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In this edition of the Aboriginal Market Monthly, we highlight the population projections released by Statistics Canada as well as occupations which will experience increasing salaries. A career guide is also featured that focuses on career development the decade after high school.
    September 2015 Absrcinal Population Projections   Earlier this month, Statistics Canada released projections of the Absrcinal population and households in Canada, 2011 ! 2036. The trend continues to showcase the youth of the Absrcinal population, with the median age rising to between 34.7 and 36.6 years by 2036 compared to a non !  Absrcinal median age of 40.5 ! 44.5 years over the same timeframe   Statistics Canada, 2015  # . Read more here:  New Brunswick and the rest of Canada Following a quarter of declining employment, August saw an increase of 2,400 jobs. This resulted in an unemployment rate of 10.1 $ , down 0.9 $  from July. The national unemployment rate remained at 6.8 $ , as an increase of 54,000 full ! time jobs was o %  set by a decrease of 42,000 part ! time jobs. Absrcinal Market Monthly   1   Increasing salaries in 2016 The 2016 Salary Guides  projects starting salaries of professional occupations to rise an average of 3.4% in 2016. The technology sector leads the way, projecting pay gains of 5%. The report also explores the factors that would motivate professionals to move to another company: ãbigger salary (71%) ãgreater growth opportunities (38%) ãbetter work-life balance (36%) ãshorter commute (24%) ãbetter title (16%) ãother (12%) Read more online at: ABORIGINAL MARKET MONTHLY Absrcinal Labour Market Newsletter    September 2015 Why students choose university  The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission   MPHEC  #  released the results of a recent survey addressing  why Grade 12 students from the Maritimes choose to attend university. The results showed that 46 $  of respondents intend to enrol in a university program. Several factors demonstrated an e %  ect on university enrolment, including:ã 56 $  said that parents had a large impact on their decision to attend university ã children of parents’ with a university degree were twice as likely to attend university than those whose parents had a high school diploma or less The majority of those planning to attend university   69 $#  said that career development was the most important factor  when choosing to enrol.  The MPHEC released an infographic that summarized their findings. You can view that here:  Research in progress  The Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.    JEDI  #  is conducting research examining factors that impact the career aspirations of New Brunswick Absrcinals. The results will be published later this fall. Absrcinal Market Monthly   2 “Career Crafting the Decade After High School”   Recent work by Cathy Campbell, PhD, in partnership with the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) has confronted the “Career Myth” that people will follow a predictable pathway from high school, to post-secondary education and training, and then into permanent  jobs. The lack of evidence to support this path is the source of great anxiety in youth in Canada. This results in poor decision-making and even procrastination among young adults in the decade after high school. In reality, career pathways do not often work out in an expected linear fashion. This publication is easy to read and will help dispel the myths of career development, easing the anxiety of choosing a career. Chapter Six is especially useful, giving practical strategies for crafting a career in an ever-changing world. This resource is free online at:   Most important reason to attend university: Career Development Prepare for a future job or career  31% Occupation requires skills/knowledge I will acquire  23% Have a chance at earning a good income  15% Learning about particular areas11%Important to get credential8%Broaden my understanding 5% Source: MPHEC, 2015
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