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They background of the double page spread is white which contrasts well with the black background of the article. This has been done so that the article stands out more than the photo of the band. The black background for the article gives it that serious tone to it whereas the overall background of the page is white which connotates peace and doves. This feels as if it’s trying to convey a message that the photo of the band e.g. the outside of the band members seems peaceful but in actual fact
  The pull out quote “WE WERE REBELLING AGAINST WHO WE WERE” is coloured in red which is also the samecolour hair as the model that is In frontof the band, this makes the quote seemas if it is said by him. Bot of the coloursmatch and connect. This also reinforcesthe importance of this person as itseems that they pulled a quoteabout/from him. They also promote thesecond part of the article in a boldwhite text, this is so that they remindthe readers to continue reading aboutthe band, also gives the band morethan a double page spreads makespeople feel there more important thanbands with one page. There is also a redcircle which has text within which tellsthe readers when the next part of thearticle will be released, in this article itis in the next magazine, the magazinecleverly do this so that the readers buythe second magazine to finish of thearticle they read from the first. They background of thedouble page spread iswhite which contrasts well with the black background of thearticle. This has beendone so that the articlestands out more thanthe photo of the band.The black backgroundfor the article gives itthat serious tone to it whereas the overall background of the pageis white whichconnotates peace and doves. This feels as if it’s trying to convey amessage that the photoof the band e.g. theoutside of the bandmembers seems peaceful but in actual fact they are dark inside. The psychographics for this magazine are mostly “Individualists”, they seem to want to be different and unique meaning they want to stand out compared toothers. They feel as if being different is the way forward as it illustrates your personality, however is society someone’s fashion is a part of their personality butthat’s not it. The social grade to this type of magazine would be A, B and C1. They are the people most likely going to have spare change or are able to save to buy a magazine every month. Even if they don’t have the money they will save up as it’san essential for their entertainment. People below this don’t have the money to waste on following the trends of the rock fashion or have enough to spend moneyon articles on bands. The uses and gratification theory defiantly has a part in a double page spread. In this particular double page spread there is an article on a band, this isvery entertaining for the fans of the band. The fans feel as if they become closer to the band as the article could talk about the personal life of the band. Also the photo of the band could also be entertaining as it interests or intrigue’s the fans about the band and there f  ashion, the bright colour of  clothing will grab the reader’s attention and they will be amazed at the unique style each band member has or as a whole band itself. Also personalrelationship can be involved in this double page spread as fans can talk to one another about their favourite band being featured in a music magazine, they could talk about the article or the band photos. It can also be a conversation starter, “Did you read that article about our favourite band on KERRANGE?”. Information plays a huge part in this double page spread as we are learning about the band through the questions, the questions canbecome personal or laughable no one actually knows without reading. Whoever reads the magazine could find out stuff about the band, whereas people who didn’t read the article don’t and become left out. Lastly Integration and Social interaction also plays a part in the “KERRANG” double pagespread, readers who don’t usually listen to this type of music begin to understand and develop there knowledge for this type of music and gain insightthrough the article.They background of the double pagespread is white which contrasts wellwith the black background of thearticle. This has been done so thatthe article stands out more than thephoto of the band. The blackbackground for the article gives itthat serious tone to it whereas theoverall background of the page iswhite which connotates peace and doves. This feels as if it’s trying to convey a message that the photo of the band e.g. the outside of theband members seems peaceful butin actual fact they are dark inside. They lay out the double page spread very differently compared to competitors. Instead of having the article run betweentwo pages they confined it to one, this meaning that they felt they added enough text on the first page and writing more might bore the readers, this illustrates that the magazine doesn’t have to rely on one main double page spread, they have others which could be as important. They have added a large quote above the article to illustrate a known quote fromone of the artists. This has been done to pull the audience into the article as they want to find out what the quote means.The photo of the band has been taken in a studio and seems to be set up, the clothes and colour of everything has beenused to create each band member with an image which we slowly work out by focusing on the image. For example thefirst band member with the blue coat seems to be wearing grey trousers with a belt and has a blue eye catching jacket which has a lot of patterns on it. The model is also looking to a direction which makes the audience wonder what he’s looking at and why. He seems as if he is a leader of some sort and we he is looking away from us he is important in someway, at least compared to the readers.  