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1.  WW1 Hoover saved Europe from starvation Helped spur financial growth in 1920’s Helped pushed Tariff bill through Congress Risked his life saving Chinese…
  • 1.  WW1 Hoover saved Europe from starvation Helped spur financial growth in 1920’s Helped pushed Tariff bill through Congress Risked his life saving Chinese children Married his Stanford sweetheart, Lou Henry Head of the Food Administration
  • 2.  Gave equal rights to both genders Gave women the right to vote Changed how society thought of women Men wanted housewives, women wantedfreedom “Equal", but men got paid more Have very important women leaders today
  • 3.  Republican Party Appropriations 2 terms Sponsored the Andrew Widman Act Personal facts:› Born December 23, 1967› Married to Bruce Strayhom› She is a realtor› She is Catholic› Born in Rockville Center, New York
  • 4.  He is Republican Apart of the Government OperationsSubcommittee Has been in for one term Personal facts:› Born June 7th,1975› He is a health care consultant› Likes cooking , hunting, fishing,and traveling› Married to Wendy Brodeur
  • 5.  A member of the Republican party Sits on Committee of Foreign Relations Personal facts:› He was born in Miami, Florida› Earned Bachelor of Arts Degree› 1962 immigration judge ordered him deported› Education resulted in 100,000 in loans› He is Cuban His 1st term in office
  • 6.  Republican Ways and means committee 3 terms Gives money to:› Boys and Girls Club› Community Foundation of Sarasota› The walk to cure Juvenile Diabetes Personal facts:› Born may 8, 1951› Born in Detroit, Michigan› Went to Clearly University› Married to Sandy Buchanan› Automotive dealer, insurance executive
  • 7.  She is Republican Economic Development Cooperation Business Climate Committee Been in office for 2 years Active in womens and childrens issues Personal facts:› Married to husband Eric› Grew up in New York› Has 3 children› Went to Niagara University
  • 8.  Venice Planning Commission Republican 2 Terms Community Action Agency Personal facts:› Graduated from United States Military Academy› Married to Wanda› Worked for General Electric› Moved to Venice in 2004› Helicopter pilot in the army
  • 9.  Rebuilding middle class security Illinois senator, U.S. senator Why I wouldn’t vote:› Took 700,000,000,000 dollars from Medicare program.› Believes in Gay Marriage.› Sent billions of tax dollars overseas. Personal facts:› Born August 4, 1961› Born in Honolulu, Hawaii› Married to Michelle Robinson› 2 Children, Sasha and Malia› Graduate of Harvard Law School
  • 10.  Rebuilding the economy and creating jobs Senator, governor of Mass Why I would vote:› Lower taxes› Create jobs› Make economic growth Personal facts:› Born March 12, 1947› Born in Detroit, Michigan› Graduate of Harvard University› Married to Ann› He has 5 children
  • 11.  A member of the Democratic party Been on Committee of Foreign Relations Now serving her first term Personal facts:› Married and has two sons› Sixth woman to have child in office› Met husband on a blind date› Was featured in Times magazine› Member of the Blue Dog Coalition
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