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1. YOUNG POTENTIALS:‘THE SUSTAINABLE DATING-SITE FOR COMPANIES’ 2. The Solution Unique BusinessPropositionFunding Global needs &InternationalSolving…
  • 2. The Solution Unique BusinessPropositionFunding Global needs &InternationalSolving CriticalDifficultiesCONTENT:Young Potentialsproposes a newsustainable businessmodel for recruitingfrom which bothcompanies and jobseekers benefit. Basedon this model YoungPotentials strives tocontribute to loweringunemployment rates byoffering education andtraining in an innovativeway.‘ALL TOGETHER, We dobetter!’ is our YoungPotentials’ visionstatement. We have theexpertise andknowledge in-houseabout the recruiting &training market. But webelieve that our mainasset is ourstakeholders. Ourcompany continuouslyimproves based on ourstakeholders’ feedbackand improvementpropositions.Funding of the project isbased on 4 pillars:1) Development of theonline database tool;2) Agreements withexpert trainers, businessschools;3) Marketing &Promotion to individualjob seekers;4) BusinessDevelopment & Sales tocompanies seeking newemployees.Young Potentials is ableto roll out this businessmodel on 4 levels: Citylevel, Countrylevel, European level &International level. Weare aware that theneeds of a small localshop or a real estateoffice are different fromthose of a multinationalcompany, as they are forlocal / international jobseekers.By this business modelYoung Potentials strivesto tackle 2 main issues:the unemployment inEurope & broadereducation system. Byaddressing these 2issues we believe thatwe can add value tomake Europe’s internalmarket stronger &strengthen Europe’sinternational position.
  • 3. The SolutionTHE SOLUTION:The Recruiting Business Model Anno 20131234 51. Company is looking for a profile on the job market, but is not able to find the right match by itself.2. The company contracts a specialised recruiting / headhunting firm to find the right profile, in return for a fee payment (an amountdepending on sought profile, experience, sector,…)3. As the recruiting firm will receive on top of the fee a significant bonus if the right profile is found, the recruiting firm is ready to act tofind the ‘the right profile’.4. Therefore the recruiting firm contacts a large number of job seekers who are looking for a new job / a new challenge!5. But only one can be the winner (next to the recruiting firm) . Unfortunately the unsuccessful applicants stay behind with no job, andoften without any feedback, not to mention their frustration.
  • 4. The SolutionTHE SOLUTION:Young Potentials’ Sustainable Recruiting Business Model12341. Company is looking for a profile on the job market, but is not able to find the right match by itself.2. The company pays a monthly fee to use our huge database with profiles of people in Europe and searches through queries on thedesired skills & competences.3. Not only the company and Young Potentials’ recruiters look for the desired profile, but the job notification is also visible to job seekersregistered in the database.4. In this Business model everybody wins! 1) The company finds the right profile. 2) Young Potentials can pay its employees andimprove its database . 3) One of the job seekers is chosen for the job. 4) The fees of the companies are used to sponsor trainings andcourses for the unsuccessful candidates: every job seeker who didn’t get the job is awarded with credits to follow practical andtheoretical courses, and trainings to improve their skills.
  • 5. Unique BusinessPropositionUNIQUE BUSINESS PROPOSITION:Stakeholders involvement, ‘ALL TOGETHER, we do better’• We understand who our key stakeholders are: both companies and job seekers. They helpus to improve our way of working.• Trainings & knowledge sharing can be facilitated by our job seekers themselves.Expertise in HR, Recruiting & Training• Young Potentials has an expertise & insights in the recruiting market. We believe that aninnovative way of recruiting can help in decreasing the high unemployment rates and keepjob seekers motivated.• We can provide a mix of soft and technical business skills trainings to prepare younger &older job seekers for the job market of today.Competence based talent search• We believe in competence based recruiting. We want the companies we work with to lookfor profiles based on competences and skills. (E.g. A company looks for a Russian / Germanspeaking profile with a good knowledge of marketing and next to it with some technicalPhotoshop skills.)• Even a short term assignment can help in providing job seekers with their motivation,intercultural experience, boosted prospects in the job market. (E.g. A young graduate fromSpain spending one month in Brussels on a translation assignment instead of paying atranslation company.)
  • 6. FundingUNIQUE BUSINESS PROPOSITION:Development of the online database toolAgreements with expert trainers, business schools, …Sales to companiesseeking newemployeesMarketing &promotion toindividual job seekers
  • 7. Global needs &InternationalUNIQUE BUSINESS PROPOSITION:Transfer this business idea anywhereOur business model can be applied on:International LevelEuropean LevelCountry LevelCity Level
  • 9. The Solution Unique BusinessPropositionFunding Global needs &InternationalSolving CriticalDifficultiesTHANK YOU FOR YOURATTENTION!
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