The layout of this double page spread is different compared to the others I’m analysing. This one has a whole page which ismainly a photo of the band lyingin an ordinary room all chilledout. The other page is jampacked will writing which arefacts and information about aband then an article about them. The masthead “The Teenagers” has a box below the black textfor it to stand out, this mast headruns over both pages. The colourin this magazine is light bluewhich is interesting as this magazine isn’t really aimed at the younger male, however themagazine could have done this to make the male readers feel younger than they actually are. Uses and Gratification is in this magazine as we are learning Information about the band from the article, whether it’s a ran dom fact oran interesting story of one of the band members. Also on this page there are mini facts for example in the bottom left corner, thesepull the readers in as if the enjoy those facts they will then read the article. Person identity plays a role in this double page spread as if  someone likes the band that is there identity. The Person identity could also be that they read the magazine “RADAR”. Persona l relationship is also important as fans from the band/magazine can discuss what they enjoyed about the magazine or they could talk about how their favourite band “The Teenagers” have their own double page spread. Lastly Entertainment is spread out througho utthe whole magazine but mainly focuses on the content such as articles like this one. Fans or music fanatics will indulge themselves in anarticle about an upcoming band and entertain themselves on the content provided by the magazine.The Psychographics of this magazine has to be Individualists and part Mainstreamers/Conformists. I chose this because I felt that the type of music they play is not mainstream and only a certain amount of people listen to it. But however I feel that mainstreamers is involved in this magazine as the costumes worn bythe band is a very Indie look which is getting more famous and fashionable which will be followed bymainstreamers, this is because they want to fit in the crowd and not look sun upon. As the indie look has been used for a while the mainstream society didn’t catch on straight away as they usually have to trust it before, by trust I mean if they wear that type of clothing will people look at them different. The socialgrade of this magazine is A,B and C1 because there the type of social grade who is willing to pay a pricefor entertainment, a music fan who is in C1 will most probably save up his whole month just to buy thisone magazine.They also add extra photos andnot just the photo shoot one(main one) to illustrate theeveryday life of the band. Theydo this to represent that there life isn’t boring and they actually do gigs, we are able to see thisphoto in the article. There also isa pull out quote in the article tograb the readers attention closeto the article. The magazine company’s name is represented inthe top hand corner toillustrate to the readers that this is a “Rader” magazine, even thoughthey probably know asthey brought themagazine its remindingthem that this article wasbrought to them by theremagazine and if theybrought the readers sucha magazine they will have more to come. This will also persuade the readersto continue buying “Rader” and not another music magazine as thebuyers already know theyhave interesting articlesbecause of the last issue. Instead of focusing the double page spread on the whole “TheTeenagers” band they included a section on the second page about other upcoming bands and a little desription of them. The “Radar” magazine also includes comments by the readerssuch as “ My favourite new band... By Alex Turner”, this isinvolving the “Radar” community which makes the readersfeel privileged as they actually read the comments and don’t ignore the community, saying this the readers will now think that if they have a problem about the magazine “Radar” will actually listen to what they have to say.  The uses and gratification theory always plays a part in a magazine but for this specific magazine the main focus of it is entertainment.There aim for this page is to entertain the readers. They add interesting photos of the celebrities and also give each one differentquestions to answer. This makes the fans interested into what she is going to answer and it engages them. Also personal identity isused in this double page spread, as if someone was a huge fan of Cheryl Cole and so was her friend she could talk to her friend about the article and they can discuss the answers Cheryl gave. The page can also have part information as we are finding facts and stories of the celebrities from there answers.The psychographics of thismagazine is defiantlyMainstreamers/Conformists, Ichose this as the one thing we think about when discussing girls is pink and colourful and thisdouble page illustrates thatperfectly. The main colours of thismagazine are pink, purples andwhite. They give a happy emotionto the page and as they are spreadacross the page it gives a happyfeel to the double page spread.Also as the magazine focuses onthe mainstream girls they havemany potential customers andreaders. If the girls like thismagazine they are most likelygoing to keep buying themagazine and not change untilthey are upset/unhappy with oneof their purchases. Usuallymainstreamers need to trust products and when they do they wont buy a different magazine,only is they had a bad experiencewith the current one.The social grade of this magazineis A,B and C1. I chose these as Ifelt that they are more willing togive there olderdaughters/themselves a magazinefor entertainment. They arewilling to give something else upfor there favourite magazine. Even if they don’t have much money they know the amount of enjoyment the older daughter willget out of the magazine that theymust save up for the magazine.The magazine will be a treat forthe teen.The photos whichare used in thisdouble page spreadare very glamorous,they have done thisso that the teen willlook up to them andwant to be as pretty as the celebrities. We notice that theclothes they arewearing seem likethey are from adesigner andprobably veryexpensive, this givesthe celebrities animage of expensiveand important.Moreover the looksof the celebrities,both of them haveno blemishes andlook naturallyperfect, whichunrealistic. This ismaking the celebrities a bad role model as the girlswill begin to thinkthat they have tolook perfect or they aren’t pretty. Also the bodyexpressions makethe celebrities lookmore natural.They have used pull out quote but with a backcolour of pink and purple, this has been doneto grab the readers attention and lead theminto the article. They continue to use the girlycolours to reinforce the girly side of the magazine. They also used a bolder text to reinforce the names of the celebrities, this also seems as if it’s a reminder for the readers about who the article/questions will befeaturing. This make the readers feel as if thecelebrity in important.They have included random quotes from the article andadded a photo to represent the quote (For example Simon is actually a really decent guy” under the quote they have a photo of Cheryl and Simon together and alittle comment on the photo. They have also done this with Danni’s questions and made the quotes seem as if  they are important. They have also added a little text torepresent the TV show. It gives the information aboutthe show and when and where it airs, this is leading theaudience into watching the program, this is a clever wayof leading the reader in to the TV show.
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