance to the summons to settle this matter once and for all there is no need for any further continues of this case as it is his and my wishes to be present and return your child back to our care immediately....... With the great spirits of our ancestors UCC 1-308 all rights Reserved without prejudice t Statutorv Declaration In the matterAmendment of Missouri Heath Division of vital records Registration # 124-16-001818 I, Michael Anthony Fullilove now known as: Marshawn Shiloh Wijaya Sha'ul me 'el c/o 3916 N Florissant St.Louis Missouri do solemnly declare in accord with: the l93l statute of Westminster (http:/lwww.deiaxcanda.or-g/). 1118 Articles of confederation and perpetual Union Articles XI, 1812 Treaty of Ghent: 1794 lay Treaty; 1836 Treaty of Marakesh (Morocco) all recognized and valid treaties, constitution for the united states of America, the I 948 Char-ter of the United Nations, the 1975 Inter-American Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations 2nd decade of the world's Indigenous people, that upon discovering that the registration of a Live Birth of February 5'h I976, in the STATE OF MISSOURVMISSOURI REPUBLIC called Missouri Republic was a contract between my mother and the U.S. Government Corporation who did not tell her she was selling me, a flesh and blood child. to the STATE OF MISSOURI CORPORATION as the Chattel Property/Slave which is a violation of Human Rights, I hereby void the contract, ab initio for fraud. Since I am a Flesh And Blood: Melaninite Cherokee Native American Moor of Turtle Island and of this Planet in accord with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, HJR 194- I l0/hres l9;1/text - U.S Congress Apology to African Americans for Slavery, S, Con, Res. 26- l-lnited State Senate Apology to African Antericans for Slavery; u.s. apology To Native Americans (Sec 8l l3 of H.R.3326 Department of Defense Appropriations Act) htio:// I l/hr-]326/text .. Upon discovering that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Mountbatten Battenberg [MISNOMER: Queen Elizabeth III violated her coronation oath ( a legally bin<Jing contract) of June 2'd 1953. On May 14, 201 1 at Soutliward Crown Court (1 English Grounds in Southward, London, England) Defendant: John Anthony Hill in the United Kingdom proved befbre an English jury that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten, was not the rightful monarch and never was: queen! Elizabeth is not the rightful monarch and never was. This was a two point argument. Firstly, Elizabeth knew- then and now- that she was crowned on a fake coronation stone instead of the real Stone of Destiny/Coronation Stone, which meant not only was she never properly crowned, but she knowingly and fraudulently was conning the Public and that is why she did not want her coronation televised. REGINA v.JAH (case Ref. Number:T20107746) ( See httn://r,i'rvvi' I declare that rhe name MICHAELANTHONY FULLIOVE on the registration of the Live birth is a corporation and Michael Anthony Fullilove, is an Indigenous, Flesh & Blood Man. I am Not a corporation, artiflcial person, natural person, fictitious entity or vessel of the United States as defined under 18 U.S.C. 9 and I give notice Internationally, Domestically and Universally via this Declaration that I deny corporate existence. Under reservation of All My Rights Unalienable and otherwise, I am: Indigenous/Autochthon of this planet. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true, and knowing that this is the same force and effect as made under oath. Jurat United Nations Declaration on rhe right of Indigenous peoples- United Nations Convention on Economic, Social & cultural Rights, United Nations Charter; Article 55 & 56, Presidential proclamation 7500,H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res. 26 S. 1200, HJR-3 Affirrned to and subscnbed before me thi33 day of May 20 By: Affiant UCC 1j308 without prejddice ic Notary My Commissioner Expires 72U2A16 Search I Dun & Bradstreet Judiciary Courts Of The State Of Missouri 10 N Tucker Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63101-2044 (314) 622-4774 Branch dun & bradstreet 10 N Tucker Blvd Flm 412 Saint Louis, MO 63101r-2A27 (314) 622-45?-1 Branch
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