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Sugarcane material balance
  CHAPTER 44.0 MATERIAL AND ENERGY BALANCES4.1 Material Balance The plant is to crush 2000 t of sugarcane in a day. This requires a total of 360,000 t of sugarcane in a year which will produce about 14,400 t of table sugar. The factory willcontribute 70 of the total tonnage of sugarcane required whiles the re!aining 30will be allocated to out growers. ndoh #2016$ reports that the a%erage yield of sugarcane stal& per hectare is 74 t. 'inistry of Trade and (ndustry #2016$ also states thatsugarcane !ust arri%e at the factory within 6 hours after har%esting !eaning the planting sites !ust be within about a 100 &! radius around the factory. )ence a total4,*6+ ha of land is required to produce the required 360,000 t of sugarcane for the plantin a year. This represents only 0.1+ of the total land a%ailable in the 100 &!. The plantattain!ent is epected to be 3- and the plant will wor& for 143 daysyr. ll units inthe plant will be operated 24 hday. /onditions used are a!bient te!perature ta&en to be27 o / and at!ospheric pressure of 1 at! unless otherwise stated. 1  Wasin! WaterC #$ nentMass %l & rate' (!)Mass'* ) 2 170000100Total170000100 Te!perature  S+!arcaneC #$ nentMass %l & rate'(!)rMass' * ) 2 +666766.7ucrose12*341+.1ibre1166713.7irt16672rganics*331(norganics*3315lucose3330.4ructose1660.2Total*+000100 asher #$  S+!arcaneC #$ nentMass %l & rate' ()Mass' * 2  ) 2 600676-.2ucrose1277014.7ibre1166713.4irt*30.1rganics*331(norganics*3315lucose3330.4ructose1660.2Total*67+2100 Was WaterC #$ nentMass %l & rate' (!)Mass'* ) 2 166600--irt1+*40.-ucrose640.01Total16*24*100 Wase, S+!arcaneC #$ nentMass %l & rate'(!)Mass' * ) 2 600676-.2ucrose1277014.7ibre1166713.4irt*30.1rganics*331(norganics*3315lucose3330.4ructose1660.2Total*67+2100 3  hredder #$  Sre,,e, S+!arcaneC #$ nentMass %l & rate'()Mass' * ) 2 600676-.2ucrose1277014.7ibre1166713.4irt*30.1rganics*331(norganics*3315lucose3330.4ructose1660.2Total*67+2100 4
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