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1. Purchasing & Materials Management 2. Meaning  Purchasing & Material Management is responsible for controlling the cost…
  • 1. Purchasing & Materials Management
  • 2. Meaning  Purchasing & Material Management is responsible for controlling the cost of goods ordered and controlling the inventory levels. It is part of Supply Chain Management but it mainly covers the area of outsourcing and insourcing.  It is most crucial area of entire organization as it manage the overflow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination.  PMM varies from company to company and may include material production, planning, purchasing and waste management.
  • 3. Objective  To keep department expenses low.  Development of new vendors (suppliers).  Maintain good relation with the existing suppliers.  Training & development of personal employees  Reduction in real cost.  Participating in development of new material and products.  Effective handling of materials.  To take Economic "MAKE OR BUY" decisions.  To avoid Stock- out situations.  To develop policies & procedure.  Enhancement of firm’s goodwill.
  • 4. Purchasing Process  Market survey  Requisitioning  Approving  Studying Market  Making Purchase Decision  Placing Orders  Receipting Goods and Services Received  Accounting Goods and Services  Receiving Invoices and Making Payment  Credit note in case of material defect
  • 5. Integrated Material Management It is a well coordinated approach towards various issues such as material planning, reducing uncertainties in demand & supply, transportation, inspection, proper storage & manage issue of materials & finally disposal of obsolete, surplus & scrap materials etc. Logical sequence in Material Management:  Forecasting the requirements  Making stocking policies  Vendor evaluation  Release of orders  Receipt of materials  Handle issue of maintenance  Inventory control
  • 6. The Final Stage  The most important job is done when the material is delivered to the manufacturing organization as the minor delay would cause serious shortage.  Processing and assembling the Final product.  Packaging, Storage and Shipment of the end product and balance the cost of carrying stock against cost of possible shortages.
  • 7. Salary After Doing PMM Certification
  • 8. Companies using PMM PMM is in use virtually by all industries around the world. Some of the are listed below:
  • 9. Key Features of doing PMM Course from IACT Global  Training for PMM  Books & study Materials for PMM  Our Certification on Successful completion of PMM Can also be used As per our Research 95% Candidates take the benefit of Salary hike, Promotions by doing certification from IACT Global
  • 10. TRAINING & CERTIFICATION If you want to make yourself more valuable & attractive to your employer then avail PMM Certification from IACT Global
  • 11. Clients
  • 12. Feel free to enquire directly to our professional counselors Delhi/NCR:0120-3843057 Mumbai:022-30770160 Chennai:044-33720538 Bangalore:080-30752580 Hyderabad:040-30911034 All India:092666-73181 Email: We are eager to hear from you. Call us Today!! Thank you
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