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inetrnational express
  International Express Third Edition Pre-Intermediate   © Oxford University Press   PHOTOCOPIABLE Progress Test UNIT 5 Grammar 1 Correct the underlined mistakes in the conversations. Write the correct words. Score1 A  How many times 1  is there beore the train leaves? B  Only a little minutes 2 . Why? A  I want to get any coffee 3 . B  Yes, sure. But hurry. Tere are a lot o peoples 4  in the caé. 2 A  Tanks or your report, but I have some advices 5  or you. B  Why? Is there a problem? I spent much hours 6  writing it. A  Yes. You put in lots o inormations 7 , but the report is too long.  B  OK. How much pages 8  should I write? A  About our or five. And try to use some table 9  or statistics. B  OK, thanks. I’ll write just ew pages 10  next time. /10 2 Complete the conversations with these words. any few (x2)  little lot of (x2)  many (x2)  much (x2) A  How 1  people have applied or the sales job? B  Only a 2  – about ten, I think. And we haven’t had 3  CVs rom experienced people – only two. A  Why? It’s a great job with a 4  opportunities. B  Yes, but we aren’t offering very 5  money. Tat’s the problem. A  How 6  do our competitors pay or the same type o job? B  I don’t know. I don’t have 7  details on that I’m araid. A  I’m sure there is a 8  data on the Internet. I’ll do a 9  research at lunchtime today – I have about 30 minutes then. B  And I have a 10  riends who work or our main competitor, so I can ask them too. /10 3 Complete the conversations with these words. cars food luggage minutes rooms sandwich space suitcase time traffic 1 A  Oh, no! Look at all this 1 . Tere are so many 2 . /2   We’re going to be late or the train.  B  I can walk rom here. I don’t have much 3  to carry – just one small 4 . A  OK. Tat’s a good idea, but there isn’t much 5  beore your train. B  It’s OK. It will only take about five 6  to walk to the station rom here. 2 A  All the meeting 7  are being used at the moment, so where can we meet? B  Tere’s 8  in the caé. We can sit at a table in there. A  Great. I can order 9  at the same time. I’m really hungry. B  Yes, I’ll have a 10 , too. /10Total /30 0000  International Express Third Edition Pre-Intermediate   © Oxford University Press   PHOTOCOPIABLE Progress Test UNIT 5 Vocabulary 1 Complete the conversations with these words. Score cereal drink entertainment fuel mail material money print media sport transport  1 A  What’s the most popular with young children at the moment? B  Probably DVDs and V shows. 2 A  Te machine doesn’t take cards, only notes or coins.  B  Sorry, I don’t have any with me – I lef my wallet in the office. 3 A  I’ve never been interested in . B  Really? I love tennis and gol. 4 A  I think the biggest problem is going to be . B  Why can’t we move the boxes by lorry or van? 5 A  What do you use to heat the houses? B  Mostly gas, with coal fires in the older places. 6 A  What’s the best to use or the pots? B  Wood looks nice but plastic is cheaper. 7 A  Has the arrived yet? B  Yes, there’s a letter or you rom the Kenya office. 8 A  I think this is out o date. B  Really? I only bought it yesterday! You can have the juice in the ridge i you want. 9 A  Is there anything that you can’t eat?  B  I can’t eat wheat so I never eat bread or . 10 A  Sales o newspapers and magazines are alling very quickly.  B  Yes, it’s hard to make money in these days. /10 2 Complete the conversations. Write the missing letters. 1 A  What do we need rom the supermarket?  B  A j o coffee, a b o water, and /2   a p o sugar, please. 2 A  Te price o a g o oil has just gone up. B  Tat means a l o petrol will be more expensive soon, too. 3 A  I can’t find the s o paper with the password on it. B  Oh no! We can’t log on to the website without that p o inormation! 4 A  What are you having or lunch?  B  I don’t want a big p o ood,  just soup and a s o bread. 5 A  I can’t open this box. Tey’ve put m s o tape round it. B  Here you are. Use my scissors.  /10Total /20 000  International Express Third Edition Pre-Intermediate   © Oxford University Press   PHOTOCOPIABLE Progress Test UNIT 5 Work skills 1 Complete the sections from a presentation. Choose the correct words (a, b, or c). Score Good afernoon and thank you all or coming.oday we’re going to 1  about living and working abroad. We’ve 2  our presentation into three main areas. First, we’ll look 3  company cultures. Second, language. And third, managing change.… Now, I’d like to move 4  to language. … At this 5 , I’d like to 6  over to my colleague, Dieter. /2… Tat 7  us to the final part o the presentation. … o 8  up, I’d like to 9  some general conclusions. /2… Tank you all or listening today. I’m happy to 10  questions now. 1a  present b  discuss c  talk  2a  divided b  ocused c  made 3a to b at c  or 4a on b  up c in 5a  part b  person c point 6a  pass b  move c hand 7a  turns b  brings c  ollows 8a  sum b  end c  move 9a  do b  take c  make 10a give b  take c ask  Total /10 0  UNIT 5 TEST:   Grammar /30 Vocabulary /20 Work skills /10 Functions /20   Total /80 International Express Third Edition Pre-Intermediate   © Oxford University Press   PHOTOCOPIABLE Progress Test UNIT 5 Functions 1 Read the conversations. There is one extra word in each line. Write the extra word. Score1 A  Hello. Have you got a table by or the window, please? B  Yes, we have. Come to this way, please. 2 A  Are you ready or to order? B  Yes, I’d like have the fish, please. C  Can I just ask? Does the pasta sauce have some any meat in it? A  No, it doesn’t. It’s a vegetarian. C  OK. I’ll like have the pasta, please. A  And what do would you like to drink? B  Some o mineral water, please. C  And have you got any the cranberry juice? A  Yes, o course have. 3 A  Excuse me. Could we to see the dessert menu, please? B  Here it you are. A  Ice cream is or me, please. B  And or you what, sir? C  Te cheesecake, please. And a cup black coffee. 4 A  Excuse me. Could you bring to the bill, please? B  Can I pay by the credit card? A  Yes, madam. We accept o Visa and Mastercard. B  I’ll get just your bill now. Total /20 00 0 0 0 0
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