Human Migration by Masood

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This is the project of Prep II-N of Prep Boys Section of The City School.Teacher In charge:Mam Shafia Khan
  Topic: Migration  Student: Masood Hyder (Prep-II  – N)Teacher: Shafia Khan   The City School, Capital Campus, Islamabad (Prep boys Section)  The City School, Capital Campus, Islamabad (Prep Section) What is Migration? Migration is movement of people across a specifiedboundary for the purpose of establishing a new or semi-permanent residence .  The City School, Capital Campus, Islamabad (Prep Section) What are Rural Push and Urban Pull Factors? Rural-push factors  Poor sanitation  Poor health facilities  Poor education  Less jobs  No public transportUrban-pull factors  Good sanitation  Good health facilities  Good education  More jobs  Lots of public transport  The City School, Capital Campus, Islamabad (Prep Section) What are Types of Migration?  National:National Migration occurs when people come to live in cities fromanother city or village in the same country. i.e. From Karachi toIslamabad.  International: International Migration occurs when peoples cross stateboundaries and stay in the host state for some minimum length of time. Migration occurs for many reasons. Many people leave their home countries in order to look for economic opportunities inanother country.
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