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Designers from our Munich office have been to IFA 2014, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. Please find here their report about the latest trends, highlights and business opportunities in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics.
  • 1. IFA Global Trade Show Trends & Highlights IFA 2014 September 2014
  • 2. Index: IFA 2014 Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 1 Introduction: IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin 2 Home Appliances 3 Consumer Electronics 4 User Experience 5 CMF Highlights 6 Business Opportunities September 2014
  • 3. IFA INTRODUCTION Trends & Highlights 1,500 EXHIBITORS & MORE THAN 240.000 VISITORS FROM 100 + COUNTRIES IFA Global Trade Show 3 2014 September 2014 IFA in Berlin, the world´s biggest global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presented the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. Only IFA offers such a comprehensive overview of the international market and showcases important brand product launches. IFA is the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media. This year, the show celebrated 90 years since its first edition. Since then it has become an annunal event. Household Appliances are only being exhibit-ed since 2008.
  • 4. IFA INTRODUCTION Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 4 2014 September 2014 IFA covers seven categories, including home and enter-tainment, electronics, media, audio entertainment, home appliances, technology and communication. During the visit this year, Designit has mainly focussed on the research of household appliances and consumer electronics in general.
  • 5. 2014 IFA Global Trade Show IFA 2014 Trends & Highlights 5 Home Appliances
  • 6. September 2014 IFA Global Trade Show 6 Siemens // iQ series Augmented Reality App Siemens // iQ series Frigde sensors
  • 7. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 7 2014 September 2014 Sensors have been omnipresent at the IFA this year. Especially at Siemens, Bosch or Panasonic. Intelligent sensors which are for example integrated in the washing machine, help to simplify the daily routines, protect the clothes and helps to save energy. INTELLIGENT CONTROLLING CONVENIENCE CAREFREE SMART SENSORS Panasonic // Genius Sensor Induction hob Panasonic // Sensor Washing Machine Panasonic // Auto Care Washing Machine
  • 8. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 8 2014 September 2014 One way of providing better and more convenient user experience is connectivity. It gives users more inde-pendence by providing mobile control facilities. At the same time, apps provide users with accurate guides, planning aids and many more. The “connectiv-ity” trend has be very prominent during the last years, but nowadays the devices are finally converted into real series. Brands are collaborating on Apps that tie all their ap-pliances into one easy system, with products such as LG HomeChat or Bosch and Siemens’ Home- Connect increasing consumer interest in the connect-ed home. Practical items such as smart sockets and learning Thermostats are also being used to introduce the idea in an accessible way. MUTUAL COMMUNICATION CENTRAL HUB CONTROLLING VIA APPS CONNECTIVITY
  • 9. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 9 2014 September 2014 In the future, increasing machine sales and coffee cap-sule sales are expected. The growth of this sub-cate-gory shows no signs of decline, because consumers are drawn to its speed and convenience. Constant improvements to coffee quality might win over some of the real “coffee aficionados”. SENSOR INTEGRATION SMART & CONVENIENT MORE THAN JUST COFFEE COFFEE CULTURE Siemens // Senso Flow System Full-Automated Coffee Machines
  • 10. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 10 2014 September 2014 THE POWER OF STAGING CAPSULES VS. BEANS NEW EDITIONS In addition to electrical appliances manufacturers who just have coffee machines in the program, there are those for whom coffee is also big business, such as Nespres-so. It is all about the experience, e.g. the splendid selection of capsules are presented like precious pra-lines. On the other hand, brands like Jura have promoted the fact that they are not using capsules, instead they offer freshly grounded coffee. In the end the consum-ers can decide which type serves their needs best. Moreover e.g. Melitta presented a true innovation: the Caffeo VARA CSP. In addition to the standard bean container of the fully automatic machine, it has a single portion chamber, which is filled for a single cup with coffee beans that you like best. COFFEE CULTURE Nespresso // Kitchen Aid Espresso Machine Melitta // Vara CSP Full-Automated Coffee Machine
  • 11. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 11 2014 September 2014 A contrary trend towards the sleek & glossy glass surfaces of kitchen appliances can be detected: combining an rather traditional appearance with innovative technology. CITATION WITH A MODERN TWIST SOLID & TRUSTWORTHY LOOK BIG CONTROL KNOBS REMINISCENCE Beko // Cast Series by Patrizia Urquiola, Gas Hob Beko // Cast Series by Patrizia Urquiola, Gas Hob Gorenje // Homemade Household Appliances Bosch // Maximum Mixer Series
  • 12. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 12 2014 September 2014 SMALL APPLIANCES ADAPTING TO THE NEEDS OF SINGLE HOUSEHOLDS DOWNSIZING WMF/ / Coup Series Kettle, Egg Boiler.... The kitchen is still the center of the house, thus the de-sign of the devices is becoming increasingly important. But in parallel there are, especially in large cities, more and more single households, therefore some manu-facturers aim for downsizing and launch space-saving unit series, too.
