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s HiPath HG 1500 Multimedia communication in medium-size companies HiPathTM HG 1500 is the economical communication solution for companies with a medium volume of data traffic. HiPath HG 1500 transforms the Hicom 150 H communication system and HiPath 3000 series into a communication server in the LAN. HiPath HG 1500 permits the direct connection of Ethernet LANs (10/100 Mbit/s) to Hicom® 150 H and HiPath 3000 series . This makes voice, fax, and data communication possible via the ISDN carrier
   s  HiPath HG 1500 Multimedia communication in medium-size companies HiPath TM  HG 1500 is the economical communication solution for companies with a medium volume of data traffic. HiPath HG 1500 transforms the Hicom 150 H communication system and HiPath 3000 series into a communication server in the LAN. HiPath HG 1500 per-mits the direct connection of Ethernet LANs (10/100 Mbit/s) to Hicom ®  150 H and HiPath 3000 series.This makes voice, fax, and data commu-nication possible via the ISDN carrier net-work from any PC networked via the LAN. HiPath HG 1500 includes an H.323 gateway which supports standardized voice communication over IP networks (Voice-over-IP). The Hicom 150 H com-munication server and HiPath 3000 series thus form the interface to the company’s Ethernet LAN, allowing com-munication solutions and applications with multi-station capability to be imple-mented with Hicom 150 H and HiPath 3000 series:  optiClient 130 with optiset E functionalities  LAN-LAN coupling via ISDN  Remote LAN access/teleworking  Access to the Internet  Telematic services such as fax transmission and Eurofile Transfer  Computer Telephony Integration(CTI) via TAPI and CAPI  Gateway functions Depending on the required bandwidth, HiPath HG 1500 makes flexible use of the ISDN lines and LCR intelligence of the Hicom system for voice, fax, and data communication. No external rout-ers, no additional servers or ISDN PC cards are required for LAN PCs because the router functionality, firewall func-tions, and security are already integrated in HiPath HG 1500.It can be incorporated in a standardized network management system with SNMP, i.e. administration, alarm, and performance management in a central management platform.Investments are protected by simple expansion capability in stages of 2 B-channels and by soft migration to individ-ual workstation multifunctionality. Voice-over-IP Alongside data and fax communication, optiClient 130 allows communication with both any type of telephone and standard H.323 clients, and even remote optiClient 130 systems.  Integration into the Microsoft Windows world with a modern, professional user interface  Enhanced functions as on a system telephone  Support for standard H.323 clients with basic functionality  Parallel support of application sharing  Retention of the internal station num-bers regardless of current location  Retention of individual access rights and parameters, such as those for key programming  Access to the corporate LAN from remote workstations with only one B-channel for voice, fax, and, data  Connection of optiset E telephones to the Ethernet LAN via the optiPoint IPadapter  Networking of Hicom systems via IP with CorNet features  Routing functions Second LAN interface Upward of Version 2.0 HiPath HG 1500 has a second LAN interface. This can be used, for instance, for an ADSL line (T-DSL) in order to provide faster Internet access.The second LAN interface can also be employed to connect a DSL line behind a 3rd party router and to couple (route) two LAN segments (LAN-LAN). LAN-LAN coupling Through LAN-LAN coupling, Ethernet LANs at different locations are linked into a single corporate network using ISDN dialup lines. This makes it possible for outside locations to access central files or files at other locations, thereby meet-ing the requirement for interactively combining workflows in organizational units at different locations. Remote LAN access By linking PCs that are installed outside the corporate LAN, an authorized group of people can be allowed to access cen-tral DP applications and information sources from an external location. This means home workstation users can access the same LAN services as users of PCs connected to the corporate LAN (data, e-mail, PC programs). Dynamic channel bundling In the case of LAN-LAN coupling via ISDN up to 8 or 16 B-channels are bundled automatically depending on the transmission volume and the application packages implemented. The threshold values for dynamic channel bundling can be set. The number of B-channels can be configured for each routing partner.  Routing functionsMajor functions Internet access In addition to LAN-LAN coupling there is the possibility of Internet routing with the following features:  Dynamic IP address procurement from the Internet provider  Internet accessing using just one IP address of the Internet provider, i.e. cost-effective solution for all PCs in the network  Dynamic or static channel bundling (load-dependent B-channel switching)The Internet provider must also support these features. IP accounting HiPath HG 1500 V2.0 makes an internal interface available via which, upward of Version 2.0, the TeleData Office charge solution can also collect and evaluate charge records of pure data connections. Authentication The PAP (Password Authentication Pro-tocol) and CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) protocols were developed in response to increasing de-mands placed on the security aspects of data networks. The PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP (MS=Microsoft) procedures can be employed to authenticate the users if an external connection (WAN) is set up via HiPath HG 1500. Access control Access control (firewall) prevents unau-thorized persons from accessing the corporate LAN. The firewall mechanisms are:  ISDN call number checking  Automatic callback without setting up an ISDN toll call  Checking the IP or IPX addressing  MAC firewall (checking the MAC/IP address combination in the internal LAN)  Port filteringEnabling and disabling services according to IP addresses
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