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Materials Science and Engineering INME 4107 by Pablo G. Caceres-Valencia B.Sc., Ph.D. U.K Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Instructor Office Office Hours e-mail Web-site GENERAL INFORMATION INME 4107 Materials Science and Engineering 3 Dr. Pablo G. Caceres-Valencia Lucchetti L-212 Tu and Th 7:00am to 10:00am The course will be assessed in the following manner: 1st Partial Exam 20% 2nd Partial Exam 20% Quizzes (*) 25% Laboratory 25
  Materials Science and Engineering INME 4107byPablo G. Caceres-ValenciaB.Sc., Ph.D. U.K GENERAL INFORMATION Course Number INME 4107Course TitleMaterials Science and EngineeringCredit Hours3InstructorDr. Pablo G. Caceres-ValenciaOfficeLucchettiL-212Office HoursTuand Th7 :00am to 10:00am e-mailpcaceres@me.uprm.eduWeb-site  Assessment The course will be assessed in the following manner:  1 st Partial Exam 20%  2 nd Partial Exam20%  Quizzes (*)25%  Laboratory25%  Others (**)10% (*) (*) Date due MoodleQuizzes and Pop-Quizzes (max-8). Missed quizzes will be graded with zero.Lack of access to Moodleis not an excuse for not submitting your answers. (**) C  lass participation and Attendance. After the third missed class, one point will be deducted in the final grade for each missed class thereafter (up to 10 points). Exams All   exams   will   be   conducted   outside   lecture   periods   on   the   specified   dates.   Neatness   and   order   will   be   taking   into   consideration   in   the   grading   of    the   exams.   Up   to   ten   points   can   be   deducted   for   the   lack   of    neatness   and   order.   You   must   bring   calculators,   class   notes   and   blank   pages   to   the   exams.  Grades Final   Grade   Range Final   Letter   Grade100    – 90 A89    – 80 B79    – 70 C69    – 60 D59 ‐ 0 F Attendance Attendance   and   participation   in   the   lecture   are   compulsory and   will   be   considered   in   the   grading.   Students   should   bring   calculators,   rulers,   pen   and   pencils   to   be   used   during   the   lectures .   Students   are   expected   to   keep   up   with   the   assigned   reading   and   solve   problems in   class.   Please   refer   to   the   Bulletin   of    Information   for   Undergraduate   Studies   for   the   Department   and   Campus   Policies.  TENTATIVES   DATES Week Week01/11   01/11Introduction   to   Material   Science   and   Engineering.01/1802/0102/1503/0103/08Dislocation   and   Strengthening   Mechanisms    –Q403/15Phase   Diagrams04/19CorrosionQ604/26Electrical   and   Magnetic   Properties03/29   04/1205/10Mechanical   Properties.   Q101/25Atoms   and   Structure   Crystal   Structure.Q202/08Crystal   Structure   Defects   and   Imperfections.Q302/22DiffusionExam   1Dislocation   and   Strengthening   Mechanisms03/22Phase   TransformationQ5Holy   Week04/05Ceramics,   Polymers   and   CompositesCeramics,   Polymers   and   Composites05/03Electrical   and   Magnetic   Properties–Q7  ‐ Exam   2Classes   End
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