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  dB C Media +1.917.499.1993 New York, NY Conversation and Context Marketing for and the MAT program at USC The focus of this proposal is conversation marketing through the four major social platforms and through information sharing and blogging. Conversation on an individual and on a group level will drive interaction with the brand. Personal interaction with the brand will build trust and loyalty, and calls to action will be easier to implement at scale. Calls to action will be delivered to the community as it forms to drive lead generation and to build a compelling case for more brand loyalty of and MAT. Marketing and communications procedures already in place will benefit from the scaled and  personal approach to marketing implemented by dB C Media. dB C Media  will partner with  and MAT  to create this conversation and develop a series of goals and achievements that will measure success during the life of the campaigns, and after the campaigns have ended. Briefing The principals at and MAT USC wish to broaden the media influence and brand outreach of the MAT program. The company and the program wish to drive lead generation. and MAT have in place a strong analytics engine and a community manager role that will drive the identification of influencers who consume and share content, develop meaning in the brand, and share with other influencers. This proposal adds a social communication layer to the offering that allows for others to speak loyally about the brand, create a larger audience and  build a reputation for accurate information, trustworthy conversation and insights. The proposal comes with the basic package of weekly and monthly reporting on campaign success and benchmark achievements. Offers   Utilize Facebook changes to engage in deeper conversation and to push out reporting Use Smart Lists and Subscription services to present communication to potential and MAT leads, and to offer a rewarding brand experience to social influencers in the education and teaching verticals.  Now that Facebook has made it possible to engage with people much like the Google+ interface, it is much easier to locate and MAT brand ambassadors, as well as education influencers who produce messaging and information needed by the community. By utilizing  Facebook pages, dB C Media can influence the curation of this information in a destination page for people to consume. dB C Media will create three tiers of reporting for these conversations and this page: 1.   Press release reporting and produced blog content that can be pushed to media influencers to tell the and the MAT story, in granular and broad ways 2.   Broader national and state coverage about laws, proposals, ideas and policies that affect teachers 3.   Educator-specific reporting that looks at the work being done by great teachers, and spreads that news out to other teacher influencers and educators 4.   One-on-one conversations at a destination page that will be a source on a daily basis Utilize new Timeline feature to create contests for teachers dB C Media will work with the marketing team at to create contests focused on media sharing. Teachers will be asked to share photos, videos, and interviews in a way that will boost interaction with the and MAT brands. dB C Media will use tools like to create the template for these user-generated video and photo contests. Winners of content-generation contests will be given the opportunity to speak at events that are geared towards an internet audience  –    like Jeff Pulver’s #140 Conferences. Content that meets editorial criteria  –   created in partnership between dB C Media and  –   will be folded into the blog. Those teachers and education influencers who wish to be volunteer bloggers will manufacture more content and push to other influencers through social platforms like Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook. Each of these social platforms will have a MAT destination  built into them. Content will be curated by influencers, supported by a visible and communicative editorial team led by the principals of dB C Media. This content, over time, will generate traffic, influence, and a database of readers and creators that will function to push people towards and MAT, and programs like it. The initial push element will be derived from the extensive education databases held by dB C Media. dB C Media will also leverage its deep connections with entrepreneurs in the ed tech space and in the social good startup world, to create real-world micro-conferences and events with and MAT as flagship sponsors. Content from these events will be shared on destination sites within the social platforms. Video from these events will be livestreamed to the destination sites, especially Facebook. Utilize social check-in tools to create awareness and drive traffic to site  dB C Media will work with community managers and the marketing and communication staff of, MAT, as well as potential graduates and new enrollees to create awareness around the MAT name. People driven to websites will generate leads. Use the Foursquare platform, and a number of other social check-in platforms, dB C Media will work to create a national check-in campaign (like a National Education Awareness Day) geared towards teachers looking to take a step up in their education career. Utilize Social Influence tools to create influencers, and to locate influencers Example: Use established relationship with CEO Joe Fernandez to find and develop “teacher influencers” using a marketing campaign and events, organized around m and MAT names and people. Go beyond “locating” the right influencers to generate buzz and marketing around teaching and the teacher program. Find people and convert them into teacher influencers through a campaign that drives awareness and opens traffic to lead generation website. Utilize influence platforms dedicated to the art and craft of teaching Use a relationship with Skillshare to enable current teachers in the New York City school system to teach best-practices. and MAT will brand these events, and shareable lesson plans and slides on will push the brand to other teachers, who will use these lesson  plans in their own daily teaching activities. The viral nature of the co-branded content will drive traffic back to the MAT program. Live Interviews at Significant Events Leverage existing teacher / ed tech relationships, and relationships with and MAT,  present the audience of large education-related conferences with a package for live interviewing. 1.   dB C Media offers live interviews of significant education leaders and influencers, current teachers, and entrepreneurs 2.   dB C Media leverages relationships to create an extension of several conferences that are devoted to the work that and MAT do, making them a branded portion of live events streamed over the Internet 3.   dB C Media uses its current Meetup group, in a non-monetary partnership with a major  book publishing brand, to create interest-driven events in New York City and the surrounding area. marketing professionals speak at each of these events and distribute collateral  Blog material and social media marketing All of the information created from the campaigns listed below will live on a central blogging  platform that will be actively edited and pushing out breaking news and analysis. Using a variety of social media platforms and using seeded content and audience / community interviews, a network of bloggers drive content back to the area of interest. Set up interviews between well-known education influencers and the MAT program specialists and students. Content is housed in the and MAT blogging real estate. The proposal is delivered with the following fee structure: a one-time setup and execution fee and a monthly retainer for the lifetime of the brand campaigns. Start-up fee: $15,500  –   can be customized to the client’s system and  pricing expectations Monthly retainer (after the first month), to drive the project through its lifespan -- $2,500 Signed, Douglas Crets, Director & Founder, dB C Media, LLC September 24, 2011  New York, New York +1 917.499.1993
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