Managing the Information Technology Resource: Leadership in the Information Age by Jerry N. Luftman

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This book prepares readers for the challenge of integrating the technology resource. In order to understand the industry today, one must understand the ways companies align, partner, and communicate through technology to grow their business. Managing the Information Technology Resource presents a set of powerful tools to ensure users' understanding of the strategies, tactics, and operational endeavors CIO's employ to assimilate technologies across the firm. Examples in Action boxes highlight real-world company examples in each chapter, lending a practical feel to the book so readers can see how this material relates to the actual workforce. Seven sections illustrate the critical topics inherent to IT in today's firm--Alignment, Partnership, Technology, Human Resources, Governance, Communications, and Metrics. Emphasis is placed on the tactical and operational role of the CIO. For anyone involved with IT in a company. Contents Preface 1. Introduction 2. IT Strategy 3. Strategic alignment maturity 4. The role of the CIO 5. IT processes 6. Planning-related IT processes 7. managing emerging technologies 8. Organizing IT 9. Human resource considerations 10. Management of change 11. IT governance 12. IT business communications 13. Measuring, reporting and controlling 14. Assessing the value of IT
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