Is the Siberian Husky the Right Dog for You?

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1. Is the Siberian Husky the Right Dog for You? Page 1 of 2 It has been said that you can take the Husky out of Siberia, but you can't take Siberia out of the Husky.…
  • 1. Is the Siberian Husky the Right Dog for You? Page 1 of 2 It has been said that you can take the Husky out of Siberia, but you can't take Siberia out of the Husky. This is more than just a cold-weather dog. The Husky is a workhorse driven by a work ethic born of generations of sled dogs who pulled and raced under the direst of conditions. He is not satisfied with a life of unemployment. Without a job or challenge, the Husky will expend his energy in creatively destructive ways. He will dig beneath the largest rock, shinny under the strongest fence, and otherwise tax his owners imagination. Boredom is simply not in the Siberians vocabulary. That free spirit is a part of the Huskys charm and one of the unique qualities that draws many people to the breed. He is highly intelligent, but not easily trained, presenting both a challenge and conundrum. Consequently, the Husky requires an equally unique owner who is up to dealing with and enjoying the many facets of his personality. If you fancy a dog with a retrievers desire to please, a dog with guard-dog loyalty, or a dog that is half couch potato and content with solitude, the Husky is not the breed for you. Despite his willful ways, the Siberian Husky is an affectionate and gregarious dog who needs to be
  • 2. with his person or family and does not thrive if left alone. He has a delightful temperament and relishes every opportunity to interact with people, young and old. He especially enjoys the company of young children and is most gentle and sweet tempered when playing with them. A truly hospitable fellow, the Husky is not a guard or watchdog. He is friendly with strangers as well as family, although strangers often are intimidated by the Huskys appearance, especially his gleaming, wolf-like eyes. The Siberian is equally pleasant with other dogs, having been for generations a sled-dog team player. Not so, however, with other small animals such as cats, rabbits or guinea pigs. His predatory instincts remain strong, and this normally gentle dog morphs into a swift and cunning hunter of small and hapless creatures. The Husky will not cohabit well with such small pets. The Siberian coat is more evidence of his Arctic heritage. His fur is thick and plush, with a dense undercoat, which he sheds twice a year, sending clouds of downy fur throughout the house. If you are a fastidious housekeeper, think twice about living with a Husky. On the plus side, the heavy undercoat provides insulation from many of the skin allergens that irritate humans and keeps the dog relatively odor-free. Regular grooming, brushing and bathing, are most time-consuming but essential for healthy skin and coat. Page 1 | 2
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