  • 13. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 13 2014 September 2014 Samsung: Enter the “WaterWall Washing System”, announced by Samsung at the CES this January and now at the IFA, too. Unlike conventional dishwashers, the WaterWall™ line uses a powerful sweeping wall of water to leave dishes remarkably clean. Grundig: With the market introduction of large domestic appli-ances in 2013 the company has successfully com-pleted its transmission from consumer electronics to a home electronics manufacturer. One highlight was the concept of the projected interface, which allows you to control the hob. Besides, with the oven with Divide & Cook, you can cook two different dishes at the same time, saving both time and energy. A separation panel allows the cavity oven to be divided into three different sizes. From January 2015, the Grundig GEZST 47000 B oven with Divide & Cook is available IMPROVED DISHWASHING PROJECTION TWO-IN-ONE OVEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES Grundig // Concept Projected Interface Samsung // Waterwalll Technology for Dishwasher Samsung // Waterwalll Technology for Dishwasher Grundig // Oven Divide & Cook The projector by Grundig is placed on top of the hood and thus projects on the countertop in prder to enbale the user to control both devices: the hood and the hob.
  • 14. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 14 2014 September 2014 REDUCED DESIGN LANGUAGE ROTARY KNOB INTEGRATED DISPLAY Siemens and Bosch both showed a totally new built-in product line, mainly a redesigned platform where the design and the user interface are new. Siemens calls it IQ700 and at Bosch it is labeled Serie 8. Where Siemens went for the typical reduced de-sign language, Bosch framed a large rotary ring within a larger rectangular shape, containing buttons as well as TFT touch screens, even behind the ring. Bosch Assist Function: Simply choose the dish you´d like to make and your Series 8 will automatically select the ideal heating mode. INTEGRATIVE UI Siemens // iQ700 Household Appliances Series Bosch // 8 Series Household Appliances Bosch // 8 Series Household Appliances Siemens // iQ700 Household Appliances Series
  • 15. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 15 2014 September 2014 Samsung has presented the new Powerbot VR9000 vacuum cleaner, which has “superior suction power” that’s as much as 60 times better at sucking up dust & dirt than “conventional cleaners”or regular vaccum robots. Samsung outfitted its Powerbot VR9000 with something called “Cyclone Force.” This tech creates a centrifugal force that separates particles into various chambers. Moreover its “FullView” system relies on a variety of sen-sors to avoid potential road blocks, and large “Easy- Pass” wheels help it maneuver over transitional spaces. TRUE PERFORMANCE FULL VIEW SENSORS RECHARGABLE BATTERY CORDLESS HOOVER POWER Samsung // Zero Cord Vacuum Cleaner Samsung // PowerBot Vacuum Cleaner Samsung // PowerBot Vacuum Cleaner
  • 16. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 16 2014 September 2014 Summary: Home Appliances 1 Omnipresent Sensor Power Hidden sensors that help to improve your daily routine are visualized and promoted 2 Connectivity Rules Interconnected home: It’s not about smart devices, it’s about smart rooms 3 Coffee Convenience Capsules versus regular beans 4 Integrative Interfaces Simple operation of complex technology 5 New Technologies Such as cordless hoovers, waterfall dishwasher and divide & cook
  • 17. 2014 IFA Global Trade Show IFA 2014 Trends & Highlights 17 Consumer Electronics
  • 18. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 18 2014 September 2014 INTRIGUING RESOLUTION YET, NOT ENOUGH CONTENT ENHANCED VIEWING ANGLE Developed to offer a more cocooning viewing experi-ence, curved 4K screens were on show at every ma-jor TV brand’s stand this year. Nevertheless, the Ultra-HD-TV channels won´t be launched before 2016, pronounces Northern Sky Research, as a start only via satellite. Until 2025, it is planned that 820 UHD channels shall be on offer worldwide, which will broadcast 4K-resolution. 4K / UHD & CURVED TV
