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In Ireland, University College Cork crowdsourced an exhibition celebrating the much loved Cork Club Sir Henrys. The project celebrated nostalgia, love and engaged the Cork community and diaspora. This presentation shows how UCC Library used social media to tap into the nostalgia around the club
  • 1. Internet Librarian International 2016 Happy Days! How a Library Revitalised a Nightclub Community #ili2016 Martin O’Connor UCC Library @martinoconnor3
  • 2. The 6.01 News
  • 3. Some random reflections (1) O When doing an exhibition consider setting up specific Social Media accounts for the exhibition O Social Media was absolutely essential to the success of the exhibition – without it there we feel there would literally have been no exhibition O Social Media is a conversation, to do it properly you need to converse, not broadcast, it’s a dialogue, not a monologue O Social Media is all about the engagement O With social media, the platforms are only the tool, it is the engagement, the social, that is important O The blog was key – by allowing people a space to tell their story we got them involved and they wanted to be involved O
  • 4. Some random reflections (2) O Personally I’m not a fan of Facebook – but it was essential for us – without Facebook we would not have engaged the Henrys community to the same extent – Facebook is where most of them were O To do social media properly it needs to be done properly – time, thought and energy needs to be invested in it O But with good use of social media a great deal can be done with very little –it can create snowballs & actually do work for you O The exhibition was such a success because, as we found out, we tapped into something that still means so much to so many Cork people
  • 5. Some random reflections (3) O Crowdsourcing was a wonderful way to collect the material – it threw up some of the most wonderful material and surprises in terms of material. As Eileen says, ‘I didn’t know half this stuff existed, let alone survived’ O But, more importantly crowdsourcing the material made people feel engaged and they therefore felt invested in the exhibition (some people too much  ) O If you catch the popular imagination, as we were lucky enough to, then you can have a really successful exhibition that will engage your community and, if lucky, the media exposure will follow O & finally, what untold stories exist in your community? What stories do you community have to tell? If you find some, tell them. It is a fantastic way to engage with your community, your users.
  • 6. Benefits to library O The exhibition increased the profile of the library locally, nationally & even internationally – the media were very engaged by it. The exhibition gained academic exposure and was even being cited in library conferences a year later O It also, importantly, raised the profile of the library within UCC and amongst the local UCC community O It led to an appreciation of what the library does and raised expectations of what we can do O It brought different peoples and content into the library – it went some way towards breaking down those awful Ivory walls O And Special Collections team are very happy as our exhibition space is now booked up nearly two years in advance…
  • 7. O Slide 4 – O Slide 5 - O Slide 7 - O Slide 9 - Matthieu Roscio O Slide 10 - Tomas Tyner Matthieu Roscio O Slide 20 - Jack Lyons Tuathla Lucey Jez Collins Jim Morrish O Slide 21 – Youth Work Ireland, Gurranbraher O Slide 27 -
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