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English Language Teaching (ELT) Curriculum Reforms in Malaysia Phase Two of ELT curriculum reforms in Malaysia (1970-1990) Phase One of ELT curriculum reforms in Malaysia (1957-1970) 1. In relation to the ELT curriculum, the syllabus differs between the national and national- type schools. 2. Three types of instructional methods were used in the early years namely the grammar translation method, direct method and situational approach. 3. Students are basically drilled to learn English especia
  1.ELT curriculum in Malaysia underwent some transformation in order to meet the demands of globalization.2.SPM examination aer formerly !nown as English 122 #22 was ugraded to English 111$ in the year 1$$%.#.&n 2''1( the literature comonent was introduced to inculcate reading habits as well as creati)e and critical thin!ing s!ills in the students. *. &n 1$$+( the Ministry of Education introduced the Malaysian ,ni)ersity English Test -M,ET Phase Three of ELTcurriculum reforms inMalaysia (1990-2007)Phase Two of ELTcurriculum reforms inMalaysia (1970-1990) %.The /ew Primary School 0urriculum -S3 was introduced in the year 1$+2 and the &ntegrated Secondary School 0urriculum -SM in 1$++.4.The ELT curriculum at this oint in time emhasized communicati)e aroach.5.The focus is on effecti)e communication.+.Students are encouraged to communicate right from the beginning of the class. 9. Education Ministry introduced a new English aer for the Si6il Pela6aran Malaysia -SPM examination. 1.&n relation to the ELT curriculum( the syllabus differs between the national and national7 tye schools.2.Three tyes of instructional methods were used in the early years namely the grammar translation method( direct method and situational aroach. 3. Students are basically drilled to learn English esecially memorizing the grammar rules. Phase ne of ELTcurriculum reforms inMalaysia (19!7-1970)En lish Lan ua e Teachin (ELT)#urriculum $eforms in Malaysia  %n Malaysia& many school-lea'ers& esecially in rural areas&canno con'erse or wrie *uenlyin En lish.Las year& almos a +uarer of ,70&000 orm i'e suensfaile En lish& an only 1/ ercen of hem score hi hly in helan ua e. The minisry is now worin o'erime o re-rain housans of En lish eachers The eucaion minisry re'ealeha 70 er cen of he counrys70&000 En lish eachers faile acomeency es o each helan ua e The minisry recenly announceha from 201/ onwars&suens in orm i'e - hee+ui'alen of a #E -le'el classin in aore - mus ass En lishome 1,&000 eachers ha'e4een enrolle on crash coursesin En lish. 5fer school hours&hey ae lessons online anaen classes6urin he riish colonial era&schools use En lish as hemeium of insrucion. Thisconinue afer ineenence in19!7 Malaysia's English language crisis: 8E$MET 5:%; T #;TE$L;MP % TET $E;LT < L#5LT;6ETPoor En lish is amon he ocomlains ha emloyers ha'ea4ou fresh rauaes.'er he years& suensacaemic erformancesecline.
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