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1. - nlr6tousr-orfianrinGEJuturilnr[eilnrnrnrmfiarfiarr7rdnur'[r+ermriilsrdr'urfiso'[uil a,rilrim sr fiss oo ioua v [o n?t% il nr:fr nr*r 2sszd9 lr,t a v…
  • 1. - nlr6tousr-orfianrinGEJuturilnr[eilnrnrnrmfiarfiarr7rdnur'[r+ermriilsrdr'urfiso'[uil a,rilrim sr fiss oo ioua v [o n?t% il nr:fr nr*r 2sszd9 lr,t a v ?lo 6taua%'l 03 R1r*1 a0 nql* aauiuorfisrriid 21 fiirerprar il.Fr. 2s51 r?d1 08.30 - 10.30 t,t. j T0 - u'lilflnRq JL tnlr1,[{flolJ OA a1afru1u 9y 9,/ 1. danouariufifivi'.:Hruq 8o do r?rJ Part 1 fr 2o ila oY.: uqido Part 2 fi 2s ila oY.,: uqirio Part 3 fi 1s rio #.: uqifo Part 4 fr 2o ila #.:uddo 15 H#'r LLil.roonuiju 1 - 20 rionr 21 - 45 rionv 46 - 60 rionv 61 - 80 rionv 4 Parts d'.,:fl 1 nrLLul.t r?ru 20 flrtLt,tt,t 1 nvLLlAl.[ T?ru 25 flvLLt,tt,l 1 nrLLt,tu r?rl 15 flvLLt,tt,t 2 nvLLl.tl+ T?il 40 flrtLul,[ - 9,/ 9,,/ a./ a T?uvt.t6[1,[ 100 n;ul,[l.[ 2. 3. e6le6la n1:q aulj 0 fl au tfi q 0u n{ [unT&o'r 19Fr1 a 0:J rYl'r141* riorounnriarilurionouuuurfionnou uqinvrioosfiriroou'[d'r6on + rirmou 6a l. z.3.unv 4.q q eA a 6 A a t 9/ A a j d o a e6ty t141',10'lTtu'ltn0nFl''ln0U?l[14U?1 SnOOtnqO il:O[14t]'lc6[lJmqAlil9$Gl1AOU[OU? ttn? [T 6r,laosir ze uiad'ln'ir:surutur.:nnrufisio.:nr:'[un:scn:Erirnou d'rqTrorirr er/ I 9r?o ulil nITAOU (0) Where he going? f . is 2. did 3. will 4. does qlaoia 1J0U gtlnoU?lnnflO is(U 6.:hJn ouqr-r ufi an l tun:yenl*Fi'ra 0u oY.:fr (0) oo@@ fir sio o nr : uJ fi s r+ rir n a utf,l#sro a u n u'l#cc or o u #e 6o : c u r Er'lr+r r n a a.r'lu ai fi sio o nr : lrolr/o9yld 141il%',I?ro6{au rlden:&o'lr*n1sl0uoan01nHo06{au to El [oofl'lo t v qvvv o d d", - q9/ d 6l n01*gr0ulj0flou [Tiltfl']flou[TUu6ouac[aglt?[06lou tr4dilu:nI n.] [un?n:sqtt:s€troou ffi a eitudtlo 6 u#e'l#ao fr aritila 6r a u"lo7 ila6f o u ariu ti' u m1 e n u 1 fi'E rfi s o'[u fri 6[,r ? ltRn dr. EJ n S H &r'r u 4. 5. 6. o./ AeI'/ ouToer o'lo1:eIoiruil1 t?1y'tT{TUGUfi1norilnE ?to6[i a, et et ln ufi u il 6r o ul#in'luor rr ru i
  • 2. 7 ir,rarfi nf,fr zt f;'umaal ilr .Fr.2ss1 83 03 R'll*1o-,onq1* tl,j 14%1n 1 Part 1: Expression (20 items) (ltems 1 - 20= 1 point each) lnstruction : Choose the most appropriate answer for each blank. Situation 1: Mali speaks to Dara as they exit the classroom together. Mali: Dara, you don't look happy. You look so concerned. (1) Dara: I'm worried about the Quota Exam. l've been studying hard for months. But (2) Mali: lt's not the end of the world. (3) You still have days to go. Dara: Sure, 3 days to cram things into my head. Mali: well, let's keep our fingers crossed and (4) 1. 1. What got into you? 3. What was happening? 2. 1. l'm still preparing it. 3. I'm not fully prepared yet. 3. 1. Be alert! 3. Watch out! 4. 1. make it up. 3. walk hand in hand. 2. What's on your mind? 4. What has been done? 2. I have yet to be prepared. 4. I have not been prepared. 2. Slow down! 4. Be optimistic! 2. hope for the best. 4. bring this to an end. '[ n rfr s e,r a a u'l#inlun er ar #
  • 3. 7 a./ A dA q/ rr,tarri nun 21 fi%?'lFttJ y,l .F1.2551 84 v 03 n1u'loonql* tvi 14%1Yr 2 Situation 2: Kanya is a student working part-time at a department store. Kanya: Good afternoon, sir! (5) Customer: Yes, could I see your cameras, please? I saw your ad about some cameras you have on sale. Kanya: All our cameras are in this section. (6) this X-20 model here? Customer: lt looks very nice. How much is it? Kanya: lt's six thousand baht plus tax. Customer: (7) Kanya: The price is already 50% off and the camera comes with a leather case. Customer: OK. (8) Could you gift wrap it for me? Kanya: Sure. ls there anything else I can get for you? Customer: No. (9) , thank you. 2. Did you find anything? 