How Can We Rethink Housing For The Digital Age?

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This is the second of the sessions we hosted at House Party 15. We are publishing a slideshare for each of the main sessions. Once completed we'll be asking for participants to explore or test the models. This session focused on: How can we rethink housing for the digital age?
  • 1. The Reinvention of Social Housing 2: How can we rethink housing for the digital
  • 2. Model One: Housing Passport To help with a future of less secure employment the housing passport means you can pick up a tenancy or shared ownership property at will. Swapping with other users. The online passport assures providers of your identity and payment history without need for checks The passport replaces the need for a tenancy or property contract
  • 3. Model Two: Jigsaw Housing Stop assuming people want the same and provide range of wiki, tiny, shared or container homes Build adjustable and shared housing that can be increased or decreased in size according to budget and circumstances Pre-customer temporary housing made available to reduce time/eliminate waiting list Tenants allowed to let spare rooms airbnb style or opt to have tiny homes built on communal spaces/gardens for reduced rent
  • 4. Model Three: Housing Credits A housing ‘bitcoin’ established to accompany passport. Universal rent/purchase payment system. Users can bank credits that can be redeemed on rent or other services like care or used to buy equity stake. Landlords can top up credit based on activities in community or as reward for user loyalty Accompanied by a flexi payment system that changes according to circumstance. Users may pay less during times of under unemployment Equity stays on passport so a user could opt to move to a rented home whilst still holding equity stake
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