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Notes I got from skewl that are kewl if you in da IB diploma boy I whoop yo head boy! Hehehe kewl you better wørk hard ont the extended essay DISCOVER MEEEEEE hala mala solo bolo my friends are always going to help me. I hope that Kacper put his skills to good use.
  EE 1. draft Your first draft should have the following parts: ã  Introduction : Sets your essay in a context, explains the importance of the topic, and states the research question. ã   Body : Develops your answer to the research question, in the form of a reasoned argument, using evidence gathered during your research. The body of the essay can be divided into sections. ã   Conclusion : States your answer to the research question, includes an evaluation of the limitations of your study and spells out any unresolved questions. ã   In-text referencing and bibliography at the end!: recommended style: hicago  EE pitfalls: students should not… ã  #orget to analy$e the research question ã  %gnore the assessment criteria ã   ollect material that is irrelevant to the research question ã  &se the %nternet uncritically ã  'lagiari$e ã  (erely describe or report, instead of argue ã  )epeat the introduction in the conclusion ã   ite sources that are not used ã  *rite ++ in a subect you-re not doing in the D'  In-text referencing and bibliography ã  ++ is your main opportunity in the % to practice academic honesty/ ã  Two types of sources to reference in text and to include in your bibliography: ã  0uoting directly someone else-s text ã  &sing someone else-s ideas 12 rule of thumb: if you did not 3now it before, it needs to be referenced/ ã  %t-s good if 456 of your ++ is referenced/ ã   hicago referencing style uses footnotes for in1text referencing. 7n alphabetic bibliography is included at the end of your essay. ã  You are allowed to use bibliography building software, but need to chec3 it against the requirements of hicago style. ã  You can find guidance on how to reference and do the bibliography entry for any   3ind of source at http:55www.cite.auc3land.ac.n$5index.php8p9quic3citestyle96   In-text references (1/! ã  0uoting directly someone else-s text: ã  Short quotations: %nclude them within your own text and put a footnote where the quote ends ã  ;ong quotations 9 over <= words!: >mit quotation mar3s, and put in a paragraph of its own, intended clearly from the left margin, and put a footnote where the quote ends ã  &sing someone else-s ideas: place a footnote at the end of a quote or at the end of your explanation of an idea this can be end of sentence or end of a series of sentences! ã  *hat to include in a footnote: ã  *hen you use a source for the first time, you include full information about it in the footnote see next page for examples! ã  *hen you use the same source again, you use a short1hand of the information usually author-s last name, title, and page number, if available! ã  %f you use the same source many times in a row, with no other footnotes in between, you use only ?%bid- and page number, if different from pervious page number!
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