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Everyone Can Do Reiki Osawa
  Everyone Can Do Reiki by Fumio OgawaEdited by Ninoslav Šafarić  Preface The late heads of my family had been involved in Reiki therapy for 40 years. They treated a lot of people everyday and they were cured by the ‘magical’ power. Some patients said that they had to haveReiki from them everyday. They devoted themselves to familiarizing Reiki   by giving Reiju every monthto a lot of members.I think when my father died was the only time when he saw a doctor. He died as if he was going tosleep, without any pain. I guess it was his age. This was such a mercy for family.After his death, his body didn’t become hard. The hands and feet were soft and they didn’t feel cold.All the students held his hand and they were surprised.He used to tell us about his experiences from the treatments.One can cure the injury very fast if one treats it very fast. It is easier for beginners to see the effect of what they have done.Only 15 minutes of Reiki treatment popped the patient’s shoulder back inA Middle aged woman who had fibroids used to come for Reiki treatments. She was told to havesurgery from the doctor.The surgeon opened her up and the myoma was just ready to come off. He was so surprised by that.After that, the woman lived long and healthy until around 90.A Middle aged man who was struggling with an enormous unknown pain asked for a treatment to myfather on the phone. His family doctor tried everything to cure him but in vain. When my father gave himReiki, he felt the need to urinate within an hour. He urinated a lot and was cured after that. Hereminisced about this to me later.There are more stories like this than we can count. I, myself, was also helped by Reiki.I feel a little uneasy about how much I can describe Reiki Therapy and Hatsurei-ho from the manyexperiences of my parents, but I decided to write this based on the lessons from the Usui-Sensei andmy mentors, along with my personal opinion.These kinds of arts are supposed to be passed on by word of mouth, but in my opinion, Reiki will flowfrom anybody through self practice and belief. Reiki doesn’t come out from our own body. Rather, ourbody is just a medium for Rei.I am already 84. Now I am fine again and I can say I am quite healthy for my age. But life is limited. Iwould like to collect my thoughts for Reiki while I am fine. I hope at least the people around me whoare interested in this will work hard and master this art and treat their families and people around themAfter I had finished writing this manuscript, I received a magazine with a piece of paper inside saying“Excuse me for sending this you so late”. I realized that it was an interview about Reiki from a magazinewriter from the beginning of this year. I decided to include this whole article as a reference since itdescribes precisely the roots of Reiki. According to the article, Reiki is spreading in America now.  Twilight zone 1986 Oct Since this version, written in August 1991 is a modification of the one written in Oct. 1986, please notethat there are some contradictions with the dates in the contents. AuthorOgawa Fumio
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