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Model 450 Intermediate + MAT CUTTER 40 Mat cutting system with production stop, straight and bevel cutting heads For best results use only authentic Logan blades INSTRUCTION AND OPERATION MANUAL INTRODUCTION: Congratulations on your purchase of the Logan Intermediate+ Mat Cutter The Intermediate is a well designed mat cutter combining the best of what Logan mat cutters have to offer. Features like a pivot and pull bevel cutter with Anti-Crawl pin, Straight cutting hea
  INSTRUCTIONAND OPERATIONMANUAL For best resultsuse only authenticLogan blades MATCUTTER 40 Mat cutting systemwith production stop,straight and bevelcutting heads Model 450 Intermediate+  Congratulations on your purchase of the Logan Intermediate+ Mat Cutter  The Intermediate is a well designed mat cutter combin-ing the best of what Logan mat cutters have to offer. Features like a pivot and pull bevel cutter with Anti-Crawl pin, Straight cuttinghead with an ergonomic handle, scaled production stop, parallel Mat Guide, and the flexibility to add additional accessories like aglass cutter and surface V-Groover make the Intermediate the a cost-effective and useful tool for artists, crafters, photographers andframers. This instruction manual is written to acquaint you thoroughly with the product. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with it before cutting.You will find that the time taken will be well worth it, and you will be cutting professional mats in no time. INTRODUCTION:TABLE OF CONTENTS:Warranty  Logan Graphic Products, Inc. (“Logan”) warrants the 401 INTERMEDIATE to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for a period of twoyears from the date of srcinal purchase. Logan warrants that it will either repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any necessary replacement parts foundto be defective. Should the product need to be returned to Logan for repair or replacement parts, authorization forany return must come fromLogan in writing. Costs of returning the product to Logan, including insurances, shall be borne by the purchaser. Logan shall not be liable for any damages or losses, incidental or consequential, direct or indirect, arising from the use of this product. This warranty extends only to the srcinal purchaser and is not assignable or transferable. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Logan Graphic Products, Inc. 1100 Brown Street Wauconda, IL60084800/331-6232  1 IntroductionWarrantyCheck Of ContentsIdentification Of Machine ComponentsOrientation A.AssemblyB. Blade InstallationOperation A. Straight Cutting ABoard To SizeB. Cutting ABeveled OpeningC. Cutting a Beveled Opening Using the StopD. Cutting AStraight Opening Adjustments & Maintenance A. Blade Depth AdjustmentB. Re-Parallel The Mat GuideC. Helpful HintsParts List A. Cutting HeadsB. BoardTrouble ShootingCreative Matting Guide A. Double MatB. Off-Set Corner MatC. Inlay Mat11223344&55667891011131314  CHECK OF CONTENTS: Model 450 Intermediate+ Matcutter  43 1 / 2 ” Cutting board with Mat Guide, Squaring Bar, Backing Sheet, Straight and Bevel Cutting Heads,production stop and (1) five pack of Logan #270 blades. IDENTIFICATION OF MACHINE COMPONENTS: Cutting Board Guide Rail- Used to guide cut-ting heads while in use. Mat Guide- Used to set theborder width of a mat and keepthe mat in position. Squaring Bar- Board mounted90 degree bar used to holdmats square when cutting andas stop when bevel cutting. Cutting Board - Vinyl coveredbase board of machine. Production Stop - Used tospeed up the process of mat-cutting. Bevel Cutting Head Start and Stop Indicator- Line which shows where tobegin and end cut. Retaining Screw- Screw which keeps blade safely inslot when not in use. Anti-Crawl Pin- Prevents cutting head from creepingforward during initial penetration of blade into mat. Nylon Guides- Guides which allow Bevel CuttingHead to hook onto Guide Rail. Straight Cutting Head Blade Holder- Block which holds bladein place while cutting. Has three sepa-rate depth settings. Blade Cover- Covers blade on BladeHolder. Blade Screw- Holds blade in placeinside Blade Holder. 2  Guide RailSquaring Bar Production StopCuttingBoardNylonGuidesStart and StopIndicator RetainingScrewAnti-CrawlPinBladeHolder Blade Cover BladeScrewMat Guide  ORIENTATION  The Procedure detailed in the following instructions refer to the right andleft side, and the top and bottom of the machine as shown. Fig . 1 A. Assembly Mat Guide To loosen, turn knobs counterclockwise and slide. Fig. 2 Backing Sheet ABacking Sheet is a piece of scrap matboard placed underneath the matto be cut when bevel cutting. The Backing Sheet must be at least as longas the mat being cut and at least 4 wide. This protects the blades whilecutting and produces a better cut. Fig . 3  NOTE: It is important not to continue to cut in the same spot of the Backing Sheet as this can cause curves in the cut. Replace Backing  Sheet as necessary. B. Blade Installation For best results use only authentic Logan blades701 Straight Cutting Head Remove the Blade Screw and the Blade Cover from the Blade Holder. Placeone #270 blade, sharp edge down, in the slot on the Blade Holder and line upthe hole in the blade with the desired depth setting.Replace the Blade Cover and Blade Screw. Fig. 4  NOTE: Always have the three holes on the Blade Cover lined up exactlywith the three holes on the Blade Holder before replacing the Blade Screw. 702Bevel Cutting Head Loosen the Retaining Screw found on the back side of the Cutting Head untilflush with the surface of the base. This allows the Blade Holder to tilt back allthe way for blade change.Slide one #270 blade all the way in the back of theBladeHolder as shown. Fig. 5  NOTE: The hole in the blade is not designed to line up with the Blade Screw. Re-Tighten the Blade Screw and tilt the Blade Holder down allowing the tipof the blade to enter the Blade Slot. Retighten the Retaining Screw. 3 Fig 1Fig 2Fig 3Fig 4Fig 5 TopRightLeftBottom Backing Sheet
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