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Placement test for beginners
  Progress Test I STEP I Vocabulary Occupations1Complete the words. S i n g e r 3 S __ o __ a s __ __ s t __ n t 1  a __ t __ r  4  t __ __ ch __ __  2  s __ __ r e t __ __ y 5  d __ __ t __ __  - 1  Adecti!es Circle the correct answer.  Are they sad? Yes, they are / No, they aren’t. 1 Is Caro ta? Yes, she 3  Are they h!ngry?  s. / No, she sn’t.Yes, they are. / No,they aren’t. 2 Is Ste#e od? 4  Are yo! th rsty?No, he sn’t. / Yes,Yes, I a$. / No, - 2  he s.I’$ not. Countries and nationalities#$atch the countries with the nationalities. 1S%a na&rench2'er$any(S%an sh3)ngandc)ng sh4*a%and*a%anese5&rancee'er$an %rammar  To be &Choose the correct 'orm o' to be . +edro A$od#ar is / isn’t   a che.1I am / aren’t   a st!dent.2adonna aren’t / isn’t   a %o ce o cer.3Arg! ano and h s s ster sn’t  / aren’t   n!rses.4 Is / Are  Anton o 0anderas an actor? Yes, he s. ($atch the )uestions and the answers. 1Is + etro a s nger?aYes, she s.2Are yo! yo!ng?(No, they aren’t.3Are S!san and  e h!ngry?cNo, yo! aren’t.4Are e st!dents?dNo, e aren’t.5Is she a sho% ass stant?eYes, he s.Are yo! doctors?Yes, I a$. - 3  .  Wh *)uestions+Complete the )uestions with the words in the bo,. What ’s yo!r na$e? Caro.1___________ are yo!? I’$ 13.2___________’s yo!r address? It’s  Stat on oad.3___________’s yo!r tee%hone n!$(er? It’s 678 3.4___________ are yo! ro$? I’$ ro$ )ngand. Adecti!es-Circle the correct word according to the pictures and complete the sentences.  A chea% / An e9%ens #e %enc  case:he %enc  case s e9%ens #e.1;ot / Cod dr ns:he dr ns aren’t ___________________________ .2A ong / A short r!er :he r!er s ________________________________ .3An od / A ne note(oo - 4   <hat ;o od <hat <hat <here
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