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Mat compatibility pst
  M A T E R I A L C O M P A T I B I L I T Y - P S T ref #materialremarksfrom test by THONHAUSER1)   from literature datafrom 3 years of application experience change in mass(microscopic) imagecolour changesphysical alterations STAINLESS 100 eresnoyesxx2302yes3304Lyes4CRES 430yes5CRES 304no6CRES 302no7430 FR?8T 302?taness steeyesyesyesa aumnum-ree cr - n - mo, t stexxx OTHER METALS 9Brassno mass changenono passivation (coloured oxide layer) xxx10Nickel Plated Cold Rolled Steelno mass changenono passivation (coloured oxide layer) xxx COMPOSITES 11Carbon Graphiteyesyesyesxx12Teflonyesyesyesxx13Celcon LW-90yes14Ceramicyesyesyesxxx15Alum Ceramicyesyes16 Vectra A130 limited17Dyeon TM PTFE/TRMyes18Makroblend (Carbonator tank)yes PLASTICS 19Nylonyesyesxxx20ULTEM 1000 (GE)yes21 Methacrylate Ester  ?22GV-5H Nylonyes23Aerolon 20?24 Nylon - Zytel 151L yes25Nylon 6/6yes26ABSyes27Nylon 6-12yes28Tygonyes29Tygon 2275yes30PEyesyesyesxxxx31PPyesyesyesxxxx32Polycarbonateyesyesyesxxx33 Acetal Copolymer  no34 Acetal Homopolymer  no35Acrylicyesnoyestransparent mat. may become opaquxxx 36Siliconenoyes 37 PVC nononosofteners are oxidizedxxxx38 Hydex 4101 ?39 Redline Plus ? RUBBER 40Nitrileyesyesyesxx41Santoprene 271-64yes42Santopreneyes43EPDMyesyesyesxxx44EPyes45Butylyesyes46EPDM E-14yes47Buna Nitrileyesyes48Viton-Fyesyesyesxxx 1)  data for caustic soda at 0.1m and persulphates or permanganates (no corrosion prevention measures taken) corrosion test data available for materials compatible with alkaline persulphate prod. (c NaOH = 0.09m, c Na-Persulphate = 500-1000mg/l, c KMnO 4  = ca. 70 ! mol/l@ 50°C, 24 h exposure) THONHAUSER GESMBHHeadquarter EuropeSaltergasse 26, A - 2380 Perchtoldsdorf phone: +43 (0)1 8694182 - 0e-mail: I
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