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  September 30, 2010Ms. Josephine BossChief Executive Officer  Acme Compn! #$ Min St.%hi&'e&phi,%A 123 #(er Ms Boss,) m *ritin+ to form&&! notif! !ou tht ) m resi+nin+ from m! position s A'ministrtive  Assistnt *ith Acme Compn!.M! &st '! of emp&o!ment *i&& be October 1 , s per the terms of m! emp&o!ment contrct.) pprecite the oppurtunities ) hve been +iven t Acme n' !our profession& +ui'nce n' support. ) *ish !ou n' the compn! success in the future.ours sincere&!,Ji&& App&icnt Color WorldNew Market, Dhaka-1200  September 01,2012Mn+er S&es (ivision-tion& %ints Co. t'./on+i,+ipur  Subject; Order for Variou !ai t (er Sir,/hn !o for !our uottion n' the price &ist. e +&' to p&ce our first or'er *ith !ou for the fo&&o*in+ items4 S# No$Decri!tio %t&Wei'ht( it )rice*+ou t 1Enme& pint2# tins10 &bs1,0002#,0002S!nthetic %int20 tins200 &bs200 0,0003hite %int10 tins10 &bs#00#0,000/O/A50,000/he bove +oo's re reuire' imme'ite&! s our stoc is bout to exhust ver! soon. e reuest !ou to sen' the +oo' throu+h !our 6Motor7 vn s the crri+e in*r' is suppose' to beborne b! !ou.e sh&& rrn+e p!ment *ithin ten '!s to comp&! *ith #810. -et 30 terms %&ese sen' && commerci& n' finnci& 'ocuments &on+ *ith +oo's. e reserve the ri+ht to re9ect the +oo's if receive' &te.ours :ithfu&&!,M.M ;iu& )s&m%urchse Mn+er Co&or or&'
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