  • 19. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 19 2014 September 2014 BIGGER IS BETTER? CURVED BECOMES A COMMODITIY EXPERIENCE DRIVEN As usual, all the big brands showcased new curved TVs which have similar features, but they all aim for improved picture quality, as already seen last year. Nevertheless the color quality and the resolution is im-pressive. For example: Loewe announced a new curved TV called MASTERPIECE for their reference line. A sculptural object for the living room. That being said, curved has almost become a com-modity: even Medion (Aldi brand) presented a curved TV). 4K / UHD & CURVED TV Loewe // Masterpiece TV Samsung // Curved TV Samsung // Curved TV 78 inch Samsung // UHD Curved TV
  • 20. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 20 2014 September 2014 IMPROVED QUALITY VARIOUS APPLICATIONS ONGOING DEVELOPMENT The Japanese B2B brand Eizo has been offering for about two years 4K displays in their program, including the radiology - screen RX850 and the 36.4 - inch model DuraVision FDH360, particularly for the GIS ( geographic information systems ), air traffic control and microscopy. But as exciting UHD - TV may be, there are other 4K capable devices , which not only invite to fun and games. For example, there is the Toughpad 4K, developed for the Panasonic 3D advertising images , revealing the various application areas such as architecture, automotive and de-sign. 4K / UHD MONITOR Samsung // Curved UHD Monitors Samsung // UHD Monitor Eizo // 4K Monitor NEC// 4K Monitor Panasonic // Toughpad 4K UT MB5 Automotive
  • 21. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 21 2014 September 2014 ADJUSTABLE IMPRESSIVE SIZE NOVEL FEATURE Going a step further, Samsung and LG exhibited bend-able screens that can flex from flat to curved in a matter of seconds. Both TVs that have been ena-bled with motors that move the display panel from the conventional flat position into one that’s curved toward the viewer. BENDABLE TV
  • 22. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 22 2014 September 2014 TRADITIONAL VS. SPORTY LOOK SHAPE & CMF AS... DIFFERENTIATOR Manufacturers are designing wearable technology in the familiar style of traditional watches, with crafted leather straps, analogue faces and high-quality ma-terials. LG´s G Watch R: aims for a higher, more so-phisticated level of style that its predecessor didn’t quite achieve,with leather and steel construction. Moto 360: Yet the most beautiful smart watch. Samsung Gear S: biggest and widest smart watch, curved screen, with built-in wifi and 3G. Sony Smart Watch 3: its fifth-generation smartwatch, rather looks like a sporty version instead. SMARTWATCHES LG // G Watch R Samsung // Gear S Smartwatch LG // G Watch R Motorola // Moto 360 Smartwatch Sony // Smartwatch 3
  • 23. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 23 2014 September 2014 CURVED EDGE HIGHER RESOLUTION LTE-ADVANCED Samsung’s new 5.6 inch smartphone, the Galaxy Edge, features a curved screen that wraps around the edges of the device, which acts as a toolbar for notifi-cations and works as an alarm clock during the night. Quad HD screens: While screen sizes have reached a point where making them bigger doesn’t make sense, the resolution still has room for improvement. LG started the trend with the launch of the G3, which has an impressive 5.5-inch screen with 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution, or quad HD. Samsung followed suit with the Note 4’s 5.7-inch quad HD screen LTE-Advanced: For it to work, mobile operators have to upgrade their networks, but that’s slowly becoming a reality. COMMUNICATION Samsung // Galaxy Edge Huawei’s Ascend Mate7 The Xperia Z3 is the new flagship smartphone for Sony. One of its main features is that it can stream PlayStation 4 video games when connected to an existing PS4 controller.