4. What help are you looking for? 5. 1. How may I help you? 3. Would you come with me? 6. 1. Do you care for 3. What do you think of 7. 1. What's the original price? 3. How long is the promotion? r' 8. 1. I'll take it. 3. I'll buy everything. 9. 1. That's perfect 3. That could be it 2. Would you prefer 4. How do you think of 2. Can you give me a discount? 4. Does it include a warranty? 2. I'll come back later. 4. I'll order soon. 2. That will be all 4. That must be enough 1 a rfr s e.r a a r,rt#intn o m e,r i
  • 4. - ________--- Q/ A dA - v ?%o'lYlaun 21 fi%?1nil ?rl ,Fl. 2551 8s 03 R'll*'I6'onql* s'/ j H%111 3 Situation 3: Somchai runs into Nida on campus. Somchai: Hi, Nida. How are you? Nida: Hi, Somchai. l'm fine, thank you. (10) How've you been? somchai: Good, thanks. I see you've just walked out of the science Building. You're not taking classes in biology or something, are you? Nida: No. I was just visiting a friend of mine who's studying biochemistry. Actually, (1 1) Somchai: Oh! I was just going to have something to eat as well. (12) Nida: That would be great. The Student Union cafeteria is quite near here. I go there sometimes. lt's cheap. Somchai: Yes, it's cheap......But (13) Being a health-conscious person, that's one place I try to avoid as much as possible. I only go there when l'm low on money. All right, all right. (14)_,then. where would you like to go? There's a new restaurant at the front gate They say the service is quick, the food is of the university. tasty, and (15) Nida: Somchai: 2. 4. 10. 1. 3. 2. 4. 11. 1. 3. 2. 4. 12. 1. 3. 13. 1. 3. 14. 1. 3. We no longer see each other. It's a longer time since we met. I already had lunch. I'm on my way to lunch. Could we share our meal? Shall we go to lunch togeth er? you will never know! you cannot be choosy! Call it off Pick a place It's nice to meet you I haven't seen you for ages. I'm doing my lunch. I was waiting for lunch. Can we suggest our meal? Should we get together for lunch? you get what you pay for! you should do your best! Be ready Give me a hand 2. 4. 2. 4. ln rfr s il 6[ o r,t'lfrintue ?.1 N i
  • 5. r e/ A €A v ?%a1rl nun 21 fi%?1aEJ T'l .F1,2551 86 03 n'll*'I6'onqt* tyA 14%111 4 2, 4. 15. 1. 3. the bill is fast. the cost is special. (20) How exciting! What a relief! What should we be thinking? What do you have in mind? No big deal! Not quite right! I'll keep an eye on the road. I'll be responsible with the traffic. I hope so too. l'm afraid not. the rate is high. the price is reasonable. Situation 4: Prapai and Suchada are planning their weekend. Wow, we made it through two exams this week! Can you believe that? Yes. (16) Let's do something fun for a change. (17) How about a picnic at Mae Fah Luang Waterfall? (18) Who else is going? You, ffie, Kanda, and perhaps Satira might want to come along. What kind of food and drink should we prepare? You and Kanda can take care of that. (19) I hope it doesn't rain. Prapai: Suchada: Prapai. Suchada: Prapai: Suchada: Prapai: Suchada: Prapai: Suchada. Prapai: 2, 4. 16. 1. 3. 2. 4. 17. 1. '3. 2. 4. 18. 1. 3. 2. 4. 19. 1. 3. 2. 4. 1, 3. How boring! What a nuisance! What are you What is your doing? comment? Sounds great to me! Looks good to me! l'll manage the I'll be in charge Certainly not. I agree. direction. of the transportation. ln rfr s ar c a u'[#in'Lun e'r a.r i 20.
