Manual Steps to create Idoc Segments for CFDI 3.3 version

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cfdi 3.3
  Manual Steps to create Idoc Segments for CFDI 3.3 version: 1.   Implement the notes 1786863 and 2257847 if its not in your system. 2.   Run the report RBDSAPSEGMENTEDIT. 3.   Enter the segment name in below image and execute. You will get message that segment can be changed or modified. 4.   Goto transaction WE31. 5.   Enter the Segment name as in below image: 6.   You will get message about assigned name is longer than 7 characters. Enter and then press Create button. 7.   Maintain the description, field names and data element type as mentioned in the below image.  8.   Save the segment. 9.   Similarly repeat the above steps 1-7 for the below segments, referring the images below: 1.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_02 2.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_03  3.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_06 4.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK08_LINE1  5.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_08_LINE 6.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_10_STAX  7.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_11_WTAX 8.   Segment: E1EDMXCFDIK33_18_TAX
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