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AMANDA ELIZABETH HAAS 1331 Itchepackesassa Drive, Lakeland, FL ã (863) 255-5326 ã ã EDUCATION University of South Florida Tampa, FL Bachelor of Science in Nursing Anticipated August 2017  GPA: 3.94  National Student Nursing Association, Member, August 2015-Present  College of
  AMANDA ELIZABETH HAAS 1331 Itchepackesassa Drive, Lakeland, FL ã (863) 255-5326 ã amandahaashealth! s#!ed ã http$%%amandahaasrn!&ee'l!cm% EDUCATION University of South Florid   T! # FL  Bachelor of Science in NursingAnticipated August 2017  ã *+$ 3!. ã  /atinal 0t dent / rsin ssciatin, em'er,   st 215-+resent ã 4llee # / rsin 0t dent 4 ncil, em'er,   st 215-+resent ã  /atinal 0ciet # 4lleiate 0chlars, em'er, 0eptem'er 215-+resent ã he k lele *r p, +resident and F nder,   st 216-+resent ã 4ra#t 4l ' at 0F$ em'er,   st 213-a 21.7 ice +resident,   st 21.-a 215 M$%eel A$de!y of Te$hnolo&y   L'elnd# FL Completed Health Track, aledictorian!a 201# ã 9eihted *+$ .!.5 ã +resident # /atinal :nrs 0ciet and 4hie# ;ditr # <ear'k, 212-213 CLINICAL E()E*IENCE T!  +enerl Hos itlT! # FL  !iscellaneous Clinical $%perienceAugust 201& ' (resent  ã 4mple= edicine, >peratin, 0hrt 0ta, +alliative 4are, 0tep D&n, ;merenc, ra ma ?a, *astrenterl, 4ardiac-hracic Intensive 4are, 4rnar 4are, asc lar Intensive 4are, +ediatrics, /enatal Intensive 4are, +ediatric ;merenc, ther ?a', :ih @isk >'stetrics, La'r and Deliver St, Anthony-s Hos itlSt, )eters.ur&# FL  Beha)ioral Health Nursing*anuar 201+!a 201+  /ohn Ho 'ins All Children Hos itl Out tient CenterBrndon# FL Communit Health and (ediatric Clinical $%perience !a 201+ ' August 201+  )*OFESSIONAL E()E*IENCE *esident Assistnt 0*A1T! # FL -S. Housing and /esidential $ducation, *uniper HallAugust 201&  (resent  ã 0erved as an n call crisis respnder &ithin the residence hall! ã Facilitated relatinships amn . residents and handled cn#lict mediatin! ã tiliAed raniAatin and p 'lic speakin t create and e=ec te ed catinal pprt nities #r residents! ã anaed administrative tasks incl din rm cnditin reprts, maintenance reB ests, and incident reprts! *esiden$e Life Mention 0*LM1T! # FL -S. Housing and /esidential $ducation, *uniper HallAugust 201+  (resent  ã rained and served as a peer res rce #r ne& @s t help &ith their transitin int their ne& rle! ã m'assadr #r 0F : sin and @esidential ;d catin alnside C niper :all! ã +lanned, crdinated, and e=ec ted C niper :alls ann al event that #c sed n l'al citiAenship! ã 0erved as c-advisr #r the hall c ncil vernment! LICENSU*ES 2 CE*TIFICATIONS 4re +r#essinal Interit and 4mpliance  *une 201& ?asic Li#e 0 pprt (?L0) certi#ied ' merican :eart ssciatin  August 201& +harmactherap # 0mkin 4essatin  *anuar 201+   tivatinal Intervie&in in 'acc 4essatin  *anuar 201+  Imprvin :ealth ;B it  !a 201+  + 'lic :ealth +lic and dvcac  !a 201+  merican @ed 4rss$ Disaster :ealth and 0helterin 4 rse ctoer 201+  F;$ :aAard s aterials #r edical +ersnnel ctoer 201+ 
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