  • 6. 7 iuorfi nzifi z'l #r,urrail y{ .Gt.2ss1 87 03 Rltndonqu eyj r4%11't 5 Part 2: Structure (25 items) (ltems 21 - 45: l point each) A. (ltems 21 - 30) Instruction: choose the correct answer for each blank below. 21- Having lived in Thailand for seven years, Anne _ Thai with all of her Thai friends. 22. of chocolate can result in restlessness in children. 1. Excessive consumption 2. Excessively consumption 3. Consumption excessive 4. Consumption excessively 23. The average temperature of the earth evidence of a dangerous warming. 1. rose 2. rises over the last 30 years, and this is 3. has been rising 4. is rising 24- The observers who were waiting to see the lunar eclipse could have seen the phenomenon if the sky clear last night. 1. was 2. had been 3. would be 4. was being 25. Carol something to upset her son because he looked so worried. 1. might say 3. must have said 1. used to speak 3. used to speaking 2. is used to speak 4. is used to speaking 2. could say 4. should have said 26' Humans began consuming milk around 6,500 B.C., _ previously estimated. 1. earlier than 2. the earlier than 3. earliest of 4. the earliest of 27. After driving for an hour, the tourist stopped a policeman for direction. 3. asking '[n rfr u il 6[ o %'L#inln a ?1 &r i 1. ask 2. to ask 4. by asking
  • 7. iuarfi nf,fr zl #r,mrnEJ v{ .Fr.2ss1 88 u 03 n1l*1ailnql* 1," i r4%'l?1 6 28. 32. German remains an unpopular foreign 1. so is 2. so does students and 4. neither does climate change. language for U.S. 3. neither is Mandarin. is good for you. increased the 29, 4. for 30. There are several English idioms "copycat". f . involve 2. involved animals such as "monkey business" and 3. involving 4. to involve B. (ltems 31 - 35) lnstruction: Choose the best answer to complete each blank below. Food scientists and dieticians have found new ways to make pizza thal Researchers discovered that doubling the amount of time for baking pizza base The speaker talked about the 1, on 2. in impact of global warming 3. with levels of antioxidants which help fight cancer and heart disease. (31) the team experimented with different cooking temperatures. Their results showed a higher heat also made the pizza healthier to eat. This new research may help pizza sales around the world. (32) , some diet experts warned that it is still better to eat fruit and vegetables. ln addition, pizza that is baked longer may not be so healthy (33) people choose unhealthy toppings. Jacqui Lowdon, a British diet expert, warned that (34) the pizza base might be good for you, people might be "more likely to choose extra cheese." (35) , the study's author, Jeffrey Moore, said his findings were good for people who like deep-pan pizzas. 2. 4. 31. 1. 3. Additionally Accordingly However Furthermore if while Finally Alternatively Therefore Besides unless AS '[n rfi E il aa ltt#in'[r,uo?1 ili 2. 4. 2. 4. 1. 3. 1. 3. 33.
