Mastering the BJCP Exam

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A presentation on mastering the BJCP exam
  Mastering the BJCP Exam Gordon Strong BJCP Grand Master JudgeBJCP Associate Exam Director BJCP Exam Grader Copyright © 2003, Gordon Strong. All rights reserved.  Agenda ã Goals of the BJCP Exam ã BJCP Exam Format ã How to Prepare for the Exam ã Mastering the Written and Tasting Sections ã How the BJCP Exam is Graded ã Surviving the Exam Day ã Resources  BJCP Goals Stated BJCP Purpose: ã Promote Beer Literacy ã Promote the Appreciation of Real Beer  ã Recognize Beer Tasting and Evaluation Skills Alternate Definition: The BJCP is not a homebrew or other type of club. It also is not apublishing house. It has no paid staff. The BJCP performs thefollowing tasks: ã Certifies judges: develops tests, administer tests, certifies totheworld that you know how to judge beer. ã Tracks judge experience growth by using a point system. Providesupdated information to judges. ã Develops style guidelines: the common language of beer evaluation. ã Sanctions competitions: assures those who enter that their beerswillbe judged fairly and competently in a proven, standardized manner.Develops score sheets and competition rules.  BJCP Exam Goals ã Provide a common method for testing beer and brewingknowledge and the ability to judge beers in a competitionsetting ã Provide structured feedback to prospective judges toallow for further study and growth ã Provide legitimacy to the BJCP rank system To Do Well on the Exam, you must have: ã Good practical judging skills ã Sound knowledge of beer styles and brewing processes ã The ability to prove it!
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