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  Audio Only ISBe4 Engine Introduction Scene Number: 0041 1000Audio All numbers and specifications listed in this program are used for illustration purposes only. Current information can be found in the Service Manuals located on QuickServe Online. Scene Number: 0041 1010Audio Upon completion of this course the learner will be capable of!escribing the source of the engine name.!escribing the reason for the engine s introduction.!emonstrating knowledge of the available service information.!emonstrating knowledge of the base engine specifications.#dentifying the engines.#dentifying dataplate locations.!emonstrating knowledge of engine features or components. Scene Number: 0041 1020Audio $he #S%e& engine name is derived from many sources$he #S portion of the name represents the #nteract System. $he #nteract System is Cummins automotive'on(highway full(authority electronic engine control system.$he % portion of the name represents the engine family. $he #S%e& is part of the % series mid(range engine family.$he e& portion of the name represents the specific market and emissions regulation stage within that market. $he #S%e& is designed for the )uropean stage & market. Scene Number: 0041 1030Audio $he #S%e& engines have been designed for the )uropean market and are certified to meet the re*uirements of )uro & )uropean on(highway emissions legislation. )uro & legislation applies to new vehicle type approvals from Oct +,,- and all registrations by Oct +,,. Scene Number: 0041 1040Audio $he #S%e& engines are supported by$he #S%e& &.-/ and .0/ 1Common 2ail 3uel System4 Operation and Maintenance Manual#S%e&5 #S%e5 #S%5 and QS% 1Common 2ail 3uel System4 Service Manual 6 $he Service Manual replaces the traditional $roubleshooting and 2epair Manual5 a Shop Manual5 and the Alternative 2epair Manual.#S%e& CM7-, )lectronic Control System $roubleshooting and 2epair Manual.#S%e& with CM7-, )lectronic Control Module 8iring !iagram$his service information is available electronically on QuickServe Online and #ntercept and also in hard copy. 3or more information contact your local Cummins !istributor.  Scene Number: 0041 1050Audio $he #S%e& is available as a &.- liter displacement inline & or a .0 liter displacement inline  cylinder engine.$he four and si9 cylinder engines have a common bore and stroke.$he inline si9 cylinder engines have a firing order of :(-(;((+(&$he inline four cylinder engines have a firing order of :(;(&(+ Scene Number: 0041 1060Audio $he engine dataplate shows specific facts about the engine. $he dataplate is typically located on the engine rocker cover5 but may be located on the side of the gear housing. $he engine serial number and C</ provide data for ordering parts and service. Scene Number: 0041 1070Audio $he #S%e& engines may be produced at different factories for different markets. $he data platesused on engines may differ in appearance and location of information.$he dataplate contains the following information)ngine serial number5 Control parts list 1C</45 Model5 and =orsepower and rpm rating.#f the engine dataplate is not readable5 the engine serial number can be identified on the engine  block on top of the lubricating oil cooler housing. Additional engine information is available by reading the )CM dataplate. Scene Number: 0041 1080Audio $he %osch> fuel in?ection pump dataplate is located on the fuel pump. $he dataplate containsthe following information<ump serial number5Cummins part number53actory code5%osch> part number5!ate code. Scene Number: 0041 1090Audio $he electronic control module 1)CM4 dataplate shows information about the )CM and how the)CM was programmed. $he dataplate is located on the )CM.$he following information is available on the )CM dataplate)CM part number 1<@4)CM serial number 1S@4)CM date code 1!C4)ngine serial number 1)S@4)CM code #dentifies the software in the )CM.  Scene Number: 0041 1100Audio $he #S%e& engines can *uickly be distinguished from #S%e engines by$he CM7-, )CM with three connectorsA si9ty pin engine harness connector.A fifty pin O)M harness connector.A four pin O)M power connector.A high pressure common rail fuel system.An After $reatment #nterface Connection in the wiring harness. Scene Number: 0041 1110Audio $he following sections will cover the systems and components of the #S%e& including$he 3uel system5Air system5Cooling system5/ubrication system5)lectronic components5and Mechanicals. Scene Number: 0041 1120Audio $he fuel system contains the following components$he ear <ump5 =igh <ressure <ump53uel Control Balve5<re 3ilter5Main 3ilter5/ow <ressure 3uel /ines5=igh <ressure 3uel /ines5#n?ectors5Quick !isconnect 3ittings53uel 2eturn /ine52eturn Manifold53uel 2ail5and the 3uel 2ail <ressure 2elief Balve. Scene Number: 0041 1130Audio $he fuel is pressuried to (D bar in the gear pump.$he fuel supplied from the gear pump first flows to the 3uel 2eturn Overflow Balve. Scene Number: 0041 1140Audio $he high pressure fuel pump assembly on the #S%e& is similar to the high pressure fuel pump assembly used on previous common rail e*uipped % series engines. $he assembly contains a gear  pump5 an )3C valve with associated wiring and e9ternal plumbing.  Scene Number: 0041 1150Audio At engine shutdown5 the )CM causes the electronic fuel control valve to shut off the flow of fuel to the fuel rail. Scene Number: 0041 1160Audio !ue to the closer tolerances of a =igh <ressure Common 2ail fuel system5 an additional +- micron pre(filter is re*uired to be mounted by the O)M between the fuel tank and the gear  pump5 which is mounted on the high pressure fuel pump assembly. Scene Number: 0041 1170Audio 3iltering is provided by a ; micron primary fuel filter mounted on the pressure side of the gear  pump. Scene Number: 0041 1180Audio A new style *uick disconnect low pressure fuel line connector is used at several locations on the low pressure side of the fuel system. Scene Number: 0041 1190Audio $he *uick disconnect is removed by pressing the two tabs inward that are located on the connector. $his allows the internal white clip ring to e9pand around the shoulder on the fuel line fitting. $he fuel line *uick disconnect can then be pulled from the shouldered fuel line fitting. Scene Number: 0041 1200Audio $he high(pressure fuel lines connect the fuel rail to the individual fuel connectors. Scene Number: 0041 1220Audio An all(in(one drain line from the fuel rail5 the in?ector drain and the fuel pump drain is used to route the drain fuel to the fuel return manifold and onto the tank. Scene Number: 0041 1230Audio $he fuel rail stores fuel and prevents pressure fluctuations by utiliing the elasticity of the volume of fuel contained in the rail to dampen pressure spikes. Scene Number: 0041 1240Audio $he high pressure fuel rail is a laser welded forging e*uipped with a pressure relief valve cartridge.
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