  • 8. -,,, Y ir,rorfi n$fi zt fiinraar y{ .Ft. zss1 89 03 R1u1o-fnqu ltt j r4%1Yt 7 34. 1. because 3. in spite of 35. 1. ln other words 3. Likewise C. (ltems 36 - 45) 2. even so 4. although 2. Nevertheless 4. lndeed lnstruction: ln each of the following sentences, four words or phrases have been underlined. Choose the one word or phrase that makes the sentdnce grammatically incorrect. 36. A number of marine wildlife was found dead after the crude oil had been spilled into the 1234 ' sea. 37. Fans-of Harry Potter mav have to wait for a while as the next episod e of Harry pofter and the Half-Blood Prince is producing. 4 38. The tour group which visited wat phra That Lampang Luang was amazinq at the 123 Lanna architecture of the temple. 4 39. People should avoid to use wireless technology whenever possible because of the ;er:2 risks it may pose to health. 34 40. The country's economv is predicted declining 6.30/o by 200g due to the recent political '1 2 3 + conflicts. '[n rfr s il 6il a lt'[#in'[r+n ?1 il i
  • 9. v A dA a/ ?%o1Yi nun 2'l fil,[?'lail T{ .F1.2551 90 03 R1t*'16'onq$ jvi 14%1Yl I 41. The city of St. John - a place which I've known for Vear - is located in eastern 1234 Newfoundland, Canada. 42. Mary usually arrives at the office at nine o'clock, but because of the storm, she was 123 late two hours. 43. With its all - wheel - drive technology, Peugeot HYmotion 3 has become one of 1 most advanced scooters ever invented. 44. People can lose weiqht if they weigh themselves regularly and keep track of how 123 many calories do thev consume. 4 45. Women and men react quite different to their perceptions of how other people see them. 1234 '[n rfi EJ ilr 6{ o %'[#in'[r+n ?1 aJ i
  • 10. r v A €a qr ?%o'lYt @un 21 fil,t?1nil il .F1.2551 9t 03 R1t*'ld'onqu s'/ j 14%1?l I I I Part 3: Vocabulary (15 items) (ltems 46 - 60: l point each) lnstruction: Choose the best answer for each item. 46. Caffeine in soft drinks can heartbeat in some people. f . infect 2. lengthen 3. penetrate 4, stimulate 47. Thai teenagers are having less with their families and friends because they spend most of their time playing online games. 1. similarity 2. thoughtfulness 3. interaction 4. friendship 48. students choose English as their major because they want to be in their English language ability. 1. competent 2. accurate 3. progressive 4. international 49. The cost of gasoline has increased during the last six months, from $ 2.gO to $5.75 per gallon. 1. slightly 2. significanily 3. automatically 4. actively 50. Traffic police wear masks to protect themselves from toxic fumes from motor vehicles. 1. discovered 2. derived 3. emitted 4. extracted 51. The tourism ls very important to the economy of many developing countries including Thailand. 1- destination 2. popularity 3. extension 4. industry ! 52' The committee's decision will be kept until it is officially announced. 1' conclusive 2. contrastive 3. confidential 4. conventional 53. The student was final exam. from school after he had been caught cheating during the 1' expelled 2. excused 3. exposed 4. excluded '[n rfi sJ il 6[ a t+'L#in'[un ?1 EJ i
  • 11. a./ A dA c-'t ll,talYinEIn 21 fi%?1FttJ y,l .FI. 2551 92 q'r 03 R1r*lornqu tvi 14%11'1 10 54. To avoid an environmental disaster, a policy of _ development has been adopted. 1. substantial 2. successive 3. sufficient 4. sustainable 55. Many people use brand-name products such as Gucci handbags and Nike sportswear as of their success. 1, credit 2. symbol 3. method 4. trademark the traffic jam56. lt is expected that the newly-installed traffic light will-help 57. lmprovements should be made in the number and service of Chiang Mai mass transportation systems to meet the needs of residents and tourists. 2, normal 3. global during the rush hour. 1. simplify 1. local 58. Yoga is believed to 1. attract 59. ln countries where food is scarce 1. overpopulation 3. illiteracy 60. Crirne 1, committed 2. created 2. maintain 3. reduce 4. transfer 4. typical the physical and mental well-beings of people. 2, benefit 3. inspire 4, motivate is inevitably a major problem. 2. independence 4. malnutrition on the lnternet is a growing cause for concern in many countries. 3. designed 4. delivered '[ n rfr u EJ 6[ o u'[ri'in'[u n m e.r i