  • 24. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 24 2014 September 2014 POWERED BY GALAXY NOTE 4 360 DEGREE VIDEO & GAMING ENHANCED EXPERIENCE Samsung launched the Samsung Gear VR, which is a virtual-reality headset developed with Oculus that works with Samsung’s also new Galaxy Note 4 smart-phone. The phone docks inside the headset to provide sound, visuals and processing power for a range of impres-sively immersive experiences. Demos at the show included music concerts, games and the Marvel’s Avengers experience. The headset is the first virtual-reality device to be avail-able to consumers. Available in December 2014. VIRTUAL REALITY
  • 25. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 25 2014 September 2014 SAMSUNG TEAMS UP WITH BMW CONTROL VIA SMARTWATCH SMART HOME EXTENDED Car manufacturers showcased advances in sound technology and connectivity. Exhibiting with Samsung, BMW demonstrated its BMWi app, which connects its electric models to a smartwatch to plan routes, update owners on power-remaining, and enable them to pre-heat or pre-cool the car. The app also provides directions to where the car is parked. Moreover, with the App from Qivicon, it is even possible to control your Smart Home-directly from the car. CAR TECHNOLOGY
  • 26. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 26 2014 September 2014 BACK TO THE ROOTS VERSUS IMMERSIVE CONNECTIVITY Panasonic reintroduces Technics with a high-end audio story: a comeback with a pair of speaker-and-amp combinations that’ll appeal to audiophiles everywhere. At the top end is a “Reference Series” R1. Spotify’s Connect feature for simple multi-room setup is being implemented by more and more audio manufacturers such as Philips. AUDIO
  • 27. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 27 2014 September 2014 Summary: Consumer Electronics 1 Ultra High Definition There is still not enough content to available 2 From Curved to Bendable TVs Do the users really benefit from this? 3 Wearables become wearable Traditional looks reinterpreted 4 Advanced Communication Bigger screens and more power 5 Extended Smart Home Controlled in the car
  • 28. 2014 IFA Global Trade Show IFA 2014 Trends & Highlights 28 User Experience
  • 29. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 29 2014 September 2014 Due to the fact that Samsung had a massive booth, excluded in a seperate building (CityCube), they had a lot of space to exibit their new screens and applica-tions which aim to enhance the retail experience. BIGGER IS BETTER INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS FLEXIBILITY Interactive Retail Samsung // Square displays
  • 30. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 30 2014 September 2014 USER EXPERIENCE IS KING SCENARIO DRIVEN MAKING IT TANGIBLE “Manufactures focused on building the experience around the technology this year, working to make ideas such as virtual reality and the connected home irresistible to con-sumers.” Sarah Housley, Editor, Hombuildlife Example: Sony projector presented in user scenario role plays. Products are no longer the hero of the show. It’s more about context, system integration and the experience with CE products in people’s daily life. Perceived Value Sony // User experience presentation
  • 31. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 31 2014 September 2014 PERCEPTION LEVEL OF COMPLEXITIY REAL LIFE Being it Samsung, Sony or smaller players like Loewe, manufacturers and brands struggle a lot to commu-nicate the value of the experience behind the physical product. Samsung and Sony tried to put their products in con-text: Home environments (fully furnished living spaces) were presented at the respective booths to showcase use case scenarios in conjunction with their products. Making it Tangible
  • 32. 2014 IFA Global Trade Show IFA 2014 Trends & Highlights 32 CMF Highlights Color - Material - Finish
  • 33. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 33 2014 September 2014 TACTILITY WARMTH VALUE PERCEPTION Warm-toned copper, brass and gold added a touch of luxury to more directional products, including speak-ers, headphones and home phones. Copper detail-ing was contrasted with brushed or scratchy textures, sumptuous leather and smooth white rubber. WARM METALS Philips // Hairdryer Harman Kardon // Esquire Mini Speaker Philips // Hair Remover Samsung // Zero Cord Hoover Philips // Cordless phone
  • 34. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 34 2014 September 2014 PRETENTIOUS KITSCH BLING IS THE NEW BLACK? POWERED BY SWAROVSKI PROVOCATIVE GLAMOUR Encrusted gemstones and crystal create a luxurious feel at the high end of the market. Swarovski crystals adorned both Samsung’s new range of premium smartphones and smartwatches, and LG’s special-edition 4K TV. For examples LG presented a normal 55-inch OLED TV, but it had a dusting of 460 crystals on the base. Additionally, there’s a version where the base is made of sculpted crystal. Like, the see-through kind. Crystals and gemstones embellished high-end wearables and appliances. LG // OLED TV Samsung // Galaxy S5 Samsung // Gear S
  • 35. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 35 2014 September 2014 SUBTLE FINISH NATURAL REPLICA TRUSTWORTHY LOOK Wooden casings and veneers remain important for home electronics such as free-standing speakers, and are an emerging trend for laptop casings and connected home systems. Toshibas’ speaker balances a modern shape with a more traditional warm wood frame. With-ings’ new home monitor and air-purifying system has a whitened wood body. NATURAL TONES: LEATHER & WOOD Withings // Babycam and Air Purifier Toshiba // Speaker Asus // Zen Smartwatch Philips // Phone
  • 36. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 36 2014 September 2014 HAPPY COLORS BASIC APPEARANCE MATTE VS. GLOSSY FINISH Bold red is the main fashion colour, followed closely by zesty lemon and lime. Orange is used as a detail colour to add energy. The classic colour combination was renewed with clear, high-definition contrasts and crisp colour-blocking, with brands using black to outline shape or enhance texture. COLORS AS USUAL
  • 37. IFA Trends & Highlights IFA Global Trade Show 37 2014 September 2014 MAGIC ENTERTAINING
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