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Accuplacer’s College Placement Test (CPT) Complete Study Guide Includes reading comprehension, English Language skills, elementary algebra and college-level math To schedule a test, contact Florida Gateway College, Testing Center 386.754.4333. For remediation assistance, contact Florida Gateway College, Collegewide Learning Lab 386.754.4437. www.fgc.edu
   1 Acc uplacer’s  College Placement Test (CPT) Complete Study Guide Includes reading comprehension, English Language skills, elementary algebra and college-level math To schedule a test, contact Florida Gateway  College, Testing Center 386 . 754 . 4333. For remediation assistance, contact Florida Gateway College , Collegewide Learning Lab 386 . 754 . 4437. www. fgc .edu   2 Contents General Information 3 Frequently Asked Questions 4 Other Helpful Internet Sites 5 Sentence Skills Review 6 Reading Skills Review 11 Elementary Algebra Review 18 Arithmetic Review 23 College Level Math Review 26 Sentence Skills Answers and Explanation 30 Sentences Skills Diagnostic 31 Reading Skills Answers and Explanation 31 Reading Skills Diagnostic 32 Elementary Algebra Solutions 33 Elementary Algebra Diagnostic 35 Arithmetic Solutions 35 Arithmetic Diagnostic 38 College Level Mathematics Solutions 38 College Level Mathematics Diagnostic 41 References 41   3 General Information: The College Board™ developed Accuplacer™ Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs), with the assistance of college professors, to provide information concerning the entry level skills of incoming college students in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Appropriate course placement is critical for success in college and according to the Department of Education Rule 6A-10.315: “.  . . first-time-college students who intend to enter degree programs will be tested prior to initial registration and shall enroll in college preparatory courses if their test scores are below college level.” SAT or ACT scores that are college level and no more than two years old may be substituted for the CPT. Placement test scores will be reviewed with an advisor upon registration to assist the student in selecting the appropriate courses and developing an academic plan. The CPT is a computerized test. It is very user friendly. After typing in personal information, the student need utilize only the enter key and space bar. All test questions are multiple choice. Only one question is shown at a time. The test is adaptive. This means that the first question asked is of medium difficulty. If answered correctly, then the computer automatically gives a slightly more difficult question next. If answered incorrectly an easier question is given. Obviously, the more difficult the questions, the more they are worth in determining the end results. The test is not timed so there is no  pressure to answer quickly. If the answer is not known, try to eliminate one or more of the choices and then pick one of the remaining answers. Scores will be given when testing is complete. Scores are good for two years.   4 Frequently Asked Questions: When and Where is the test given?  At Florida Gateway  College the test is given in the Testing Center, Building 15, Room 127, Tuesday through Thursday at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for Monday and Friday testing. Do I need an appointment? It is a good idea to call and make an appointment. The number for the Florida Gateway College  Testing Center is 386 . 754 . 4333. Those who drop in without an appointment may test if space available. Is there a cost to take the CPT? For those who have applied to Florida Gateway College  and paid the $15.00 admission fee or are high school students from our district applying for dual enrollment, there is no cost. There is a $30.00 fee for all non- Florida Gateway College  students and dual enrollment students from outside the district. What should I bring?  You must have a photo I. D. to test and social security number. Cell phones are not permitted in the Testing Center. How long does the CPT take? The test is not timed. On average the test takes two hours to complete, but you should take your time and read and understand each question before answering. What does the test cover?  There are twenty (20) Reading questions, twenty (20) Sentence Skills questions, twelve (12) Elementary Algebra questions, seventeen (17) Arithmetic questions, and twenty (20) College Level Math questions. Based on your Elementary Algebra score, the test may end, or you may be given Arithmetic or College Level Math. What do I need to score to pass?  This is not a pass-fail test. It is to determine your skill level in reading, writing, and mathematics, and your readiness for college-level classes. To test out of preparatory class, you need an 83 or higher in Sentence Skills and in Reading, and a 72 or higher Elementary Algebra. Can I use a calculator?  Calculators are not allowed. You will be provided with scratch  paper and pencil. It is suggested that you study for the test without a calculator as well so that you are accustomed to the situation. Can I take a break during the test? Since the test is not timed, taking a break will not affect your score. Can I retest? Florida Gateway College  does not retest college students. If you are a dual-enrollment student (attending high school), you are allowed to take each part of the test twice, but only before you graduate from high school.
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