  • 12. iltorfi n$fi zl #nrraal fl .Fr.2ss1 93 03 R1r*16'onqu s,/ j t4%11'l 1 1 Part 4: Reading Comprehension (ltems 61 - 80: 2 points each) lnstructions: Read the passages and choose the best answer for each item. Passage 1: ltems 61-63 iPhone BIackberry 1 n rfr s aJ 6[ o %'[#in'[r,ra ?1 EJ i Size and weight Height: 4.5 inches (1 15.5 mm) Width. 2.4 inches (62.1 mm) Depth: 0.48 inch (12.3 mm) Weight: 4.7 ounces (133 grams) Memory capacity: 8GB or 16GB Display - 480 x 320 pixel resolution Support for display of multiple languages and characters si m u ltaneously Cellular and wireless UMTS/HSDPA (950, 1900 , 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1900, 1900 MHz) Power and battery - Talk time: Up to 10 hours Standby time: Up to 300 hours - Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter Accessories Leather case - 4GB memory card Size and weight Height: 4.8 inches (114 mm) Width. 2.6 inches (66 mm) Depth: 0.59 inch (15 mm) Weight: 4.8 ounces (130 grams) Memory capacity: 1GB or 4GB Display - 480 x 320 pixel resolution Supports over 65,000 colors Font size (user selectable) Gellular and wireless - 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz GSM EDGE and HSDPA networks Power and battery - Talk time: Up to 4.5 hours - Standby time: Up to 324 hours - Chargeable through USB cable and wall charger Accessories Changeable silicone case - 516 MB memory card iFh*ne ffi$mc,kh*rry
  • 13. a-/ a. dA a-t ?1,to1?lnun 21 fi%?'lFtEJ T{ .F1.2551 94 q'/ 03 R1ulofnqu tl,A 14%1n 12 61. 62. 63. What is the standby-time of the iPhone's battery? 1 . Up to 10 hours 2. 3. Up to 300 hours 4. Up to Up to 4.5 hours 324 hours Which of the following 1. UMTS/GSM 3. HSDPA/UMTS ln what aspect are the 1. Accessories 3. Memory capacity are cellular networks for the Blackberry? 2. HSDPA/EDGE 4. EDGE/UMTS two products exactly the same? 2. Size 4. Display resolution Passage 2: ltems 64-70 Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees, in nine recognized families, though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants. 5 Bees are adapted for feeding on nectar and pollen, the former primarily as an energy source, and the latter primarily for protein and other nutrients- Most pollen is used as food for larvae. Bees have a long proboscis (a complex "tongue") that enables them to obtain the nectar from flowers. They have antennae almost universally made up of 13 segments in males and twelve in females, as is typical for the superfamily. Bees all have two pairs of wings, the 10 hind pair being the smaller of the two; in a very few species, one sex or caste has relatively short wings that make flight difficult or impossible, but none is wingless. The stingless bee whose workers gre about 2.1 mm (src tt ) is Megachile pluto, a leafcutter bee whose females can Members of the family Halictidae, or sweat bee, are the 1 n ufi s E r 6{ o %'[#in'Lr,la ?1 il ; smallest bee is Trigona minima, a long. The largest bee in the world attain a length of 39 mm (1.5tt). most common type of bee
  • 14. r iua'rfi n$fi zt frurrail y.t ,Gt.2ss1 9s qt 03 R1r*lornqu e,/ j 14%1m 13 15 in the Northern Hemisphere, though they are small and often mistaken for wasps or flies. Bees are the favorite meal of Merops apiaster, the bee-eater bird. Other common predators are kingbirds, mockingbirds, bee wolves, and dragonflies. The best-known bee species is the European honeybee, which, as its name suggests, produces honey, as do a few other types of bee. Human management of this species is known as beekeeping or apiculture. Beekeeping is 20 the maintenance of honeybee colonies, commonly in hives, by humans. A location where bees are kept is called an apiary. A beekeeper or apiarist keeps bees in order to collect honey and beeswax, for the purpose of pollinating crops, or to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers. 64. According to the passage, it can be concluded that Antarctica 1. has a variety of flowering plants 2. is a home of various unknown species of bees 3. lacks flower plants that require insects to pollinate 4. is a suitable habitat for many insects including bees 65. What does "the latte/' (line 6) refer to? 1. nectar Z. pollen 3. energy source 4. protein and nutrients 66. According to the passage, which is correct about the characteristics of bees? 1. Some species don't have wings. 2. They use proboscis to get food. 3. Their four wings are of the same size. 4. Their antennae have the same number of segments. 67. According to the passage, which is NOT an enemy of bees? 1. Merops apiaster 2. Dragonflies 3. Wasps 4. Kingbirds '[a rfr EJ sJ 6[ a r,t'[#in'[ua ?1 sJ ;
  • 15. arAdA-a-/ ?%o1Yt nun 21 fi%'t1ail Tll .G1, 2551 96 a'/ 03 R1t*'lo'onqu 9'/ j 14%1n 14 68. What is NOT a purpose of beekeeping? 1. To pollinate plants 2. To produce bees for sale 3. To maintain wild bee colonies 4, To gather honey and beeswax 69
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