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THE THIRD SCHEDULE (See Sec. 29) [FORM A Form of Balance Sheet Balance Sheet of ....(here enter name of the Banking Company) Balance Sheet as on 31st March ……….(Year) ______________________________________________________________________________ (000's omitted) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Capital and Liabilities Schedule As on 31-3-20XX As on 31-3-20XX (Current Year)
  THE THIRD SCHEDULE (See Sec. 29) [FORM AForm of Balance Sheet  Balance Sheet of ....(here enter name of the Banking Company)Balance Sheet as on 31st March ……….(Year) ______________________________________________________________________________ (000's omitted) ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________ Capital and LiabilitiesSchedule As on 31-3-20XX As on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (Previous Year) ______________________________________________________________________________ Capital1Reserves and Surplus2Deposits3Borrowings4Other liabilities and provisions5___________________________________ Total___________________________________ ASSETSCash and balances with Reserve Bank Of India6Balances with banks and moneyat call and short notice7Investments8Advances9Fixed-Assets 10Other Assets 11 _____________________________________ Total _____________________________________   142BANKING REGULATION ACT, 1949 [ Sch. 111  ______________________________________________________________________________ Capital and LiabilitiesScheduleAs on 31-3-20XX As on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (PreviousYear)  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Contingent liabilitiesBill for collection12  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE I Capital   ______________________________________________________  As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (Previous Year) ____________________________________ 1.For Nationalized Banks Capital (Fully ______________________________ owned by Central Government) ______________________________ II. For Banks incorporated outside India Capital______________________________ (i)The amount brought in by banks byway of startup capital (as prescribed byRBI should be shown under this head).(ii)Amount of deposit kept with the RBIunder Sec. 11 (2) of the Banking RegulationAct, 1949.  _____________________________________________  Total  _____________________________________________  III. For other BanksAuthorised Capital (Shares of Rs. each)Issued capital (Shares of Rs. each)Subscribed Capital (Shares of Rs. each)Called-up Capital (Shares of Rs. each)  Less: Calls unpaidAdd: Forfeited share  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 2  [Reserves and Surplus]   ______________________________________________________  As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year)Previous Year)  ______________________________________________________  I. Statutory Reserves.Opening BalanceAdditions during the year Deductions during the year II. Capital ReservesOpening BalanceAdditions during the Year Deductions during the year III. Shares PremiumOpening Balance  Sch.111 ]BANKING REGULATION ACT,1949143 Additions during the year Deductions during the year IV. Revenue and other ReservesOpening BalanceAdditions during the year Deductions during the year V. Balance in Profit and Loss Account __________________ Total : (1, II, III, IV and V)__________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 3  Deposits  _________________________________ As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (Previous Year)  __________________________________________________  A.I. Demand Deposits (i) From banks (ii) From othersII. Savings Banks DepositsIII. Term Deposits (i) From banks (ii) From others ______________________________ Total: (I, II, III) ______________________________ B. (i) Deposits of branches in India ……….. (ii) Deposits of branches outside India …… ______________________________ Total ______________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 4  Borrowings  _________________________________ As on 31-3-20XX As on 31-3-20XX(Current Year)(Previous Year)  ___________________________________________________  I.-Borrowing in India(i) Reserve Bank of India(ii) Other banks(iii) Other institutions and agenciesII. Borrowings outside India ____________________________________ Total (I and II) ____________________________________   144BANKING REGULATION ACT, 1949[Sch. III  Secured borrowings included in Iand II aboveRs. ______________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 5 Other Liabilities and Provisions  ____________________________________ As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (Previous Year)  ______________________________________________________  I.Bill payableII.Inter-office adjustment (net)Ill.Interest accruedIV. Others (including provisions) ____________________________________ Total ____________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 6 Cash and Balances with Reserve Bank of India  ____________________________________ As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year)(Previous Year)  ______________________________________________________  1. Cash in hand(including foreign currency notes)II. Balance with Reserve Bank of India (i) in Current Account (ii) in Other Accounts ______________________________ Total (I and II) ______________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  SCHEDULE 7  Balance with Banks and Money at Call and Short Notice  ____________________________________ As on 31-3-20XXAs on 31-3-20XX(Current Year) (Previous Year)  ______________________________________________________  I.In India (i) Balances with banks (a) in Current Accounts (b) In Other Deposit Accounts(ii) Money at call and short notice (a) With banks (b) With other institutionsTotal (i and ii)
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