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1. Production planning and Control PPC 2. Introduction Production Planning and Control It refers to be a technique of forecasting…
  • 1. Production planning and Control PPC
  • 2. Introduction Production Planning and Control It refers to be a technique of forecasting future production, taking them at right time and in the right degree and keeps a watchful eye on the production flow and size of resources along with the location. It refers to ensuring that all which occurs is in accordance with the rules established and instructions issued.
  • 3.  Inputs like materials, men and machines are efficiently used.  Factors of production are used economically.  Division of work is undertaken carefully.  Work is regulated from the first stage of raw materials to the final stage of finished goods.  Manufacture process what, when and how to be done is planned.  Every available element is properly utilised. Characteristics
  • 4. For Increasing Production- Production control programme minimises idleness of men and machines. Its purpose is to arrange inputs and helps in raising industrial output. For co- ordinating plant activity- In planning production is carried out in a number of processes and thus coordination is must for smooth working. For Cost control- By full utilisation of various inputs, by increasing output and lowering overhead expense cost can be controlled Need Or Importance
  • 5. Areas of Production Planning  Preparation of production budget  Devising manufacturing methods and sequence of operations  Deciding type of machines and equipments  Preparation of operation sheets and instruction cards  Estimating men, machine and material requirements  Undertaking time and motion studies  Preparing master schedules
  • 6. Areas of Production Control  Sub-dividing the master schedule into manufacturing and subsidiary orders  Routing  Scheduling  Despatching  Expediting  Tool Keeping
  • 7. Stages in Production Planning and Control  Planning : It refers to choosing the best course from several alternatives for achieving the desired objective.  Operations : Execution in accordance with details set out in production plan.  Control : It is process of improving the performance through a feed back by comparing actual results with performance standard sets.
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  • 9. Salary After Doing PPC Certification
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